THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 29&30) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Checkmate! You thought you could use me and Dump me… I didn’t become a scientist by being dull. I purposely did not add one of the major ingredients to the Anti virus syrup and tablet. The Anti Virus Syrup and tablets in your possession will actually attack your immune system should any of you take it, but the last ingredient which is in my possession is to douse that immune-attacker ingredient in the antivirus. So if by the time you are reading this note, you have killed me, count yourself dead as well… Islingbee Virus will definitely kill you… Checkmate!”
Signed GLASS…

Ruth was enraged, Marcus knew that look. Marcus started retreating from Ruth but Ruth in a flash ran close to the officer at the door of the Airship, withdrew his gun and pointed the gun at Marcus…

“ Why now? Why are you just giving me this letter” Ruth said madly

“ I swore to him never to open it, I believe it is a confidential love note and I didn’t want…” Marcus said

Ruth wanted to kill Marcus, but she knew it would cause a lot of unrest amongst those in the Airship. She needed to think and act fast. She would take her chances.

“Stop the Syrup…” She screamed but it was too late. Two people had taken the syrup and in the few seconds they were on the floor stone cold…

Screams followed…

The three Kings came out of their private cells on the ship…

“ What is happening here?” The first King said on seeing the dead bodies…

“ The Antivirus syrup did this!” Agnos the religion pillar representative said…

“Ruth!” Screamed the first King.

Out of Anger, from where he stood, he stretched his hand and simultaneously Ruth felt an invisible hand grab her neck and was strangulating it…

“ P…l..easeeeeee” Ruth started choking and vomiting blood…

Seun and Smart had grown closer than ever. They had even grown Spiritually in the few days of their togetherness, despite the worldwide pandemic. Their only problem was their children who were with Seun’s sister…

“ Rolayo is doing a great job with them… Relax!” Smart said reassuring Seun

“I know, but things are not going as planned, you know she just had a baby and her husband is unemployed coupled with the global shutdown… I know she will be running out of cash.. God please take away this Islingbee Virus and Fireflies… I hope all that is happening won’t overwhelm her…”

“Seun, calm down.. we spoke to her last night and she sounded fine…” Smart said

“ Yes but this morning … I have this unusual uneasiness, Like worry…”

“ Let’s pray…” Smart said

“ We leave anyway, Listen everyone… History has shown us that when the Almighty is angry and has made up his mind to destroy any race or people with plagues, Fire, hail, earthquakes, floods … Nothing can stop him, the only safe place is a place Like this, an ark… so everyone should see this Airship as our own ark.” Said the First King…

“ We all should learn from history, Noah and his family were saved by the ark, we can be saved in this Airship.”

Ruth couldn’t believe what she was hearing…The first King of the Pyramid was making reference to God, Almighty. They knew God had the final say, they knew that whenever God was angry, it was best to look for safety… Ruth fell to the ground as she wept at her mistake…

“ So If truly It was God that killed my mother because of her promiscuity, I shouldn’t have rebelled, instead I should have sought refuge in the Church, but instead I left …” Ruth thought in tears

“ Take her to the prison cell” the First king said…

Ruth didn’t have the power to fight or struggle…but she had only a few words for the kings.

“ Since you know How Powerful the Almighty is, Do you think this Airship can stop Him from destroying us? Don’t get it twisted , this is not an ark God instructed us to create as an escape from his anger, this is an Airship that has no hand of God in it… Come to think of it, I am sure there were other boats in the land but, the boats could not withstand the flood, you want to know why ? Ruth said angrily into the face of the First King …

There was utmost silence as everyone wanted to know why.

“ The people on that Ark were RIGHTEOUS people but on this “Airship Ark”, I don’t think we have anyone who fits that criteria here…So do you think the Almighty will watch over this Airship?” Ruth said without any iota of fear…

“ Get her out of my face!” The first King roared…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ruth stood behind the cell holding the metal iron bars, she knew the end was near…Lonely and full of regrets was Ruth. This gave her a glimpse of her life in the afterworld. Remembering what she had learnt in Sunday school about Hell, she felt like she already knew what it would look like.

Sitting down in the cell she had been placed, everything she had strived hard to achieve did not mean anything to her anymore.

For the first time she missed her grandmother who she left because of her devotion to God. She never returned to check on her because she wanted everything about God behind her. She never kept contact with her cousins or anyone from her country, because on getting to the western world she gave up her identity.

“ If I die today, no one would know or care to know where my remains would lie, no one would ask after me. “ Ruth had no family except her l€sb!ian partners. She had brought one of them, to the Airship but had deserted her.

Rosy had not checked on her since the 3 hours they had locked her in. She watched her walking past her cell without saying a word …

“ You are a betrayer…” Ruth snapped at her when she walked past her cell…

“ No, I am not…I am sorry Ruth, You have always taught me that every man for himself” Rosy said

“Go to Hell” Ruth said angrily

“ We all know that’s where we are headed, but that’s why we want to enjoy the time we have here before death comes knocking” Rosy said

Ruth hit her hand against the Iron metal of the cell…

Anthony sat outside the cave house. He had seen the news about the fireflies on T.V…

“ What a fast way to die, without having the guilt of suicide ” Anthony had told himself after watching the broadcast.

For three days straight, Anthony sat outside the cave house, but none of the fireflies touched him. It seemed like the flies saw a mark on him that read “TOUCH NOT”. Anthony wanted to die but death wasn’t interested in him, he had been drinking only water for days. Death was better than the state he was in. Being alive was becoming a torture.

“ I will not have you pull the plugs, keep her on the machine and I will come check her everyday…” Folabi insisted

“ I am sorry…We can’t do that, we will shut down all machines completely..”

Folabi didn’t want Ella dead, she was alive since she was still breathing though assisted, but the doctor was asking to take away her chance of living.

“ Fine, so when are you shutting down?” Folabi asked

“ Tomorrow, We hear the Fireflies are increasing by the number” the doctor said

“ Keep her on the machine till tomorrow, I will get back to you soon…”

“Why Tomorrow ?”

“ I just need to pray to know what to do!”

“ No…No….” Wendy dropped on the floor with tears… One of her daughters had been stung by the Firefly and she dissolved instantly.

Massai became numb… He was not sad because he lost his daughter, but because he knew his daughter was going to Hell. Despite being a Christian, his first daughter was not a believer. She choose to be an atheist.

“ We locked ourselves inside the house and I cannot say how the fly got in.. After stinging Justina, it disappeared.” Harrry, Massai’s son in-law had told them…

“ What about the kids?” Massai had managed to ask

“ They are fine” Harry voice was breaking. The voice was laced with fear and sorrow

“ Were you able to kill the fly?”

“ No.. that’s my fear right now, we don’t know where it disappeared to!”

As soon as Massai heard that , he remembered the little girl Rejoice who had seen a vision when they got to Bribia Island initially. She said she saw the tears of someone turning to fire…

“ Can this be the Fire from God against the world?” Massai wondered. He knew the Islingbee Virus was from humans with the evil mind, but the fireflies seem to be coming from God Himself…

“ When God is angry with a people, Who can stop the Fire of His anger?” Massai said within himself….

“ Another country has reported that the fireflies have invaded their nation killing thousands of people. Surprisingly, the Fireflies are not touching Little Children…” the newscaster was saying. At that point, Massai knew it was time for His Bible Study. He wanted to understand exactly what was happening and possibly find the way out.

“ There has to be a way out!God there has to be a way out!” Massai resolved.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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