Opeyemi Akintunde

As Favour preached on, her eyes were opened briefly to a vision. She saw a young boy in a cage with different gadgets. He was playing a game on one of the gadgets, while checking his social media on another. He picked up a third one to watch movies on it and just as he was still trying to conclude on which one to watch, a dark hand opened the prison gate and dropped another gadget for him, on the screen of the gadget was a movie…

Favour understood what God wanted her to chip into her message. It was not part of what she had prepared.

“The greatest Gift God gave Mankind is the gift of TIME. In His generosity, He gave us 24 hours of that; 1440 minutes ; and 86,400 seconds in a day. He expects us to use at least half of that time to work and better our lives. The devil knows you need TIME to succeed, and in some people’s cases, he doesn’t make them sick to reduce their time in life, he simply puts their mind in a cage..What cage is this?”

Everyone paid attention including Mabel and Olive.

“Another way the devil keeps our mind in Captivity is through Social media, Games, T.V, unending movie-watching and so on.

All of the things I have mentioned are not bad ordinarily if you have control over it. Your mind is the engine of your productivity, so don’t let the devil shut it down or clog the wheels with time wasters.”

Bayo; another camper who was a media addict knew the preacher was talking to him. In school, they had tagged him “Gwiz” Which was the short form of Gadget Wizard. There was no gadget he didn’t have, from phones to Game boxes.

His mother was not in the country, so she was the one constantly sending him the gadgets. His father was not in support of her sending the gadgets but his mother had always found a way of convincing his father that the games would help his intellect.

Bayo knew some of the games helped his reasoning, however others were messing up with his reasoning. He had become an addict. Since his father brought him for the camp the night before, his hands had been shaking for lack of gadgets to play with. The Lighthouse staff had collected all gadgets from him…

Sleeping overnight at the Lighthouse had somehow made him see how much of an addict he was. He couldn’t sleep as there was no pad or phone in his hand. Bayo knew he was in Captivity.

“When the devil cages your mind with the media, he separates you from the real world, where you ought to exist and rule, you begin to live in the game world or movie world” Aunty Favour continued

She was right! The worst part of his addiction was his dream life. He was always in the game land whenever he shut his eyes. Monsters were his friends in the dream. Mermaids were his girlfriends. Vampires were his parents in his dreams. He would see the vampires from his movies or games biting his neck to drink his blood…

This was a private horror he was fighting unknown to everyone. Seeing Creatures in his dream had become a norm for him…

He knew the Gadgets were destroying him, but he didn’t know how he could help himself. He couldn’t have a ten minutes conversation with real people, but he could play games with an online friend for three hours. It was so bad that even when he was sick he would still need his gadgets…

“The devil makes you hooked on media, even when you have no business there. He makes your mind so busy that you are not thinking about what will improve your destiny. I pray that everyone who is in the Captivity of social media or media in general will receive their Deliverance today in Jesus name. You will begin to use your mind for what will enhance your destiny in Jesus name. Don’t be high on Media, young ones” Aunty Favour said hoping the specific child who had been put in Captivity with gadgets will receive the message.

Bayo knew he was high on technology…and to think that his dream was to be a Medical doctor not anything related to ICT or media, he shook his head in the negative in pity.

Maybe, he could work on his addiction at the camp…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Shalom was a Pastor’s daughter. Her Father had found out about the camp from Pastor Sammy and had insisted she come for the camp. Shalom had come to camp hoping to escape her holy parents, but here she was being told social media was evil. She decided to block her ears from whatever the woman was saying. She decided to do what she knew best do to…

Wishful Thinking….

Wishful Thinking was her escape from the reality of life. There was no where she couldn’t fantasize, her best place however was in Church or Spiritual gatherings. She would sit like she was listening to the sermons but she had traveled far away. She had become so deep in her Wishful travels that most times she would physically feel herself in the places she had traveled too. In her fantasies, she had traveled to Korea to meet an imaginary boyfriend who was a famous actor. They had kissed and even made love. This wishful thinking had even found its way into her dream, so much that she would dream of the things she had fantasized about…

People hated her, Schoolmates avoided her, so she choose to stay in her fantasy world when everyone loved her.

As she was about drifting into that world, the female preacher found a way to stop her…

“The devil can also cage your mind with Wishful thinking and fantasies. Get me right, Fantasies are not totally wrong. You can wish to be a future president, but it shouldn’t take up three hours of your time. Most of you fantasize for hours”

That got Shalom.

She was an expert in that!

As a Pastor’s daughter, she was not permitted to go out that much, so Wishful thinking was her gateway to freedom.

” I know most of you from Christian Homes get to stay indoors on most days and you get bored, so you indulge in Wishful Thinking, but the truth is the more you engage in this wishful travelling, you will be kept in the cage of the fantasy land thereby making you useless in the real world.”

Shalom was getting more drawn into the message. After her wishful travelling, she was always tired and unable to do anything concrete for the day.

“The devil hijacks this act of wishful thinking or fantasizing and begins to waste your time.” Aunty Favour continued

I pray for anyone who is addicted to wishful thinking that they will be free from the Captivity in Jesus name. May they begin to use their time productively in Jesus name. Dear young ones, if you are high on wishful thinking, now is the time to change ways and get busy with reading, listening to Gospel music or get creative.

The hall was very quiet…

” Another form of Captivity we will be looking at this morning is Witchcraft Captivity….”

Aunty Favour was saying, but Shalom was beginning to think more about her life… The weird dreams, the feeling of someone actually on her bed with her every night kissing her. The inability to stand up from bed on some days because she would feel a body was on her… Could her fantasizing be connected to the weird things happening to her?


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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