Opeyemi Akintunde

Ajaara and Gloria sat impatiently at the hospital reception. They couldn’t wait to see their Sister and their baby.

” Someday, we are also going to be in her shoes” Ajaara said excitedly

” I have been in them before” Gloria said with a dry smile.

” I am sorry” Ajaara said. It was insensitive of her to have said that knowing Gloria gave her child up for adoption and the thought always made her very emotional.

” No, it’s fine” Gloria replied

Ajaara knew she had to bring Gloria out of that mood before they went in to see Mercy.

” So speaking about Future babies, who is going to be our baby Dada, Ropo or Pastor Sammy?” Ajaara teased

That made Gloria smile ..

” Ropo?” Gloria asked with a smile that said “Of all People!”

” Yes Ropo! We know he loves you to bits, and we know you love Pastor Sammy to Heaven and Back, so who should we be saving our Aso-Ebi ( Wedding Attire) for ?”

‘ Ajaara please let me be, see kettle calling pot black, you are the one in the love triangle, We don’t know who it is going to be, Is it Tobi or Ade ?”

” Ade is just my friend” Ajaara said giggling like a nursery school girl

” It is verrrrrrry obvious” Gloria mocked playfully

” May God help this our Love triangles in Jesus name” Ajaara said laughing.

” Amen… but Ajaara speaking about Love triangles, there is a big one ooo” Gloria said

” A very big one” Ajaara agreed

” I prefer Uncle Chuks, they have come a long way” Gloria said

” Same here, but God’s will is what matters at the end” Ajaara said

” Hmmm… That’s true.” Gloria said

” If God had wanted Aunty Favour to Marry Uncle Chuks, that would have happened a long time. It’s possible they are just meant to be ministry partners. ” Ajaara replied

” Yes ooo, we submit to God’s Will” Gloria said

” Gloria, on a lighter note, is it not funny that the three men involved in the Love triangles are the Daminos”

” ABI ooo, but I know Mercy will definitely want Uncle Chuks. Let’s watch how God will script this particular love story”


Mercy & Kenneth went into the nursery to see the baby while Favour and Chuks stood outside watching them from the transparent glass.

Kenneth became emotional on seeing their daughter, she was a replica of Mercy. She was a chubby baby. In that moment, his journey with Mercy flashed through his mind. He couldn’t hold his tears as he remembered when he thought he had lost her to Saudi Arabia, and in the past few weeks, it looked like she was slipping off his hands again.Kenneth hugged Mercy tightly as he held their baby.

Favour couldn’t hold back her tears and she also needed a hug. She wanted to hug God. She wanted to tell Him ‘thank You” for her life journey. She wanted to thank Him for showing her Mercy. She remembered the girl that messed up her life as a teenager. She remembered how having a child as a teenager felt like the end of the road for her and all hope was lost, but here she was seeing that same child birth another child, but this time around at the right time in the confines of marriage .

” Chuks, I am a grandmother…I am a grandmother” Favour said sobbing.

” Yes, you are!” Chuks said with a knowing voice. He became Emotional as well , but being a man , he was doing a good job at suppressing it

Favour couldn’t help it, she moved closer into Chuks embrace. She needed that embrace as she sobbed in gratitude.


Akanbi felt a jab at his heart and the instant name that flashed through his Mind was Favour. He was on his way out of his room for the Second Session. He stopped for a moment.

” Is something wrong with her?” He wondered

Akanbi took out his phone from his back pocket and he dialed her number.


Chuks felt like a husband comforting his wife. The feeling however didnt last long as Favour’s phone rang.

Favour stepped back to check the caller ID. Favour wasn’t entirely surprised it was Akanbi Damino. Akanbi was way too caring. She had noticed that about him.

Favour noticed the way Chuks rubbed his jaw. It was obvious he was jealous.

” Chuks, I am sure he is calling to check on the baby. Chuks’ , listen to me, the space you hold in my heart, Akanbi can not come in there, he won’t fit it” Favour said

” For how long?” Chuks answered. ” He is a persistent guy and a go-getter, he will someday enter into your heart and take my place in your heart. I will lose my best friend” Chuks said

” No, Chuks, Akanbi is here temporarily, We have been together forever. Chuks, I don’t plan on marrying, I am fine with the life I have with you in my life as my best friend. ”

Chuks took her left hand and held tightly to it .

” I take your word for it. It will always be my honour to remain your best friend till we are old and toothless.” Chuks said smiling…

They were so lost in their world, they didn’t realize Mercy and Kenneth were standing behind them ..

” Huh huh” Mercy clears her throat to announce their presence.

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Your phone is ringing Mum” Mercy said pointing her attention to the call.

Favour released her hand from Chuks’ hand.

