THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 27&28) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

Juliana remembered her anointing Oil that was seated on the table in her room. She hurriedly went to her room and took the Olive oil bottle.

On getting to Naito , she poured the oil into her mouth and on the part of her arm she held…

Naito was struggling to return back into her human body before her Spirit body dissolved totally. While she was running towards her body, Naito saw Juliana rushing towards her from a bright light. As Juliana got close, Naito noticed she had the bottle of her oil with her. Juliana started pouring the oil in Naito’s mouth and on her shoulder. As she poured the oil, the oil became blood and the blood began to remold the hand back. The blood gave the Spirit body form.

Naito’s Spiritbody became full once again , and With Juliana’s Help she returned into her body.

“ Jesus! Jesus! “ Naito called out as she snapped out of her Sleeping episode.

As soon as she snapped out of that realm, for the first time she realized who she was and what she had been doing spiritually..

“ Juliana, I think I am a witch… and I was about to be dissolved…” Naito said shaking…

Juliana stepped back in fear, but quickly she braved it out and said…

“ It’s Fine…if you are willing to get out of the captivity, God is ready to help you as well…”

Naito nodded as what she had just seen was too scary for her not to seek safety in God…

Naito saw the bottle of Olive oil…

“ That Oil is powerful , I saw that it repaired my body…”

“ It’s not the oil that is powerful but the power in the oil, you can also become powerful if you let that power into you..”

“ How can I have the power in me?”

“The Almighty has rained his fire on the earth and woe to its inhabitants. We need to get to the airships ASAP. We may not be able to take everyone along. Get your immediate family to the airships. We will wait only till 10am tomorrow.” The third King sent the coded message to Ruth.

Ruth on receiving it was filled with fury…

“ You mean this is from the Almighty, why don’t we fight him NOW as prophesied?” Ruth replied

“ No one can fight the Almighty, you were lied to, the only way we could fight Him was to rebel against him, but fighting as in War! We stand no chance, we will all melt in the split of a second.” The First king replied

Ruth couldn’t believe the fraternity had lied to her. She had been on a revenge mission against God because her pr0stitut€ mother died of full blown AIDS…

15years back….

“ God killed her because of her promiscuity!” Ruth’s pastor had said to her grandmother when her mother died.

“ Ma, You should be grateful she is dead, because she has been bringing shame to the name of the Lord.” The pastor had said.

Ruth was standing behind the curtain mourning her mother. She felt betrayed that the same God she prayed to anytime she went to church with her grandmother was that wicked to kill her mother…

Ruth became angry and bitter against God. She swore never to have anything to do with God. Things became worse when Ruth met a member of the Pyramid Cult at the University. He introduced her into the cult and she was fascinated by the idea that there would be a major war against God and the devil alongside the humans who joined him in the war will take over the earth.

Ruth collapsed into the chair as she read the decoded message again.

She had been lied to! The Almighty could not be won but only rebelled against. Ruth realized what they all had been, PAWNS in the hands of the devil…

“ PAWNS?” Naito asked Juliana

Juliana had been explaining to Naito that all humans who chose to follow the devil whether through witchcraft, idolatry, sinful lifestyles, rebellion are only being used by the devil as pawns to get back at God.

“The devil knows how much God loves His creation, so as a way of getting at God, he makes God’s beloved creatures do terrible things that will make God angry.” Juliana explained

“ Of a truth, Witchcraft doesn’t do humans any good, at least I know that “ Naito said

“Yes, it is actually a tool by the devil for humans to destroy one another.. Naito , Who do witches kill? “

“ Other Humans..” Naito replied

“ Exactly …Humans are only pawns in the hands of the devil. Do you want to continue as one?” Juliana asked

“ No…”

“ Let’s Pray”

Ruth wept knowing she had been played by the devil but she had no choice now. She couldn’t return to God.

