Opeyemi Akintunde

Ajuwon paid rapt attention. He knew without any doubt he was been afflicted by witches but he didn’t know why and who the witches were…

” Witchcraft Captivity can manifest itself in several ways…This is when Witches decide to place a yoke on your life. Witches can put your brain in Captivity. Many read and can not understand It’s because Witchcraft powers may have placed a big rock on their heads…I want you to Open your mouth and pray loudly like this…

” My brain that is in any form of Captivity or under any yoke, break free in Jesus name…”

The in-house Lighters began to pray intensely and the three days campers didn’t have a choice than to level up to their way of praying.

Mabel and Olive exchanged looks. It looked like where they had found themselves was not what they were expecting. They had thought the camp was going to be a place of fun, but here they were in a Spiritual school. Olive was more puzzled than Mabel. She wondered how this woman called Aunty Favour knew this this deep things about life and she was not a member of the TRUTH HUB or was she? Olive had been told that there were secret members. Maybe, the woman was one of them because most of the things she was saying were answers she had been looking for that made her join the TRUTH HUB. One of her questions which she was still yet to find answers to was what the woman just spoke on…


Olive knew she tried her best academically, but….

Her brain felt like it couldn’t go past a certain level in reasoning and assimilation.

She found herself praying the prayer Aunty Favour called….

” My brain that is in any form of Captivity or under any yoke, break free in Jesus name”

Olive felt like a hammer was used to hit her head and chains fell off her head. It felt so real that she had to hold her head and scream…

” My Headddddddd”

Two Volunteers rushed to her…

Simultaneously, Bola whose mind was a field of pornographic thoughts screamed… “My Chest is on Fire”. She started hitting her chest and crying…

Favour Knew the HolyGhost had descended and was about to do wonders in that morning meeting…

They were praying about the brain , and she could understand the girl shouting “My head” but she didn’t know why the other girl was being touched in her chest.

“The mind and the brain are one. Whatever cages the mind cages the functionality of the brain. If a brain is under bondage, the mind is in bondage too and vice versa. Stay on that prayer, I have a lot of brains and minds that I need to deliver from Captivity today.” Father Spoke to Favour…

As always, she followed God’s leading…

” We will stay on that prayer…God is about to do something great with that prayer…He has started touching some of us already, so don’t be left behind ooo” Favour said…

Father decided to open Favour’s eyes again and she found herself in front of a bungalow house.

Favour looked around wondering where she was. She tried to look for what was familiar but found nothing. Not even a human being was there.

Suddenly she heard a scream from her back.

” You are senseless” a woman screamed at another woman who had had a baby at her back. She had strapped the baby to her back.

“It is the child you are carrying that is senseless and has no brain” the second woman replied concerning the woman’s child.

Favour watched how in the Spiritual realm, a box was placed on the child’s head as a result of the curse issued by the woman.


Favour returned from the trance and as she opened her eyes, her eyes were directed to Olive. Favour recognized her as one of the girls Jemimah brought in. Favour wondered if the baby was her.

The girl was still under the influence of the HolyGhost and she kept screaming ” My Head”.

Favour walked closer to her and started hitting that head…

” Evil box, Evil barrier , Evil load on your head making it difficult for you to assimilate break in the name of Jesus ”

Favour kept hitting her head.

Mabel who was shocked at how Olive was screaming, started sobbing. She did not like the way the female preacher was hitting Olive’s head…

” She’s gonna have a headache! Stop it! I will have you arrested.” Mabel Screamed

Ajaara and Jemima rushed to her…

” Calm Down…She is not hurting her” Jemima told Mabel..

Favour saw how the girl was trying to cause a distraction.

” Lord, Open her eyes to see what is really happening”

Mabel felt like a curtain was pulled back and she saw Olive in a different light. Not only did she see a wooden box on Olive’s head but several cuts on her body which was similar to the cuts from their knife cut, but this time around, the cuts were fresh with blood gushing out of the cuts and she saw how strange looking creatures were sucking the blood from her body…

Mabel didn’t know when she started shivering in fear and Calling …

” Jesus! Jesus!”

” Oh My God, this is crazy!” Mabel was saying in her head…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ajuwon prayed like he was mad…He told himself the prayer was not just for the young ones. He knew his brain was under a yoke. He knew he used to be very creative but suddenly he could hardly think or be creative.

He felt like they had put a cover over him.

” EVIL LID” Favour heard the phrase In her Spirit man.

Favour wanted to round up the morning Devotion, so that they could go into their break out sessions, but it felt like the Spirit of God still had so much to do…

” I hear ‘Evil lid’ in my Spirit, there are people here who needs God to remove the evil lid used to cover their lives, their destinies, their progress, their brains.So let us pray this powerfully…

” Evil lid used to cover my destiny , break open by Fire and release my goodness to me in Jesus name”

Ajuwon prayed the prayer like the Word was for him. Even though he wasn’t a child, he knew his brain was under a siege. He was having a hard time thinking. Years before, he was an idea machine. He remembered how friends would come to him to say…

” Ajuwon, I have this Two Million Naira and I need an idea on what to invest in”

All Ajuwon needed was a night of thinking. He would think through it all night and by Morning, he would have prepared a document for that friend of his. A lot of his friends had become rich on his ideas he had given them but, it was quite unfortunate that most of them had abandoned him.

One of his friend who was wealthy enough to give him money to start his own business was bold enough to tell him, he couldn’t help him because helping him would cause him problems.

Ajuwon could remember the point where he was about to make millions from his idea, that was the point the company that ought to sponsor his idea backed out last minute…

Therefore, he didn’t need a prophet to tell him there was a lid covering his life.


Favour found herself in a very dark place, it was pitch black, but it felt like a bright person stood at her back hovering over her in a way that made his light give her light to see…

Favour saw how three women in black stood angrily looking down at a black pot turned upside down…

They were standing like they were guarding the pot.

” The pot has to be lifted or broken before what is in there will be free or see the Light of the day” The bright man who stood behind Favour said to her.


Favour returned from the Spiritual realm. She knew the prayer was for someone…

” Witchcraft powers covering my glory and lifting with any evil pot, you the pot break by fire and the powers guarding it die in Jesus name”

Favour called out the prayer..And within her, she knew the prayer was also connected to her. She had a feeling that apart from praying that prayer over the campers, she needed to pray it for Mercy and her baby.

Kenneth also prayed it. He had an inner witness within him, telling him, he had to pray it for Mercy.

Aliyah was beyond amazed at the different manifestation of the Spiritual. It felt so real and unreal at the same time. She had been following the prayers, but the prayer about the witchcraft pot resonated strongly with her… She also started praying fiercely imitating the campers.


Tina’s Spirit ran swiftly towards a place. She found herself in a witchcraft coven and she saw Mope with a knife about to stab the picture of a pregnant woman…

” Since I am unable to get your picture, I found the picture of another pregnant woman to represent you. Mercy, I therefore Summon your Spirit into this image. You are about to meet your death. I have checked your past and it is obvious you are a rebellious person, you always go for what you want. I warned you to stay off my husband, now my husband is still at a place related to you and he is praying for his release from me… No way, you die now and your death will cause the program they are holding scatter….”

Tina watched in horror

how the lady stabbed the picture and blood started gushing out of the picture.

Tina’s gift was seeing into the future. As she returned back from the future, she knew Mercy was in trouble. How was she going to inform Favour on the need to close the morning Devotion and concentrate on Mercy and the Baby..


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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