THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 35&36) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ella felt like someone was pouring water all over her.

“ Stop it!, Stop the water, why are you doing that!” Ella managed to say out.

The male nurse on the night duty heard a voice from Ella’s room. He was scared. He knew the Lady in that room was in a comatose state.

“Who is speaking from her room?” Greg asked himself.

With caution, he moved towards the room.

Ella opened her eyes and realized she was in a hospital room, she felt the oxygen mask on her face. She removed it. She looked around turning her stiff neck…

“ What am I doing in a hospital?”

Everything came rushing back to her…

Stone her selfish Husband, her three kids, Bribia Island, she and her daughter came for the trip, Islingbee Virus…

“ Oh my God!”


The male nurse called the doctor telling him…

“ Sir, a miracle has happened in the ICU”

“What do you mean?”

“ The lady is awake!”

“ She is what?”

“ Awake and perfectly fine, all the Islingbee Virus symptoms on her body has disappeared.” Doctor George sat up in bed very shocked…

“ Awake and perfectly fine?” He asked again…His mind went back to the day before and the conversation he had with the friend of the Woman…


“Keep her on the machine till tomorrow, I will get back to you soon…”

“Why Tomorrow ?”

“ I just need to pray to know what to do!”


“Could this be the result of prayers? Can prayers heal Islingbee Virus? He jumped out of bed. He didn’t bother taking his shower. He only brushed his teeth and got into his beekeeping suit.


Folabi wondered why the network on his phone was very bad. There was no signal on it.

“ God, I will tell them to release Ella to us, if she is still breathing all Glory to You, and if She dies all Glory to You as Well”

Rejoice had woken up in the middle of the night and returned to Seun’s hut.


Massai woke up from a short trance of seeing rain all over the earth and quenching Fire…

“ Thank you Father, Thank you Father!”

He jumped from the bed and reached for the intercom. The intercom was dead. He checked for his phone. There was no signal as well. He wanted to share the revelation with Folabi that he saw well. His revelation about people fumigating a liquid substance was real.

God was going to send rain on the earth to quench this fire, whether Islingbee or the Fireflies…

Massai couldn’t contain his excitement…

“Wendy, all these will End soon!”


Folabi, Rejoice, Chief Larry and Seun had gone to the hospital to see Ella. They were prepared for the worse.

As soon as they got into the hospital premises, the signal on their phones was restored and three text messages dropped into Folabi’s phone…One from the doctor and two from Stone…

He checked the doctor’s message…

“ You need to come around quick!.”

He checked Stone’s message…

“ Do everything you can to save my wife.”

Folabi kept this to himself. They all had their beekeeping suits on, including Rejoice though it was in the news the flies didn’t touch children…


“Mr Folabi, What did you do?” The doctor said on seeing Folabi

Folabi was puzzled about the question, but before he could ask what the doctor meant by that, he was already in front of Ella’s room and …..

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ella sat on the bed looking radiant…

Rejoice ran into her mother’s room in excitement… Folabi couldn’t help but shed tears.

“I don’t know what you did Mr Folabi, but she woke up by herself around 2am in the morning. The nurse on duty said she was just shouting “Who is pouring water on me” and by the time he got here she was fine. All the symptoms I still saw last night were all gone… Out of medical doubts I called in the Labouratory to carry out a test on her and you won’t believe , Your friend is Islingbee Virus Negative… I am still in awe. I have tweeted it and there has been great responses. People say it is a miracle… and they want to know who you are because I stated it that this miracle could have only happened because of the patient’s friend…” the doctor was saying very excitedly

Chief Larry and Seun rushed in to Ella. They were so happy she had recovered. Folabi couldn’t move an inch. He was perplexed, grateful and very emotional…

“ Folabi, please come closer… the doctor told me how amazing you have been” Ella said

Folabi bowed his head instead, sobbing. His understanding of God became wider…

He realized not all emotional feelings towards a person should lead to dating and S€x. He was happy he put his Emotions to good use. God had allowed that passion and likeness for Ella to linger for years because He knew a day would come when Ella would need someone who loved her to intercede deeply for her…

Chief Larry went to the door and pulled Folabi in, on getting to Ella, he hugged her and said

“ I am happy you came back, you are a proof of my faith”.

Ella spoke to Stone over the phone and all Stone did was weep on the phone. He kept apologizing to her and he reemphasized a lot of times how much he loved her…

“ I am now a good man, when all of this is over, you will know I am a better man.. I love you Ella…”

Folabi withdrew from the group and sat at the reception…

For the first time, he felt lonely and regretted the years he wasted as a bachelor…As he sat waiting for Ella’s discharge note, some newsmen came into the hospital. Folabi wondered why they were there. They asked for Doctor George. When Doctor George got to the Reception, he pointed at Folabi…

“That’s Him, that’s the man who prayed for someone who is Islingbee Virus positive and not up to 24 hours she had become negative…”

The newsmen rushed at Folabi asking him questions…

“Tell us, was it a prayer of Mercy since most people believe the Islingbee Virus is from God?”

“ No, Islingbee Virus isn’t from God but the works of humans, and that is why I prayed to the Creator of the one who Created the Virus. Professor Glass was a scientist but God is his creator. Which makes Him the Scientist’s God. Therefore Only God knows the antidote for What Professor Glass made. All I remember is that I had a short trance while praying with my friend yesterday. I saw three men fumigating a large farmland. It then dawned on me that my friend’s life must have been infested and therefore needed fumigation. I prayed alongside the patient’s daughter last night and by this morning she tested negative..” Folabi said

“That is to say We need prayers that will bring down spiritual fumigation of the Land… “ Said one of the presenters as she faced her own cameraman


Massai watched Folabi on the Live T.v…

“ Yes, that’s my man… Tell them prayer works and if we all with one voice reach out to Heaven, God will have Mercy.” Massai said laughing and dancing

“And the fireflies?” Wendy was still in a bad mood about their first daughter…

“ I believe it is the same rain we need, but it might be after praying for Mercy. The fireflies are from God. I am sure about it. Do you remember Rejoice had a dream the first time we got here?”

Massai said

“ About a hand that wrote on the wall, and the eyes that was shedding tears which became fire…?” Wendy confirmed…

“ Yes…”

Wendy took her time to analyze everything that was going on and she said…

“ Oh my God, If We fall under the strong hands of the Lord, who then will save us.?”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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