THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 25&26) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

“ What on earth happened here?” Chief Larry Said, becoming the first person to find his voice after Rejoice.

Priye moved into the apartment in shock coupled with the disappointment of losing Sharon. The loss he felt in his heart made his scientific mind go blank about what could be the cause of her body burning…

“ Someone must have poured Liquid Fire on her!”Priye managed to say as he moved in.

Xavier looked like he had seen a ghost, he ran away. He wondered why bad luck was following him everywhere. The moment Priye saw him run out, he became suspicious of Xavier. He wanted to believe, they might have had a lover’s tiff and Xavier poured the liquid fire on her…

“But!” He told Himself to pause a little. He wasn’t someone who jumped to conclusions. His scientific mind was always about evidence and facts.

“ What is this?” Rejoice saw the fly where it laid dead on the floor.

No one paid attention to her..

“ We need to inform the police!” Chief Larry Said

“ A post Mortem on her will answer all questions”. Lara said in addition

Massai and Wendy looked very dumbstruck. They didn’t have words to say, but Massai finally said..

“ This reminds me of Taberah!”

“ Taberah?” Everyone looked at him expecting more explanations.

“Where the Children of Isreal murmured against God and the Fire Of God consumed them… Numbers 11:1-2… Sharon instigated people into complaining and insulting God” Massai said but the others looked away disappointed that he was bringing in religion into what was happening.

Priye knew he had heard the name Taberah before, but he couldn’t remember where exactly.

Chief Larry called the reception officer and before long the Police Department Of Bribia Island came to evacuate Sharon’s burning body. Unfortunately despite the volume of water poured on her to stop the fire effect, the fire did not stop. In front of everyone,Sharon burnt to ashes…

“ It is happening in other places!” The scared receptionist ran towards the distraught looking group, showing them clips of other burning bodies in different parts of the world.

“ Several cases of the burning bodies have been reported in less than 12 hours, as we speak, over 12,000 cases have been confirmed, Several eyewitnesses confirm that the victims started burning after a strange looking fly perched on the victims. This burning fly is said to give a painful fire effect the instant it pricks its victims, and few hours later, the body of the victims begins to melt. We thought Islingbee Virus was a killer, but this is worse and dreadful. Scientists are advising people to stay indoors and lock their windows to avoid the flies from coming into their homes. At this point, no one knows what may happen next, Could this be a fly from the devil or a fly from God? I am Reese John reporting for GNN.”

Juliana sat perplexed on hearing the news about the fire fly. This was the revelation playing out. This was a more deadly attack on mankind and only a few people would be saved…This was literally God pouring brimstone and fire on the earth like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah. The evil scientist who made Islingbee Virus will realize even in his grave that he is a serious amateur before the greatest Scientist. What science can explain a fly that Carries Fire. The fire that can destroy a whole human being till it became ashes…This was an attack that had no solution.

“ God please, count my family, loved ones and I amongst those you want to save in Jesus name!” Juliana prayed silently

Juliana knew praying was not enough, she needed her brother and his wife to believe in God, so they could be saved…

“ Hey, Naito where is my brother? I need to speak with you both?” Juliana said to Naito, who was seated beside her but unfortunately Naito was gone. She had one of her sleeping episodes.

Juliana had had enough of her sleeping episodes, this time she wanted it to stop…

“ Naito! Naito! In the name of Jesus Christ, Wake up now!” Juliana commanded…

“ I set you loose from wherever, your Spirit is being held captive in the Spirit realm in the name of Jesus”

“ I command you Naito to stop that soul travel… I speak Fire into where you are and I command you to return back to your body now in the name of Jesus!”


Opeyemi Akintunde

Ruth Waziri stood in front of her Large T.V screen…

“Who or what has released this fire fly? Is it a biological weapon from another fraternity? Was it released by the devil to cause more disarray? If that is the case, it is coming too early.” Ruth thought as she caressed the remote against her lips.

She picked up her private code generating device that she used in communicating with the three kings. They could not speak over the phone as they knew their conversations could be recorded by the telecommunication companies, so as a science and tech expert, she had come up with a code generating and decoding device which only she, the other pillar representatives and the three kings had access to…

The sender would input his/her message on the code generating device, once a code is generated, he/she sends the code as messages through their mobile phones , so when the receiver receives the codes, he/ she will input the codes into the decoder to get the real message.

She sent the code with the message…

“ Who is behind the Firefly? We are meant to assemble tomorrow to embark on the airships, how do we get to the venue of the airships if the fireflies won’t let us get out of our houses. If this was made by one Of us, is there a vaccine?”

Naito’s Spirit was running towards her coven as she had been summoned suddenly, but she could hear Juliana calling her name…

As Naito got to the coven, the entire place was on fire…

“ Naito, why did you give us up?” Said one of the wizards

“ I don’t understand, what is happening?” Naito said

“ Your sister in law we told you to kill has set this place on fire…”

“ Really?, I am sorry, I couldn’t touch her …I promise to finish her up when I return now…”

“ Return ? To where? you must be punished for what you have done. We summoned you for a meeting because of the New killing fly in town. Information reaching us says it’s from the Almighty, we wanted you to know about the escape plan by the Pyramid. but as it is, you are not important to us anymore.”

One of the wizards shot an arrow at Naito ….

Juliana was praying heavily over Naito but there was no result. She noticed Naito was panting like she was running, suddenly she started coughing out blood…

Angie walked in and saw his wife coughing blood despite being in her sleeping form…

“ What happened?” He asked

“ I have no idea!”

“ Let’s get her to the hospital!” Angie said

“ How?” Juliana replied

“ How? With my car of course…” he replied not getting Juliana’s point.

“ The government said everyone should stay indoors because of the firefly” Juliana reminded him

“So my wife should die?” Angie asked

“ No, she won’t… We just have to pray for her. Angie if the three of us goes out, we might get pricked by the fire flies and we all die!” Juliana said trying to convince him

“ I don’t care, if my wife dies what is the point”

“ Angie, your wife will not die, Trust me… No, don’t trust me, Trust God! Angie I am sure you can see that at this point, the whole world is in disarray and only God can help us… We need to get serious with God…”

“ Ok… so what do we do now?” He asked obviously confused

“ First you need to rededicate your life to Christ, go to your room and talk to God, leave me with Naito”

Angie stood up and walked to his room like a zombie, he had lost track of the last time he prayed. Fending for himself and his sister as orphans had drawn him away from God. He started getting involved in deals that made him feel he wasn’t worthy to speak to God.

Juliana looked at Naito and was confused as to what to do…

“ God, please forgive Naito and bring her back!”

Naito felt the fire arrow destroying her, her spirit-body was disintegrating.., yet she kept hearing Juliana’s voice… shouting Jesus!

“ Je..s…u..” Naito managed to call

Juliana heard Naito trying to call the name of Jesus…

“Yes… call the name Jesus, Naito… Yes! There is power in that name, There is deliverance and healing in that name. Yes, that name can heal you, that name can save you…”

Juliana noticed Naito was holding her left arm like someone who had been shot at. Spiritual understanding came upon Juliana…

She imagined Naito was in some form of spiritual battle and she had been shot, no wonder she was vomiting blood..

“ Lord what do I do?” Juliana asked herself…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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