Opeyemi Akintunde

” A stony heart is an unyielding heart, a heart that knows the truth but refuses to accept it. The stony heart lives in denial of the truth that stares him or her in the face. For instance, we don’t need a prophet or a scientific explanation to know that good is better than evil. A stony heart knows that Smokers are liable to die young, yet the smoker makes it a duty to smoke everyday. A stony heart knows God is the Only true God , and yet refuses to acknowledge Him as God, yet the man will go after small powerless gods.

On the other hand, a Fleshy heart is a heart that submits to the supremacy of God.

” Let me ask you? What is the state of your heart towards God?” Vincent asked

Frigo knew his heart was as hard as a rock.He knew there was God, and there was the devil. He knew the devil was no good eventually, and God was ultimately the best choice, but he couldn’t wait on God. God was too slow for him. The dark kingdom was only a matter of principles, steal people’s light and trade with it. He was a Light collector, and almost all the time, he collected the Lights through Spiritual journeying at night, but these attractive collection of lights brought him all the way.

Unfortunately, the collection was looking unaccessible and not just that alone,he had been made a public show being glued to the ground.

Olive knew he was talking to her. Mabel who had come with her had suddenly gone soft. Their plans to recruit more girls seem to be unappealing to Mabel.

” I want to have a Fleshy heart” Olive heard Mabel’s words. Olive would have wished to say same , but the fear of Sunshine, the SDS and the TRUTH HUB gave her a rethink.

” Are you there desiring a fleshy heart ? Don’t go too far … The Word of God reveals God’s intentions for us.

” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgements and do them.”

Therefore Dear Friend, this afternoon, we will be committing our hearts into the hands of God… We will ask His Spirit to come upon us to do the work of softening our hardened hearts to that of a fleshy heart. We desire to hear from God, we desire to do His will…”

Frigo could physically feel his heart as hard as a rock. He had never taken notice of it, but as the speaker spoke, he felt a strong stone in chest…

” Why are you so much against me?” Frigo heard someone say to him. He looked around with his eyes because he couldn’t move much of his neck, but he realized there was no one talking to him, everyone concentrated on the speaker.

Frigo shut his eyes hoping to shut everything out and just like his Astral projecting, he found himself on a green farmland….

” What am I doing here? I wasn’t planning to project here” Sudden fear gripped his heart as he didn’t know where he had found himself.

” You came to see me” A voice said from his left. He turned swiftly to see an aged handsome looking man who looked like his older version…

” Who are you?” Frigo asked

” Who do I look like to you?” The elderly man asked

” I don’t know, but since you look like me, maybe you are my grandfather I never met”

” No, I am your Father!”

Frigo gave out a short dry laughter…

” I know my father and my father knows”

“See, you are just like me, you spoke just like me. I have said such a thing in the past . I said; I know my Sheep, my Sheep know my voice”

Frigo took a pause at that point. That statement was familiar. He must have heard it from church as a little boy who followed his grandmother to church.

“Are you God? Like the Heavenly Father?”

” I have several names and titles by which humans call me, but the name Father is the closest to my heart. Yes, I am your Father.”

Frigo knew he was so unworthy to stand before Him, he knew he was a thief and wicked person.

” Frigo, though I am your Father, have you been a good Son, or a son worthy to be disowned? or a Son to erase his existence”

” Ha! I am sorry, please don’t Kill me”

Opeyemi Akintunde

” You steal people’s light to brighten your own day. You turn people’s day to night, while you try to lengthen your own day.”

” I am sorry Sir… ”

” The only reason I am having this conversation with you is because of your grandmother. She worked tirelessly for me when she was on earth and she dedicated all her seeds to me. I also made a vow to preserve her seeds.”

Frigo wept…

His grandmother was an evangelist who preached every morning at different bus stops, so he was getting this pardonable talk because of her..

” What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. You were busy amassing wealth for yourself by emptying others, even to the point of being wicked to your wife. You are a wicked soul. If not for your grandmother, I would have ejected you from the earth in pain and shame.

You have to return all the lights you have collected. Although some of those you collected their lights are dead already, you will have to return it to their seeds or someone in their family. For those still alive, you return it speedily…”

” How? How? How do I return the Lights? I was not taught that, I was only taught how to collect and trade lights for money. Is it that I will go look for the owner of the Lights and give them money worth the Light I collected?” Frigo was asking in tears, but there was no response to his questions, instead the Look He got from the Father said “You will find out how”.


Favour had let Ajuwon go, so she walked towards Frigo. Chuks stopped her when she was almost close to him.

” God is having a conversation with him” CHUKS said

” Oh! That’s great” Favour said as she walked away from Frigo.

” I am through with Him” Chuks heard , likewise Favour heard the HolySpirit simultaneously.

They both looked at each other…

” God said…”

” God said…”

They both said at the same time and with that they smiled at each other and walked back to Frigo…

Frigo had tears pouring out from his eyes. Aliyah stood looking at her husband in tears. She knew what was happening to him was good but, it was scary.

” Will he be fine?” Aliyah asked

“Yes He will” Favour said rubbing her shoulder.

Favour bent towards Frigo …

” Hello Sir, My name is Favour, incase you can hear me. If you feel okay to stand up, please do”

Frigo opened his eyes and saw a bright light shining into his eyes. He couldn’t see the face of the person talking but instead a very bright light. A light want billions of dollars if he were to collect this light.

Frigo shut his eyes quickly. For fear of being blinded.

” Please, Who are you?” He asked and he was surprised he had found his voice.

” My name is Miss Favour, I run this lighthouse with my Brother Mr Chuks'”

“No wonder!” Frigo thought. He had mistaken the other lady who had both negative and positive energies as the leader.

” I am the mother in law to your Wife’s Artist ”

” Ok…Can you please release me from the position” he said with a sober voice.

Aliyah had never heard her husband speak like that in his life.

” Can we help him up?” Favour said to CHUKS

Ade Damino and others rushed to help him up, but no way. Frigo’s bum was still glue to the ground.

” I said I am through with our conversation, I didn’t say I was ready to let him out of my presence” CHUKS heard the Lord speak .

Chuks stepped back and whispered the Word of the Lord into Favour’s ears. Favour received a confirmation in her Spirit.

” OK” Favour replied ” I believe you should be with Him, While I Speak with his wife” Favour said to Chuks.

Chuks agreed and walked towards Frigo , while Favour walked towards Aliyah.

” He can now speak, that’s an improvement, but why can’t he get up yet.”

” Please calm down, can we step aside to talk ma” Favour said

“I can’t leave him” Aliyah said as the thought of Frigo been out of her sight did not sit well with her.

” I didn’t say we should go to the office, I mean just some metres away from here” Favour said. Favour remembered how she had seen a blanket covering Aliyah. One couldn’t see her face, and neither could she see anyone. Favour knew there were several

interpretations to the vision, but one of the interpretations could have something to do with her husband…

Could it be that Her husband was deep into something occultic and was covering her

Glory or could it mean she was Spiritually blind from what was

happening around her. Favour’s mind was at work trying to reason it out.

” Ok..” Aliyah replied Favour and moved closer to Frigo.

” Hey Frigo, I am here, I just want to have a little discussion with her. This is going to turn out good for you”

Frigo felt terrible.

At that moment, Shame and self condemnation clouded him because he knew was a terrible person for collecting his wife’s Light. All the while, he never felt guilty, because he was spending the money on her.

” Hope this woman would not reveal to Aliyah, the evils I have done to her?” His heart sank as he watched her move away from him.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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