THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 5&6) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Lucy, We are not here to kill you …unless you force us to…” Said the main woman,who was the only one seated. She was of the African descent. There were two Other ladies and four fierce looking men. The Seven of them were from the seven continents of the world. The fierce looking men stood hovering over Lucy, who was seated on the floor. The two ladies stayed on each side of the boss lady. The lady to the right of the boss lady was Chinese, while the Other was Australian.

“Please … What do you want from me? There is nothing special about my healing, My Husband only prayed for me…” Lucy said in a rush…

“ I haven’t asked you any question and you are supplying answers….” The Boss Lady said laughing “ Isn’t that the first sign of guilt?”

“ I am not….” Lucy said before the Woman cut in…

“ Sh…sh….” The woman whispered and though it was a whisper it carried enough authority to silence Lucy…

“ Lucy, you see… I will tell you who we are and why we need your help. Are you ready to Listen…?” She asked and Lucy had no other option as she saw a revolver tucked in the woman’s suit jacket.

“ Good…. As you know the world is a rowdy marketplace at the moment and for that reason the world’s resources can not cater for everyone. That is why we have so much inequality in the world. Due to few resources available, the world can’t help but have this unfair class system, that is; the poor, the middle class and the rich. The Creator of the Universe ought to stop procreation and let those alive wither away before another generation comes up… “ The woman said and Lucy couldn’t help but look amazed.

Lucy could tell these people were definitely demonic and belonged to a secret cult. As the woman spoke on, Lucy looked at each of them to Find a witchcraft or occult sign. Unfortunately she didn’t see any, except a bulgy part of their left hand close to the thumb. It was the same on everyone’s hand…

The bulgy part was where the chip implant of the cult members had been put…

“…. We therefore want to help the creator trim down the population to match up with the earth’s available resources… and we have been looking for the best way possible to do the trimming down without holding any human responsible… !” She said…

“ Ok?” Lucy asked

“ And Good for us, we just found the right trimming tool. Your husband’s Virus Which Only You has survived from! …..With your husband’s Virus, we can reduce the earth’s population unnoticed.. It would just be a pandemic…”

“My husband does not have a virus or antivirus… What he gave me was Spring water that was prayed on…”

The Boss lady took out the Antivirus syrup bottle Anthony discarded at the hospital…

“ Our scientist tested the liquid from this bottle and nothing in it looked like water…” The Boss lady said affirmatively

“ Well, Jesus turned Water to Wine…” Lucy said quickly…”Maybe the anointed water has become a syrup science can not define!”

The whole room was silent. Lucy hoped her lie had been bought but instead the boss lady stood up and said…

“ Grab her!” She said to the men

“ What have I done?”

“ Since you are the only person who has been able to fight the Virus, then your blood has immunity against the virus. Hence, you will be the sacrificial lamb… We need your bone marrow that will be used for the few humans we want on earth.” The boss lady said…

Lucy knew she had no way out of this. These people were here for serious business… They wanted the Virus to spread and Kill as many people as possible, but get the antivirus for the selected few….

“ We are building a new Earth named the Alpha Center… Your family can be included. It would be paradise. Everyone will have everything they need. Everything will be Technologically driven…. It’s a smart new world. It’s a new life and not everyone can go into that new life. So Lucy, can you see why your husband’s Virus and Antivirus is what we need. Only 1000 families can go into the Alpha Center…If you cooperate with us, Your family will be part of those families…” The Boss lady said and after a long pause she said on a final note…

“ So for the Last time, tell us what you know about the Virus and the Antivirus…”


Opeyemi Akintunde

“Alpha Center!” Anthony raised his voice over the phone very surprisingly at Lucy.

“ Yes… and I gave them Professor Glass’ name” Lucy said

“ You did what?” Anthony asked

“ I didn’t want to give them your number, so you could be safe. Those people are terrible…”

“ You know they are terrible and yet you gave them the link to practice their wickedness..”

“ Anthony! They were going to kill me and the kids.”