“ The airship!” She resolved in her heart. It was too late to turn back…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Folabi watched Ella from the glass window. Ella had been kept isolated in one room. She was showing the full blown signs of the Islingbee Virus, but was still breathing. Unlike most of those who had the Islingbee Virus, she had lived longer than others, though in a comatose state…

“ Mr Folabi, the hospital will be shutting down soon. The fireflies seem not to be leaving us any soon and the government has advised everyone to stay indoors, including we health workers. Over 2 million people have been burnt to ashes in less than 48 hours of the fire flies invasion.”

“ So?” Folabi asked to be sure if his line of thought was exactly what the doctor meant

“ We … have to let go of your friend, Mrs Ella… I am sorry we have to pull the plug. Once everyone leaves the hospital, no one will be here to take care of her in her comatose state.” The doctor said as he patted Folabi on his way out.

“No… doctor” Folabi couldn’t bear that information. He ran after the doctor…

“ Doctor, are you saying without the Oxygen she will die?”

“ Yes.. she will”

“ Ok… you don’t have to pull the plug, I will stay here with her till she wakes up..”

The doctor looked at Folabi like he just said the most stupid thing in the world..

“Suit yourself” the doctor said walking off.

Folabi looked around and saw that a lot of people were coming in to pick up their loved ones from the hospital despite some of them looking terribly sick…

Folabi picked up his phone and dialed Stone…

“We have a problem sir!” Folabi said to stone…

Stone dropped on the bed…There was no doubt the world was coming to an end and he may never get to see his wife and daughter ever again… The fireflies were burning people all around the world. One of his neighbors had been burnt to ashes a day prior to that.

“ What do you think?” Folabi asked

“ I don’t know… she is my wife but you are the one with her, I don’t know what is best for her. Out of selfishness I would have asked you to do everything to keep her alive, but will that be good for her? For years in our relationship, I never bothered about her own happiness, for me it was always all about her making me happy… Mr Folabi, do you think my wife would still want to be kept alive or would she want to go rest in the bosom of the Almighty?” Stone asked as tears flowed down. He knew he would never see his wife again to at least let her know how sorry he was for treating her the way he had been doing for years.

Wendy was terribly afraid. For the first time, she was begining to believe her husband’s theories. She was scared about her adopted children and Grandchildren’s welfare. She had called her children and pleaded they stayed indoors…

“ Can the world really end this way?” Wendy asked

“ Yes, if God decides”Massai replied

“ Hmm… but I don’t think I am really a believer, if the world ends, I am sure going to Hell.” Wendy said

“Then it’s time to rededicate your life to God now, it will be terrible soon”

“ Pray with me…”

Ruth took only one of her female s€xual partners and headed for the Airship. She took one more look at the Islingbee Virus large container. She knew the world had no need of it again, since the fire flies were doing worse.

She picked up the Antivirus syrup. She took it along Incase anyone developed the symptoms on the Airship.


Only about 200 pyramids members made it to the Airship, including Ruth.
Ruth handed over the syrup to the Chef as he was the one to give it to everyone. About the time they were are to lock up the Airship, Marcus ran up to her,

“Glass asked me to give this to you today, if he never made it with us” Marcus said smiling.

Marcus was Glass’ Lab assistant. He had noticed the way Glass looked at Ruth, He had forced Glass into admitting that he was in love with Ruth. The day he was relocated to one of Ruth’s house, he had written a love note which he told Marcus to swear not to open but give to Ruth directly should he not make it to the Airship.

Marcus didn’t know Glass’ death was caused by Ruth, he also thought it was the embittered man who killed Glass.

“ What is this?” Ruth had asked

“ Glass asked me to give you, Incase he didn’t make it!”

“ And you waited this long to give me” Ruth said as she tore the envelope opened in a rush

“ He made me promise to give it to you today… “ Marcus said blushing…

Marcus was expecting a girly blush on Ruth’s face but what he saw was not what he expected…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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