THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 3&4) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

Anthony was weeping like a Baby, his only daughter was dying from the Islingbee Virus. A virus he birthed!


“ I need more antivirus…” Anthony screamed over the phone… “The Virus you created is doing more than I asked! I am losing my very own as well”

Confusion was the new name of Professor Glass as he kept pacing around his transparent laboratory….


Senator Anthony had commissioned Professor Glass into creating a killer virus that could be transferred through a handshake. The Virus was to kill the carrier in less than 24 hours. Glass was meant to make the antivirus for Anthony so he could neutralize the virus after he transfers it to the victims….The plan was to attend a party to be attended by most political giants in the country and in less than 24 hours wipe them out so a revolution could begin.


Senator Anthony had attended the party.

He shook hands with almost every one in the hall except a few friends of his. He rushed into the rest room, and drank the anti virus syrup….

24 hours passed and none of the men was declared dead. Anthony had gone to Professor Glass’ multimillion laboratory he had built for him.

“ You didn’t fulfill your end of the deal…” Anthony said furiously.

“ I did, but I don’t know what happened. I tried the virus on rats and they died in 24 hours. I even tried it on my neighbor’s cat and it died in 24 hours. Like I told you, I used the venom of bees in very high quantity and you know how deadly that can be. I added other poisonous components, so I don’t know why it’s not working…..”

“Are you sure, you used the right proportion, you know humans are bigger than rats…” Anthony asked Glass

“ I think the question should be directed to you Sir, Are you sure you used the Virus properly…?”

“ Yes I did!” Senator Anthony said as he tried to cast his mind back to the party. In that same instance, Anthony’s phone rang. It was Lucy calling; his wife.

“ Hello Lucy Honey!” Anthony said putting his phone on hands free mode.

“ Anthony! I am not feeling ok, I am having Difficulty in breathing since you left home Yesterday. Just this morning, my throat and tongue is swollen and I feel my pulse is very fast, I am feeling
Nauseous and ….”

As Professor Glass listened, he knew what was responsible… Islingbee Virus!

Anthony must have been careless with the virus. His wife must have stumbled on it… Anthony could read the expression on Glass’s face… He tried to recount what happened that day…

He had a habit of wiping his hand clean with his outfit. He remembered wiping his hand on his suit after applying the virus.

“ Lucy!” Anthony screamed… “ Did you touch my French Jacket I wore to the political dinner party?”

“ Yes! I Drycleaned it myself.” Lucy said.


Opeyemi Akintunde

Anthony ended the call in shock…

“ Lucy has the Virus! “ Anthony screamed at Glass…”Tell me how that happened?”

Glass looked on like a moron. He knew he was in soup. Senator Anthony loved his wife dearly and could kill anyone who messed up with her…

“ I have some Antivirus left, I hope it still works on her…” Glass said shakingly

“ You better not hope, pray it works on her…!” Anthony said as he ran off…

Glass knew he had to run for his dear life. He had no wife nor kids, and that made relocating always easy…


Lucy felt her lungs was collapsing….She dialed the medical emergency number of her country and in five minutes, the ambulance was at their residence…


“No! Don’t go with them, I know what is wrong with you and I have the solution to it!” Anthony said over the phone as he raced on top speed back home. The journey back home was a 12 hour drive. He had deliberately built the Laboratory under a rock in one of the unpopular states in the country.

“ I caaa…nn….t” Lucy managed to say as the shortage of air was overwhelming.

“ Madam! How do you feel!” Anthony heard one of the paramedics say to his wife…

“ Can we have your phone madam?” Anthony heard another person say

“ Hello, Hello!” Anthony said but the Paramedics didn’t pay attention to the call….

“ She has passed out!” Said one of the paramedics….


Anthony got to the city in 8 hours. He drove on very high speed on his way back. He went straight to the reception. The moment he was told Lucy’s room, He jetted off but on seeing her, he regretted his actions. Lucy was white and dry. The Virus was deadlier than he thought. He hurriedly gave Lucy some of the Syrup.

He paced around in Fear, he didn’t know what to expect, silently he called on the God he had not called on in years….

“ God please, I am sorry, please save Lucy!”

Just like a deflated balloon, everything that was going wrong with her normalized… The swollen throat went down….

“ It worked! “ Anthony said pacing around…

“ What Worked?” He heard a voice from behind. He turned and saw a male doctor. Anthony quickly trashed the syrup bottle hideously…

“ Prayer!” Anthony covered up…

“Oh!, I thought I saw you giving her something to drink. We saw you through the CCTV.”

“ Oh that! That’s just prayer water…”

“ Oh! Alright… Wow! The Swelling Of the throat has gone down!” The male doctor exclaimed… “Amazing,!”

The doctors didn’t permit Anthony to take his wife home. They said they needed to get back the test results.

Anthony knew if the results came out, he would have a lot of explaining to do… Since his wife was fine, he made up his mind to run away…

In three hours, Lucy was fine, but Exactly what Anthony wanted, started manifesting. All the politicians he shook hands with were dropping dead one after the other, while some were rushed to the different hospital.
There was breaking news about a top politician of Anthony’s country falling down in a business meeting in another country….

Anthony disclosed the truth to his wife and explained he had to run off….

“To where?” Lucy asked

“ Bribia Island !” Anthony said…


In three days , more victims were coming out… A lot of people were dying . The doctors treating the patients also got the virus. Scientists came up to determine what the virus was, but as they were checking the dead victims, the scientists also dropped dead.

Anthony didn’t expect the Virus to have effect on third parties. But it felt like everyone the politicians had met including family members had the Virus.


Lucy heard the doorbell…. Anthony had told her not to answer strangers. He had told her once their kids were on vacation, she should come along with them to Bribia Island…

Lucy checked the Screen of the CCTV. Some men in dark suits had pulled up in front of her house… They looked like evil minded bureaucrats . She ran to her phone to call Anthony…

“ Madam, we know you are in there… And we know your children are in the boarding school 4 hours from here, so it would do you good to open the door and give us few minutes of your time. We just have questions about your supernatural healing!”

Anthony was far from his phone, he had gone out for some fresh air….Moreover, he had switched off his phone to avoid anyone tracking him. He only turned on his phone to speak with Lucy.

Lucy refused opening, and that didn’t give the men any other option…

They broke the door down…



1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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