THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 21&22) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

Folabi took a journey down memory lane, he remembered the young boy he used to be. He was the Holy boy amongst his friends, thanks to his devout mother. His mother gave him to Christ. She taught him the ways of the lord as her only child. His mother was the first wife to a polygamist. His father had married five wives after her and yet his mother’s faith never wavered.

His mother made him sold out to Christ, making Folabi understand that in the midst of the envious wives his father had married, he needed to fortify himself with prayers to God.

Folabi watched his mother fast and pray practically everyday. There came a time his mother was only eating once a day and he had asked

“ Mother, you only eat once a day? Why? “

“ My son, man shall not live by bread alone but by the words that come out of my mouth, my son, I will rather feed myself with more of the Word of God than earthly food, A meal a day is fine“

Folabi’s faith soared on the wings of his mother’s faith. He became a fervent youth in the Lord.

Suddenly, she was diagnosed with Br€ast cancer. Folabi prayed and fasted ceaselessly. He applied the faith his mother had lived on but the God His mother had always depended on disappointed him.

His Mother died when he was 18, at the time he needed her most. He had just gained admission into the university. Prior to that time, the norm was that his mother was the one who had to plead on his behalf before his father paid his fees. His mother would go on a three day fasting before approaching his father.

Therefore to Folabi, it didn’t make sense for his Mother, a child of God to have died at a very young age of 41. Where was her God? Where was the God she prayed to? Folabi lost his confidence in that God. He turned and ever since he never returned back. He worked his way to his top.

Folabi knew it was time he reconciled with his Creator.

“ Why are you crying Uncle Folabi? Rejoice asked

“ You know What your father does to your mum, my father did same to my mother. Very Early in life, when I was 18, she died and I kind of left God, because I felt like God disappointed me, but here you are, healed before even feeling the pain. To me, it’s like you trust God so much that if you lose your mother, you won’t lose a hair over it.” Folabi said

“ You should forgive your father, For me , I am trying to finally release my dad from my heart for the way he treats my mother. He thinks he owns her and therefore she should be the one doing everything in the house as regards the chores. It’s so terrible that my father would call my mother to pick up the remote control that is seating on the table right in front of him.”

“Yes, we should forgive our fathers… Do you know your father could be regretting some of his past actions, right now I am sure he is having the pain of not been able to reach his sick wife.“

Stone was shivering, he had a high fever and he didn’t know what to do. His two boys were watching T.v.

“ If Ella was here she would be taking care of me” Stone said with regrets

“ But I hope she is fine, I hope she is not dead, but this is so terrible of me, I don’t even have any of her colleagues’ number. Not even her boss’ number. He had called all the office lines he had seen on their company website, but no one was picking up.” Stone thought

He looked around the house and saw how messy everywhere was. He struggled to stand up and got a Paracetamol. He also decided to do the house chores as the whole house was smelling like a junk house.


Stone collapsed on his bed sweating tired.

“ So is this what Ella does even after a long day at work? He said out loud…”Oh my God! I am a terrible person…God please find me a way to speak to my wife and daughter and forgive me for being a terrible husband. I promise to change if my wife returns.” Stone resolved


“ So I think we need to turn on your mother’s phone and calm your father, I can imagine he has been trying her line for days. He needs to know to know the situation of things. What do you think?” Folabi said

“ It’s fine, but I think we should do first things first!” Rejoice

“ Which is?”

“ You need to rededicate your life to Christ. We never know what can happen in the next few seconds… You should read that book “ Life in Veneah Kingdom” I told you about… Every of the minute we spend here on earth matters. No one knows what the next minute will bring.”

“ So thoughtful of you Rejoice… Then will you do the honour of leading me to Christ back?”

“ How?”

“ Lead me in The repentance prayer, that way I will be your convert… MORE credit to you in heaven!” Folabi said smiling…

Rejoice laughed …

“ I am serious !” Folabi insisted

Rejoice looked him in the eye and saw his seriousness… so she took his hand and prayed with him..,

“ Say After me… Heavenly Father, I come before you, asking you to forgive me of my sins. I acknowledge Jesus Christ as your only begotten son . I accept Him as my Lord and Saviour. Help me to live above sin and Live a righteous life that will be pleasing to you.. Amen”

Folabi said and instantly the joy he had lost for so many years came rushing back like an open tap…

For once, he thanked God for the global shutdown that reconciled him back to his Creator…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Stone heard his phone ring from his deep sleep… he jumped up from sleep hoping God could have heard his prayer. Yes! It was her line calling him

“ Hello Baby!” Stone could not remember the last time he called Ella “Baby”. Unfortunately Ella wasn’t on the other side of the line to hear that. Rejoice was the one who dialed the number but the phone was on speaker phone. Rejoice raised her eyebrow in shock at hearing her father call her mother Baby.

“ Hello, Daddy!”

“ Rejoice Darling, how are you? How is your mother?, please don’t tell me she is dead.”

“ No, she is not, but she is almost close to it.”

Stone Went really quiet, but recovered from the shock of that news when he heard Folabi’s Voice.

“ Hello Sir… Good Afternoon Sir, all hope is not lost, we should pray than give fear a chance…”

“ Ok, since you are there, tell me the truth, How Bad is it?”

“ Very Bad, but I believe God to touch her.”

“ Ok…I will pray since that’s all I can do at this moment… Thank you . please take care of Rejoice for me, and please can you keep this phone on.”

“ I will”.

Stone dropped the call and he knew he couldn’t afford to lose Ella…

“ God can my wife Recover from this Virus?”


Xavier looked at Sharon and he knew he was hurting a beautiful soul, he had started dating her just to use her to transfer the Virus to other islanders, but she seem to have fallen in love with him. He didn’t love her. He loved his wife and was missing her. He decided to spelt things out…

“ Sharon! I am married…” Xavier said to Sharon as they sat on the island.

“ You said what?”

“ I am married, I am sorry…”

“ You are sorry… No you are joking, just tell me that you are no longer interested in me and I will get the drift. You don’t have to lie.”

“ Actually, I am serious and my attraction to you was actually based on a selfish and wicked reason. I am sorry. I have a family I love.”

Sharon couldn’t believe she had been ditched the 39th time. How come men always treated her like trash, even Folabi she had been eyeing for years didn’t care one bit about her, but instead he was in love with a married woman. What was eating her up or killing her was worse than the Islingbee Virus.

Sharon rose up and ran away from Xavier.

“Take me away, kill me, even let me have the Virus. God what have I done to you,? I am 40 and unmarried, I have been making myself available for men for free, yet they drop me like a piece a baggage. What?


Ruth stood by the window thinking about the escape in few days. A big drum of Islingbee Virus sat in her room. Late Professor Glass had made enough Virus which Ruth had the intention of Spreading into the air the moment the 1000 families have boarded the airships…

“ I am about to Win you Jehovah, I told you we don’t have to be righteous to be successful, I have achieved that so far, now I am about to make you understand that I can take creation from your hand. We are building a new earth that will not have you in it. “ Ruth said laughing ruthlessly.

“If only they had known better that I will turn out ruthless, I should have been named Mercy rather than Ruth…

With a Wicked smile, She screamed out loud as her eyeballs shone green…

“Oh Earth… Weep for your end is here!” Ruth laughed as her female lover massaged her back from behind…

Ruth’s fight against Jehovah dated 15 years back….


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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