Opeyemi Akintunde

We need you ma at the Lighthouse” Ade said over the phone

” What’s wrong?” Favour answered as they drove back to the Lighthouse

“The husband to Kenneth’s client seem to be under a Spiritual influence that is not making him glued to the ground.”

” Glued to the ground? Can you explain better”

Ade explained the best he could.

” Ok, Just declare God’s peace on him, we will be there soon”.


The Security Officer returned to Ajuwon.

” My brother, you will hold on in your car, Aunty Tina who I can speak to on your behalf is not in sight. I think she went up to her room. As a matter of Principle, I can not go up there and leave my Security post, so I will advise you hold on in the car till Madam Favour comes back or Oga CHUKS.”

The Words had not left the Security man’s lips when he saw the Lighthouse vehicle from a distance.

” Thank God, they are here already”

He rushed to Open the gate , while Ajuwon stepped aside.


Favour recognised the man standing with two children by the Lighthouse. He was the man from the previous day whom she realized was the taxi driver who caused Mercy all the pain she went through.

” What was he doing there with the two children?” Favour reasoned. Remembrance hit her; she remembered she had told him to return today when he came the previous day.

Why? She couldn’t give a good reason for saying that .

” Attend to him” Favour heard the Father say to her.

As she alighted from the vehicle, she saw Ade Rushing towards her.

” Welcome ma!”

” Thank you Mr Ade. Let me quickly attend to the man at the gate. Uncle Chuks will go with you.”

Favour had updated Chuks on What Ade had told her over the phone and Favour knew God could use anyone to cause Deliverance. She knew it was not compulsory it had to be her that would pray for the man. Favour lived with the consciousness that God was the Miracle Worker, the healer, the deliverer , while ministers were just His hand here on earth. Favour was conscious of the Fact that God in His Supremacy and Sovereignty decides on who to use per time, our only responsibility as human is to make ourselves available always.


“Good Afternoon ma” Ajuwon struggled to find his voice as tears poured out of his face ..

” Good Afternoon Sir, My daughter is not yet available” Favour said quickly

” My wife is dead ma, she has been the one destroying my life. I came here very early this morning hoping to meet your daughter, but the security said until after the morning prayers, so I joined the prayers from the gate. I believe the prayers I prayed here this morning affected her at home and she started vomitting blood. I was called from here to rush down home. On getting home, she confessed to me that she was a witch who was against my progress… Ha! My own wife. The heart of man is deep ooo. She is the one who goes around in the name of helping me.” Ajuwon broke down in deep agonizing pain

Favour’s heart bled for him. There was no greater pain a person could feel that will be worse than the pain of betrayal. The position of a Wife was created by God to bring her husband Joy and Peace, but here was a woman who brought her husband calamity.

” God , may what ought to give me Joy , not become a bringer of pain and sadness in Jesus name.” Favour prayed in her Spirit.

” It is Okay my brother. In all things, we should give thanks. I am deeply sorry for your loss”.

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Let Him be, I am the One who has him seated. We need to talk” Chuks heard those words in His Spirit.

He knew without any doubt that was God speaking to him.

Chuks stepped back from Frigo. He was initially in the bending position hoping to speak with him and pray for him, but when he heard the Word of the Lord, He stepped back .

Ade Damino and others looked at him expecting answers.

” Let Him be, God is in control” Chuks said.

The Lighthouse members understood what that meant, but Aliyah didn’t understand what it meant.

Aliyah Stopped Chuks with her hands…

” What do you mean God is in control? ”

” Madam, God wants to have a talk with your husband and He needs him seated to have the talk.”

” A talk?”

” Yes! ”

” For how long Will he remain like that?”

” I don’t know how long it will take, we just have to wait and see. Imagine he is seated waiting to have a meeting with the President in the President’s office”

” What about his Speech?” Aliyah asked

” When you are in the President’s office, can you have chitchat with people. Let Him have His Moment with the President of this World and the World beyond.”

Frigo heard what the man said and he couldn’t reply him to tell him, he didn’t want this meeting.

” I can not stand a meeting with the God omnipotent. If just waiting for Him feels like this , how then will it feel when he starts talking to me?” Frigo thought

Frigo tried to move his body again, but no response…

” Ok! I succumb , what do you want to say to me?”


” Your children can stay for the camp, but you need to go bury your wife, though she did what she did, she still loved you at some point in life, in fact it was ignorance and satanic manipulation that made her do what she did. She loved you and wanted you all for herself. She failed to realize that we have nothing except given to us by God. It’s only God that can make a man love you truly and fully. So please go give her a befitting burial. When you need your children to come give their last respects, come pick them up. After the burial , you also will need to run through deliverance prayers to break every soul-tie covenant between you and your late wife.”

” Ok ma! ” Ajuwon wept as he could not contain his tears and heart pain.

” I hope your daughter and her baby are fine?” Ajuwon asked

” Yes perfectly, God never leaves His own, When you become His own , you are under Heavenly Protective service” Favour said

Ajuwon nodded…

” I didn’t bring clothes for them or toiletries” He said

” Don’t worry, God has provided ahead for them. We have enough clothes and toiletries”

‘ Hmmm…Thank you ma” Ajuwon said from a deeply thankful heart.

He turned to leave as he realized he had not called his in-law.

” My brother, Come , let me pray with you…” Ajuwon turned back to Favour. He knelt before her.

“Please don’t do that to me, unless it is to God”

” Yes, I am kneeling before God. For years, I was angry at Him, not knowing He was not the one behind my problem. I would often say, if He is a good God, Why was bad things happening to good people, Now I realize God has never been the problem but humans like us. I am kneeling in apology to Him.”

” It is well my brother… I love this attitude of yours, then I guess it is safe to ask if you are born again?”

” No, I am not”

” Then , that is the first thing towards your reconciliation to God and restoration of destiny” Favour said

” Are you ready to surrender your life to Him today?”

” Yes…I am”

” Say this After me, Lord Jesus, I repent of all my sins today, Dear Lord Forgive me. I accept you today as my Lord and saviour. I follow you to the end. Give me Grace to sin no more, in Jesus name I pray.”

Ajuwon repeated the prayers and for the first time, he felt the weight of his problems leave his shoulders and certain peace overshadowed him…

” I am free” He found himself saying.

” Yes you are!” Favour affirmed as she helped him stand up.

” Thank you ma”

“All thanks to God…Please go bury your wife or do what is necessary”

Ajuwon nodded. He bent close to his children.

” You will be fine here, I will be back soon”

The children whose eyes were red and swollen from crying nodded in response.

” Miss Rolake, Please can you help me take these Lighters to Doctor Jemimah. I will see her soon concerning them” Favour said to a volunteer who walked past her.


Frigo heard all the man said about God wantimg to speak with him, but he wasn’t hearing a word ..

” Let’s be seated in the Presence of God” The man who had caused his present state said. Frigo was very angry at him.

” Briefly, we will look into and pray about the state of our hearts. God speaks daily to our heart, but unfortunately most of us can not hear. A lot of people want to hear God, but what most of us possess is a stony heart; a heart that is not opened. While those who can hear God are those with a Fleshy heart, they are pliable and flexible, so God’s words easily drops into their heart and causes the necessary change.

” What Kind of heart is yours? A stony heart or a heart of flesh?” Vincent asked…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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