” When do we get to carry our baby?” Chuks quickly asked to change the atmosphere

” By this time tomorrow.” Mercy answered

” I hope you have prayed over her.” Favour asked Mercy

” Yes, but I know yours will be more powerful” Mercy said

” No, the prayer of a mother is more than the prayer of many prophets put together.” Favour corrected.

” Ok Mum!”

They walked back to Mercy’s Ward.

” Let’s pray so we can step out for Ajaara and Gloria to come see you” Favour said

“Uncle Chuks Pray for us” Favour pushed the responsibility on him.

Chuks was pleasantly surprised.

” Father, we thank you for your divine intervention, we thank you for rescuing both mother and child from the pit of hell, thank you for showing up. We thank you for easy delivery, sound health. Thank you Lord, We thank you for the ongoingCamp , thank you for transforming lives. We commit our lives and our new addition to your hands. Lord keep us safe in Jesus name.”

Everyone Chorused ‘Amen’.

” I love you Baby” Aunty Favour said to Mercy.

” I love you too”

” Let me get back to the Lighthouse and make arrangements. I will be staying with you at night, while I focus on the camp during the day. In three days time, I will be fully available”

” I understand Mum, the good thing is the hospital serves good meals” Mercy said laughing “Because what I want to do first is to eat good food. Mum, I am happy to be back.” Mercy said.

Kenneth kept gazing at her like a lost treasure that had just been found.

Favour and Chuks stepped out to the reception to give Ajaara and Gloria the time they also needed with Mercy. From where they sat at the reception, they heard their excited scream on seeing Mercy. The bond of the three girls was deeper than that of siblings.

” Our girls are becoming full blown women”‘ Chuks said. He couldn’t hold back his emotions anymore as the tears escaped from his eyes.

” Faith- filled women” Favour emphasized. Her tears flowed freely.

“We are doing well, and I hope we do more. If we can’t save the World, we would at least save the few we can have access to”

” Yes, seeing our success stories in the lives of these ones, and others in different places, should encourage us to do more. ”

Favour held his hand…

” Chuks, to more years together transforming lives.” Favour said smiling

Chuks responded with a smile.

” I only see this smile once in a blue moon. Like when someone gets you a bowl of ice-cream” Chuks said

Favour laughed out loud.

” Do not tempt me, I am trying to cut back on my sugar intake ” Favour said laughing more.

Chuks really wished Favour could be his wife and have more of this smiling moments. He wanted to be able to separate Favour the boss of the Lighthouse and Favour, His woman.

Chuks laughed at himself at the way he personalized her as ‘ His woman”

” We should head back to the Lighthouse” Favour the Serious Woman of Fire resurfaced.

” If we leave the girls in there, they will stay there forever” Favour said standing up and walking up to the receptionist.

” Please can I go in to call out the girls?”

” Sure ma, but please don’t extend your stay ma.” The Nurse at the reception said.


Ajuwon parked the vehicle outside the Lighthouse . He alighted with his children. The Children were still sobbing and Ajuwon’s eyes were puffy and red.

” My brother, Welcome ..How far? What happened? How is your wife?” The Security Officer asked. He had seen how Ajuwon rushed back home earlier after receiving the call that his wife was vomiting blood.

Ajuwon could not find the inner strength to speak.

” Inside…my children…please” He gathered the emotional and physical strength needed to voice out his immediate need.

” You brought your children for the camp? ”

He nodded in the positive.

“What about their Mother? Is she dead?” The Security Officer quickly summed it up.

He nodded again in the positive.

” Ha! Sorry my brother” the Security officer said

” Come closer, stay by that pole. I don’t have the power to let your children come in., Since they are not registered. Let me go in and speak to them about you, because Madam Favour you wanted to see initially went out the other time.

Ajuwon nodded in agreement that he should go speak to someone on his behalf.


Tina climbed the altar and began to lead worship , but this time around it was obvious she was not connected. She couldn’t help but steal glances at Frigo as her mind went to work.

” What will lead to me kissing this man?”

After about 10 minutes of dry Worship, Vincent took the Mic from her and whispered in her ear

” What’s wrong? You were sounding off? You should go take a nap. I will handle things down here” Vincent said

Tina did not like the sound of that. It sounded insulting and proud.

When did Vincent become Saved that he wanted to handle things down here, while she goes to sleep?” Tina thought angrily.

Tina walked past the couple.

Frigo sensed the anger energy as she walked past them. It was anger, jealousy, pride, bitterness all fused in one negative ball of energy hovering over her.

” How can the Leader of a place like this carry this negative ball of energy, yet positive energy flows in the atmosphere?” Frigo thought as he tried to analyze the open window he was seeing.



1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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