The Only Juju I know is Jesus – Kanayo O. Kanayo.

In a recent interview, Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo revealed that he does not personally practice or believe in Juju, but he portrays such roles in movies for payment.

He emphasized that the only “Juju” he knows is Jesus, but if offered diabolical roles, he would take them as long as he receives his payment.

This statement has sparked reactions from concerned individuals on the comment page, expressing their opinions about his stance on the matter.

yungeplus: “Daddy KOK. If u like u deny. I dey come collect update for ur house sir.”

thuggatunes: “Bro literally owned a cult group.”

bright___r: “I hope we all know these money ritual jokes are just for cruise?? No go try am offline ooo.”

next_autos: “Na the interviewer I Dey pity for , if kanayo use you , you go explain tire, no evidence.”

yandetunez: “One thing about all this Juju or native doctors..

you hardly see them criticizing Christianity some even allow their children to go to church because they believe there’s God.

But once pastor clim altar na one juju man for him area he wan use preach..

funny how people will deny doing juju openly and the juju still de work for them.. Juju sef de show mercy.”

wyn.stayhomes: “E reach my turn to make sacrifices you won con give your life to Christ. My role model no be so oooo.”