Opeyemi Akintunde

Ajuwon drove like a crazy man to his house. Neighbors had gathered around his door, but the surprising thing to him was that no one stepped into his house to help Mope…

” He is around” He heard his neighbours saying.

Ajuwon pushed them aside and entered his tiny apartment. Mope’s mouth was filled with blood…

” Ha! My life! Ha! You people are wicked, no one could help me rush her to the nearest hospital, I know I don’t have the money to pay, but Life first, one of you would have borrowed me” Ajuwon ranted as he tried carrying Mope..

” She told us to leave her, that the hospital could not do anything to her case. She only asked to see you”

” Ajuwon..S…s..end ever..y…one out” Mope struggled to say

” Mope, hospital first. ”

Mope shook her head as more blood gushed out of her mouth ..

” Pleaseee, I want to talk to you” she said rapidly

One of the neighbors voluntarily closed the door, but before he completely closed the door, he used his discretion…

” Children, you also should come out, Leave Daddy and Mummy to discuss”

The children walked out sobbing.

” I am sorry ..Ajuwon…I did what I did because of the Love I have for you… I was told that if you become rich , you will stop loving me, so I became a witch to keep you poor, so you can stay with me forever” Mope rushed out her words while trying to catch her breath.

Ajuwon jumped back in fear. It felt like he was in a dream. Was he hearing correctly?

” What are you saying?” Ajuwon asked

” Yes, I am the one who tried to kill the pregnant woman who wanted to help you, and in the process I was attacked instead” She said vomitting more blood.

Ajuwon ran far away from her. He could not believe what Mope was saying. It began to make sense; the dream he had about her cutting down a ladder he was trying to climb. He suddenly remembered how she was always encouraging him to accept his fate.

” Mope, you are a devil” Ajuwon said . He looked towards his bed and the thought that came to mind was the fact that he shared his bed with the wicked soul called his wife.

Mope began to cough persistently and more blood was gushing out of her mouth.

Ajuwon couldn’t behold the sight nor endure the hurt of the betrayal. He ran out of the house without helping her.

He ran out of the house and rushed into his car. He locked himself in, weeping profusely. How could a human being be so heartless.

From where he sat in the vehicle, he heard the screams of his children and neighbors. It was obvious.

The Obvious had happened…

Mope was dead!

Ajuwon wept like he had never done..

Can someone that close to him hurt him that Much?


Mrs Sarah and Iya Barakat had gone to the back of Ajuwon’s room so as to eavesdrop on the conversation after Mr Linus had shut the door. Both women were the gossip mongers; nothing in the compound passes by them without them investigating it to end.

They overheard all that Mope had confessed. The look on their faces was beyond bewilderment.

“Ha! May we not marry our enemy in Jesus name” Iya Barakat exclaimed

Mrs Sarah quickly covered her mouth to avoid been found out…

She hurriedly pulls her away to a more discreet place…

” Ha! The heart of a woman is deep and can be poisonous ooo, how can you do this to the father of your children. Ha! God please save us from familiar and close enemies”

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ajuwon wiped his tears and got out of the vehicle. Everyone had the perplexed look. They couldn’t understand what was happening, but as always the gossip mongers came to the rescue…

” Na wa ooo, Who would have thought we were living under the same roof with a witch.” Iya Barakat said out loud, as she wanted the attention.

As expected, everyone navigated towards her and Mrs Sarah .

” Do you know something you are not telling us?” Mr Linus asked

” We know many things..” Iya Barakat continued.

Ajuwon walked hurriedly towards the house. He pulled his children away from their dead mother; they had gone into the room when they heard everyone scream.

” Let’s go…” He said

” No! Wake Mummy up”

Ajuwon pulled them towards the car. He couldn’t help but overhear Iya Barakat saying…

” She joined Witchcraft to make her husband poor”

The noise that followed was deafening.

“Are you serious?”

” How did you know?”

” You are a wicked being?”

” God will punish you for saying that about her”

Different people had different Opinions, but Mrs Sarah decided to add her own voice

because some people were about to turn against Ajuwon and declare Jungle Justice on him.

” He must have used her for Money Rituals” A man had Shouted concerning Ajuwon and this Prompted Mrs Sarah into Shouting…

” We heard it from his wife, Iya Barakat and I were eavesdropping by their back window. She said she became a Witch to make him remain poor, so he could continue loving her”

By that time Ajuwon was already on his knees sobbing as he drew his children close to him…Above him were angry men with big Stones and Sticks.

His Heart Pain was deep.

One after the other, they dropped their sticks and Stones. Some men moved closer to console him. They tried to drag him up but he just wanted to stay on the ground with his Children.

” Mr Ajuwon, what you need now is to run to a church. Stop the tears ooo, so you don’t lose your life or that of your children” Ajuwon’s ears picked up those words despite several voices consoling him at the same time. He didn’t know who said it, but it definitely resonated with him.

He needed to go back to that Prayer place. That was the only place he could think of.


Aliyah was bubbling with excitement as she got into the hotel cab. Frigo noticed the Joy in her Spirit. She exuded a peaceful energy. It had been a long while since she looked that happy.

Baby Sunshine was fast asleep in her hands.

Frigo wanted to hear what was making her excited…

” Care to share what has you excited!” Frigo asked

Aliyah looked towards the driver implying when they get back into their room.

Frigo nodded.


“Honey! The Spiritual is real! There is actually a Powerful God, I mean Christianity is real. I felt so much energy at the Artist’s place. Can you imagine through their prayers a pregnant woman in Coma gave birth. I think I have found the place of solution for my sleep disorder” Aliyah said excitedly

Frigo looked like he was going to pass out. He had shielded his wife from religious activities , but here she was exposed to it.

” I thought we have agreed about not going to religious business centers called churches. You did not tell me the Artist was a Pastor” Frigo said, but as he talked , he began to put the pieces together.

The heat he felt the previous day when he dropped her off…the fire he saw on the Artist’ online picture…

“Could the Artist’s Place be the same place that had the collection of lights?” Frigo quizzed himself

” Tell me more!” He needed a clearer picture…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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