THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 7&8) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

“We have to Kill Lucy and Anthony. They carry the blood that is immune to the Virus, hence if the International Health Organisation finds out about them, they might use them to stop the Pandemic.” Glass shared his concern with Boss Lady whose name he had discovered was Ruth…

Ruth, a wealthy tech geek. Married thrice with two kids. At that point, she was no longer married, and no more interested in Men. The Pyramid Cult gave her the liberty to be involved in women, majorly young girls. Her preys were usually college girls who didn’t have parents to care for them academically and materially. She had a tech company she opened to encourage new discoveries and part of the ongoing project were Artificial intelligence related projects to be used in the new earth. Her Tech Company staff members were only girls. They stay 100% Loyal to her because she practically sleeps with all the 54 of them. This she uses to form a soul tie covenant that forms a silence pact.

54 of them have been promised entrance into the new earth. Unknown to them however, only one of them will indeed go into the new World with Ruth as her partner… The new World was going to be the world that permitted all sorts of evil and absurdity.

“ Professor Glass, We have that covered already! Not only will we Kill Lucy and Anthony, their kids will be wiped off. We must be the only ones in the world with access to the Antivirus. We don’t want a walking Antivirus!” Ruth said

Ruth’s phone rings…

“ Yes…Really? good…Perfect!” Ruth said before hanging up…

“ Is there something I should know?” Glass asked

“ Anthony is in town, on the way to pick two of his kids who have the virus”

Ruth took a seat in Glass’s laboratory sending chat messages to someone. Glass tried to find out what was about to be done to Anthony…

“ I don’t think you should kill the kids as well, the authorities will be suspicious and the police can trace the death to me, and should that happen, our cover will be blown.” Glass Said

Ruth gave a wicked laughter and said…

“Our cover is not made of cloth, our cover is made of heavy metal , it cannot be blown away… If only you knew the players of this game, you will understand this is not a joke. I am just on the third tier of this hierarchy. Wait till you meet the top 3 men at the top of the Pyramid, then you will realize how safe you are…The Pyramid’s eye is everywhere…” Ruth said ruthlessly and for the first time Glass felt afraid for what he had gotten himself into …

Anthony was weeping like a Baby, his Only daughter was dying from the Islingbee Virus; A virus he birthed.

Anthony was in his daughter’s hospital ward, while Lucy was staying with their first son in another ward. Anthony had sent his Second Son to Bribia Island to go wait for them, since he showed no symptoms of the virus.

Their first son suddenly went flat… He was no longer breathing…Lucy rushed to Anthony….

“ Mark is not breathing…” Lucy said hysterically. She had been broken, her Brain was working like a child. Anthony rushed off to call the doctors…

The doctors did all they could but Mark was declared dead 15 minutes later.


Anthony was hoping to hide the fact that his blood was immune to the virus in other not to explain why and how, but Lucy cared less… Two days after their First son died, Lucy suddenly spoke up…

“ One of us has to give Tricia our blood! The doctors here can’t do anything to help Tricia” Lucy said in tears “ I carried out the research on the blood transplant thing and i found out it would take few days. They could either use our blood or our bone marrows. I believe Tricia still has few days. My baby is strong… “

“ I agree, but how?, we are not doctors and do not know the process..”

“It ‘s just 4 simple steps…I was told a test will be carried out on us , then they will obtain the stem cells from either of us, then prepare Tricia’s body for the Transplant, thereafter the real transplant takes place…”

“ Ok, who will carry out this transplant? Glass is no more on our sides” Anthony said

“ We tell the doctors the truth” Lucy said

“ Really? and have those people trace us. The last doctor was the one who gave us up.”

“ So you don’t care If we lose our daughter?”

“ We are not going to lose her, but if we do, we still have Henry in Bribia and we can’t afford to leave him all alone…” Anthony said very frustrated. He walked towards the window to hide his tears from his wife. He saw a black limousine pull up, something on his inside told him they were here for him.

