Opeyemi Akintunde

Shalom looked intently hoping the woman would say more, but the woman called Aunty Favour suddenly shut her eyes and said…

” Let’s pray this prayer quickly…Oh Lord, purge my life of all spiritual boils and wounds making me irritating to people in Jesus name”

Everyone stood up to pray.


Minutes Earlier…

As Favour was preaching , she was about to elaborate on Witchcraft Sponsored captivity when her spiritual eyes opened briefly. She saw a young girl’s body filled with boils and sores. It was very irritating to her.

As she opened her eyes, she knew the revelation was for one of the teenage girls.

She quickly called the prayer point.

With the help of the HolySpirit, She knew what it meant to an extent. She knew it meant the spirit of Rejection and hatred. She wondered which of the young ones had been afflicted with this…

As the young ones prayed it, her eyes were opened to see a young girl getting married to a Korean man, but as Favour looked closer, the man had a monkey-like tail.

Favour knew what that meant, the young girl had a Spiritual husband who was a demon but uses the face of a Korean to make love to her… Possibly because she liked Korean men.

Favour’s Spiritman began to connect the dot. The teenage girl with the boils and sores on her body must be the one married to the Spirit husband, and as a way of chasing physical boys from her, he put boils and sores on her body. Consequently, the girl will not just be irritating to boys but to everyone.

Just as she was thinking it through, in the midst of the prayer, a girl Pastor Sammy had brought who was a Pastor’s daughter began to scream …

” Fire! Fire! Stop the Spraying of Fire on me” the girl was screaming as she kept turning in circles.

Surprisingly, the voice that proceeded out of her mouth was masculine in texture

” Leave her, She is mine!” She screamed…

Aunty Favour quickly signaled to Vincent and Tina to take her inside. She didn’t want the other children and Teenagers hearing an evil spirit speak from within her. It could make them withdraw from her.

” Close your eyes and continue to pray. You have no business looking at her. She is receiving her own freedom” Aunty Favour Chastised the young ones looking at Shalom…

Favour allowed the girl to be taken to the Room before she said..

” In Jesus name we pray”.


Tina and Vincent took Shalom into a hall and started ministering to her.

” We call the fire of God upon you in the name of Jesus. Strangers in your body, they rush out by fire in Jesus name. It is written that as soon as strangers hear of me , they shall flee out of their hidden places, therefore whoever or whatever is inside this body, I ask that the angels whip you out in Jesus name!” Tina commanded ..

” No!” Shalom shouted Madly

” Holy Ghost Fire! Holy Ghost Fire! ” Tina and Vincent kept repeating it . They were literally commanding fire on Shalom.

” She is my wife!” Shalom screamed

the moment she heard it.

Tina knew a lot about Spiritual Husbands. She had dealt with it in the past.

” She is not yours, she is a daughter of Zion, bought with a price. The Lord her maker is her husband” Tina said quoting the scriptures that worked for her.

Isaiah 54:5 was the scripture she affirmed every night before she slept.

“For my Maker is my husband, The LORD of hosts is His name; And my Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel; He is called the God of the whole earth.”

She personalized it daily and that made the Spiritual husband far from her.

She started tackling the Spirit speaking through the girl…

” The Lord is her husband so you can not claim ownership over her. When the right time comes, He will marry her physically off to one of his Sons. Besides, You are a spirit and not flesh and Scripture says it is an abomination for marriages to happen between diverse kinds. You are a demon and she is human, so it is abomination for her to be your wife” Tina declared confidently.

” No, don’t send me out, she brought me into her life by herself. Through her fantasies she asked me to marry her.” The voice from Shalom said.


Favour was explaining Witchcraft Captivity to the young ones when her eyes opened again…



Opeyemi Akintunde

As Favour’s eye opened, She saw a Korean man looking very angry pacing around in a jungle-like place. Favour noticed it’s monkey tail again.

” Why do you want to take her away from me? She invited me. She created me from her imagination and I have been satisfying her for Years. You want to take her from me. No way!”

” Look!” He pointed towards Favour’s left. Favour saw how the teenage girl had laid on her bed thinking about a Korean lover. As she thought about it, she was creating him, she thought of his height, his hair, his nose.

Favour saw how in the Spiritual realm the girl was moulding the Korean lover. At times, she would erase the hair and give him a different hair based on a character in a movie she had watched. Indeed she created him.

Favour Watched how the creature she moulded in her thoughts became a full being.

Favour saw a dark smoke coming out from a distant place. It went round the lifeless creature as if studying it. Eventually, the dark smoke went into the creature’s nostrils.

Favour shook her head in pity when the lifeless being came alive and said to the girl…

” Hi, my name is Kang Dae. You are beautiful” The Korean being said

” My name is Shalom” the teenage girl replied.

“After she created me, I became her ‘go-to’ person everyday. She travels to this secret land of ours everyday and in the course of that, we fell in love” the Korean creature said…

Favour was mad in her Spirit…She felt like hitting this creature. He was not a human being, but a demon that saw an opportunity to molest a human…

Favour saw the replay of what he was talking about.

Favour saw how Shalom grew this imaginary relationship. She had fantasized about him in class, at home on her bed, in the kitchen, on the dining table. She fantasized on how they met for a date, to how they went on several dates, till when he proposed to her and they got married.

“We love each other and we are married, so stop interfering” The Korean creature said to Favour

“Love? You love her? Why then did you afflict her with boils and sores that makes her irritating?” Favour challenge him.

“I can not share her with any man. She can only be attractive to me?”

Favour was really upset at that point. She was done exchanging words with the satanic creature. The devil and his cohorts were below her, because she was seated far above principalities and powers. She was seated with her Father in heaven, so there was no point exchanging Words with the low creature…

” Bible tells me that Even the Lawful Captive shall be delivered…So it doesn’t matter whether she brought you into her life with her wishful thinking, what matters is that today is her day of deliverance… This morning, I decree in the name of Jesus that the soul tie covenant between you and her is broken by fire in Jesus name..” Favour said

” No, you can’t take her from me” he revolted

” I am not the one taking her from you. It is Christ who is redeeming her from you. She has been bought with a price. God , her maker is her husband, so you are the sinful one. Her Husband, Her maker is very Jealous. In His Word, it is written that He is a jealous God, so don’t let Him catch you fraternising with her anymore” Favour said

” If you chase me out of her life now, I will return when she leaves this place. I know her, once she gets home, She will come looking for me in the fantasyland.” He said and he disappeared…


Favour returned from the trance that felt like hours but it had only been few minutes in the Physical realm.

She knew the girl had been delivered though she could not see Tina and Vincent to ascertain how things were going with her…

” Thank you Lord!” Favour said.. Favour continued with her message.

” As I was saying , Witchcraft Captivity is when Witchcraft powers have been able to put a man or woman under their hold thereby causing stagnation, rejection, struggling, failure…” Favour listed .

Ajuwon know this type of captivity was the one he was caged in…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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