Anthony kept quiet…

“ Anthony I have a deal with them, we will be part of the 1000 families that will be saved. Your blood and my blood has immunity against the virus…”

“ What about our kids?, what if they get the virus and these people refuse to give us the antivirus, what will happen to our kids…”Anthony asked

“ In our conversation, they mentioned something about Bone marrow. It seems we can do a bone marrow transplant for our kids so they can have our blood cells… You know the bone marrow is like a blood cell factory, once the kids have the bone marrow transplant, their blood will have the antivirus.”

“What about our cousins, extended family members…?” Anthony asked

“ Everyman for himself!” Lucy replied before hanging up….


“ I have no family, so this sounds good for me.!” Professor Glass Said.

He had been summoned to the Pyramid House. A House in a thick forest. He had been told there was a deal for him. They sent a Private Jet to pick him up from where he was without him giving them his address.

“ So what do you want from me?” Professor Glass asked

“Make more Viruses for the general public and Few Antivirus in form of tablets for the 1000 families that will make it to the Alpha center!”

“ Apart from making it to the Alpha Center, what else do I stand to gain?”

“ Posterity… Your name will have an indelible generational presence in the history of the new World. Your Statue will be at the center of the new Earth as the man who made the new earth happen.” Boss Lady said

“Money?” Professor Glass asked

“ You will have lots of it…” Boss Lady said

“ How much?”

“ As much as you need, note that, we will be using a new currency, a new global currency, so I can’t give you a figure “ Boss Lady said

“ Aiit, I am in” Glass Said

“ What would you need from us?”



Lucy had dropped a message for Anthony that she had received an urgent call from their kids’ school. Their kids woke up with the Virus. Glass had gone public pretentiously as one of the Scientists researching the virus and possible antivirus. He had announced the name publicly as Islingbee Virus; the Original name.

The Pyramid Cult had made him go public as a scientist who had found the source of the Virus through research, and that he was tirelessly looking for the antivirus. The aim was to make Glass the authority everyone would listen to.

Anthony had been calling Glass tirelessly pleading for some Antivirus for his children.

“ I need more antivirus…” Anthony screamed over the phone… “The Virus you created is doing more than I asked! I am losing my very own as well”

Confusion was the new name of Professor Glass as he kept pacing around his transparent laboratory….

“ I am sorry, I cannot give you, I now work for some people and everything belongs to them. You need to speak to them…”

“Glass, you shouldn’t do what you are doing. I only wanted a few people to die for the good of the country, but you want to wipe the whole earth clean and still make the corrupt people live.”

“ No evil is better than the other…” Glass Said and hung up….


Anthony was leaving Bribia Island when he saw a group of people coming in. Folabi, Emmanuella, Rejoice, Sharon, Chief Larry and His Wife, Smart and Seun. Anthony noticed they were Nigerian. They were so loud and happy in their discussion. As he looked towards Rejoice, his heart tightened at the thought of losing his own daughter. He was checking out of the Bribia Island, while they were checking in.

As he sat waiting for the boat that would take him to the shore, he overheard their conversations about the Islingbee Virus.

“ I hope the Island is free of the Virus?” Said Priye as he walked in later. He didn’t appear to be part of the group, but Anthony could tell he also was a Nigerian.

“ No case has been recorded here Sir!” Said the staff…

“ And it will not be recorded here in Jesus name!” Said Emmanuella.

“ And even if it shows up here, we have what it takes in our body to knock it off” Rejoice said laughing

Anthony had been told Nigerians were very religious people. He could see that was true.

“Sir, your boat has arrived!” The staff told Anthony…

“ Thank you!” As Anthony stood up to leave , he faced the staff and said…

“If truly this Virus hasn’t spread to the Island, I suggest you tell your management to stop receiving visitors for a while. The Virus is spreading really fast. You can never tell who has it. Let’s stay safe especially for the sake of the little ones”

As he was talking Xavier walked in feeling very weak.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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