“The man I ordered vs the man I got”: Lady posts video of hubby’s real character

The man I ordered vs the man I got Lady posts video of hubby's real character

Lady posts video of hubby’s real character

A married woman on the Tiktok app has come out to expose her husband for acting playfully, despite the fact that many people assume he is a serious person.

The video which she posted on her account, @kindysamuel, shows her husband composed in a picture, while playing with her like a child during a false game of boxing in another frame.

The video has garnered a lot of attention and praise as it is usually not very common to see a married man that jovial.

Many Netizens have taken to the comments to leave their thoughts.

See some below…

@Jomafuvwe said: More of this please I laughed like no tomorrow, see the zeal when him take de do am

@user6192241363320 said: my 5 years of marriage me and my husband has never played common pillow fight he’s always serious and I’m tired of him already

@Call_me_pesoking said: You get mind go date Mike Tyson 😂

@Splashy Bae ❤️ wrote: E be like say u order when the company dey do promo 😹

@Eniola😘 wrote: this is definition of me and my man,he go dey act serious for outside😂 but inside he go dey play like small pikin

@Richiejide said: 😂 😂, this is just me….. I pity my future kids because they’ll think their father will be a serious man…. Me way be wereh

Watch video here:



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