THE SCIENTIST’S GOD (Part 17&18) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Please MOST HIGH, please Forgive us all…” Juliana said, crying from her sleep…

Her brother Angie heard her sob as he passed in front of her room. He stopped in his tracks, to eavesdrop on his sister. Naito had told him to get her a glass of water.

He opened the door carefully, and to his shock, Juliana was still asleep, crying and talking from her sleep. Angie felt he was going to run mad soon, his wife had “Sleeping episodes” where she could just shut down in the middle of a conversation, now his only sister was talking from her sleep…

“ Julie, Juliana , Juliana…” Angie tapped her from sleep, but Juliana was far from waking up. Her face was filled with tears…

“ Juliana wake up… Juliana wake up…”
Angie was screaming

Naito heard her husband screaming his sister’s name. When the government announced the official shut down of the country, Angie had sent for his sister as she was the only blood relative he had. They had been orphaned at a very early age. Angie wanted her close because of the Islingbee Virus. Naito loved Juliana as a sister but sometimes pure hatred filled her heart for her.

Naito didn’t know it was the witchcraft Spirit in her that couldn’t stand Juliana’s Spirit filled Presence.

Naito rushed off to Juliana’s room…

“ Juliana please wake up… “ Angie was already sobbing. Naito stood by the door soberly as the sight was scary. Juliana was sobbing and talking about God having mercy but her eyes were firmly shut…

“ Is this how I look when I have my Sleeping episodes?” Naito asked Angie

“ You think she may be having Sleeping episodes like you? “ Angie asked very bewildered “ Is your Sleeping episodes a transferable disease or something?”

“ I don’t know! but I could call my doctor to ask him” Naito said as she ran off to pick up her phone.

Anthony sat in the cave that had become home to him, after escaping from Ruth’s hitman. He had run into the forest and after walking for Five hours he saw a big cave house. He knocked at the door but no one answered. He sat outside the cave house for days hoping the owners would return but no one showed up for days. After 4 days, he broke down the door and went in.

The Cave had everything indoor. It was beautiful furnished. There was a solar system in place, there was a T.V set. He saw a Fridge . He walked hurriedly towards it but unfortunately there was nothing in the Fridge… He turned on the tap to be sure, there was water running… Fortunately for him this time around, clear water gushed out of the tap.

It had been day’s without food, and Anthony watched himself on T.V being paraded as the enemy of Mankind…

“ Lord, I am sorry… Please help Mankind. I know I caused this mess and the evil people have taken it up beyond what I planned… Please if you have to kill me and shed my blood for people to be free, please do” Anthony didn’t see the need to be alive, his wife and children were dead. He didn’t know where Henry was. He didn’t know if he made it to Bribia Island…

“ God, please kill me for the salvation of the world…”

“ Your blood doesn’t have what it takes to save the world!” Anthony jumped back when he heard those words in the room.

“ Who is that?” Anthony looked around the room, the voice he heard was so audible…

Fear gripped Anthony’s heart…


The doctor had told Naito , Juliana should be left alone till she woke up by herself. The doctor told her she was probably have a terrible dream.

Angie and Naito sat watching her. Juliana didn’t wake up for another 15 minutes.

Suddenly, Juliana’s eyes opened…

“ Juliana … Oh thank God! She is awake!” Angie jumped up

“ Wow! My goodness” Naito said happily but deep within her without knowing why she felt deep hatred for her and felt the urge to kill her…

“ I need a pen and paper…” Juliana said on waking up and at that same moment Naito went into a sudden “sleeping episode”….

Opeyemi Akintunde

“ We should move in 10 days time, the airships are ready, also the 996 Pyramid families have been contacted.” Ruth gave her report to the three kings at the Pyramid meeting.

Ruth and other Pyramid Cult members had bought the lie of the occult group. They had been told that they will fight Jehovah and win. Having a new world was the target. A new world where they all will be gods.

“Ok” The First king replied.

“ They will all arrive at the take off center through the astral passage. And for you my Lords, Your preservation cells on the ship have been completed to your taste.” Ruth said trying to please the Kings, but she noticed they were not particularly impressed.

“ My Lords, is there something wrong?” Ruth asked

“A lot of plans have failed in the past, we are trying not to be too hopeful with you.” The second King said…

“ I am a different kind of human being, my fight against Jehovah is personal. So this will not fail… I gave my life to science all these years so that I can make Jehovah lose.” Ruth said Ruthlessly.

The kings exchanged looks and with the smile of satisfaction they nodded their heads at Ruth.

Naito arrived the coven suddenly…

“ Why do you have her in your house?” Said one of the other Top Witches

“She is my Sister in law…”

“ You need to kill her before she Kills you. She is calling for what we never want humans to call for. Jehovah’s Mercy on Humans can destroy us in a minute. His fire of rage will descend heavily on us… If you do not want her to bring death on you, Kill her first…” a high ranking Wizard said

Naito jerked back from sleep. This was the shortest sleeping episode she had ever had, but on waking up from this sleep, Naito felt she had a dream. Naito always forgot her dreams on waking up after her sleeping episodes, but this time, strangely she remembered the words …. “If you don’t want her to bring death on you, kill her first.”

“ So Juliana is evil? I will kill her before she kills me!” Naito resolved ignorantly


Anthony kept shouting as he walked around in the cave house…

“ Show yourself if you are man enough!” Anthony said

The last few hours had been terrible. After he heard the voice that said his blood wasn’t valuable enough to save the world, it had been torture… The voice kept laughing at him. The laughter was a torturous mockery…

“ Ha! Ha ha….” Anthony couldn’t deal with it. It was driving him nuts. He rushed towards the door to run out of the torture cave house, but unfortunately the door had been jammed…

Fear gripped his heart and he remembered the story of Saul who after he started losing his regard for God’s instruction, an evil spirit of insanity from the Lord was released against him. He also remembered Nebuchadnezzar who God turned into an animal. He had the feeling he was going through the same punishment. His soul felt like he was trapped under a big duvet and he couldn’t get out. The laughing torturous voice was as loud as a speaker.

“ God, please I am sorry! I did all I did out of stupid passion to destroy evil politicians. I was rightfully zealous but i used the wrong approach… “ Anthony said as he went to hide in a corner.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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