“Lucy! They are here… I told you!” Anthony said. Lucy walked close to the window and on seeing the limousine, she knew they were the same people…

“ Lucy, we need to get out of here, Tricia can’t make it!” Anthony said

“ Not if we cooperate with them. Glass is working with them already, so there is a great chance, they have the Antivirus…”

“Lucy, things don’t work that way, as a business man and political person, I know what they will do with us. They wouldn’t want us to turn ourselves to Demigods or Living Antivirus..They would want to kill us and be the only ones who determines who lives or die…” Anthony said

“ I am not leaving… “ Lucy said

“ Suit Yourself!”

Anthony ran out of the ward…

“ Anthony! Anthony!”


“Where is your husband? The man asked Lucy the moment he walked into the Ward….


Opeyemi Akintunde

“ My husband is gone!” Lucy said

“ To where?”

“ I have no idea…”

“ You know that’s a lie!”

“ No, he walked out on me because we had an argument over the welfare of my daughter… Sir, I really don’t want to talk about him, whatever you want from me, I am game…!” Lucy said

“ Really?” The man said…

“Yes, I know Professor Glass has the antivirus, I need some for my daughter.” Lucy said

“ Ok… Then you have to come with us..” The man said

“ But, there won’t be anyone to stay with my daughter.” Lucy said

“ She will be fine, one of the men can stay with her.” The man said…

Lucy nodded in agreement, all she wanted was for her daughter to be fine. She left with the people hoping to return soon.

As Lucy got into the Limousine, and the door was shut, Lucy could tell she had made a terrible mistake. She knew within herself, this was the end of the road for her. She wanted to find the lock of the door, but one of the men showed her his gun…

“ The plan is not to help me right?” Lucy asked but got no response…

“ We are sorry, we can’t let a child under 18 into the Island, you need either a signed note from your parents or we get a phone call from them.” The staff at the Bribia reception said.

“ My parents will join me Soon. I was told to come ahead” Henry said. He was 15 years of age.

“ Then you need to wait for them here. We can’t give you a room even if you have 1 million.” The staff said bluntly…

Anthony had stayed blocks away from the hospital waiting to see what became of his wife. The moment he saw Lucy coming out without Tricia, he could tell, something terrible was going to happen… He stopped a cab and asked the driver to follow the limousine…

“ He is behind us!” The driver of the Limousine said. Unknown to Anthony, the cab had been staged.

“ Perfect!” Said the head of the team

Lucy was about to plead, but the head of the team said…

“If you know what is good for you, keep quiet…”

Lucy felt an arm around her neck and suddenly a tissue was pressed against her nose.

Anthony saw the car pull up…

“ Stop!” He told the cab man who obediently did…

Anthony watched how Lucy was dumped on the floor and the limousine zoomed off. Anthony jumped down from his cab and simultaneously the cab sped off leaving him with Lucy… Anthony knew something instantly was off, he pulled his phone from his pocket and tried dialing the emergency number when he heard from behind…

“ Hello Sir, What have you done to her?” Anthony turned back and saw some policemen approaching him…

Anthony being a game player himself, knew what was instantly up… He had been setup. Everyone from the cab man to the Police Officers were definitely working for those people. They killed his wife and wanted him to be framed for it, that way nothing would be traced to them….

Anthony looked to his left and saw a group of people running towards him already… he knew they were all part of the game.

With the speed that could only have been triggered by the fear of death, Anthony gave his life the best chance of survival by running off to his right….

It was 2am in the morning and Rejoice sat up in the room. It felt like someone tapped her and switched on a T.V for her. However, the wall was the screen…and a hand wrote on the wall…

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”

Rejoice saw tears drop from an unseen eyes, but on touching the ground, it turned to fire…

“ Fire, Fire!” Rejoice shouted

Emmanuella jumped from her sleep..

“ Rejoice!, Where is the Fire!” Emmanuella asked…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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