Opeyemi Akintunde

Our first target is AKANBI DAMINO…. Akanbi Damino like you know is one of the richest men in our country, but I am sure you don’t know that he is one of the highest ranking sp€rm collectors in the country.” Tina said
Tina, Chuks and Favour were seated in Favour’s office.

This was three months after Joan had interviewed Chuks. After the interview, the trio had gone into 3 months of intense prayers and fasting, where they discovered certain Spiritual gifts and abilities….

Tina discovered she could see into what would happen in the future and what may have happened in the past….

Chuks realized his words carried power. Whenever he said something even jokingly, it happened immediately… As little as saying, “That cup will fall”. The cup fell almost immediately. Hence, Chuks started cautioning the words that came of his mouth…

Favour had discovered her Spiritual gifts but was careful not to disclose them all to the other two. God gave her the gift of the Open eyes and ears which she disclosed to them… He also gave her some undisclosed gifts…

Here they were, seated deliberating on their first attack on the SCA. Tina was suggesting they picked Akanbi Damino as their first target….

Akanbi had two sons he never joked with, as evil as he was, he protected his sons with his life, because those were the two sons he had before joining the SCA. After joining the SCA, his sp€rm was drained in exchange for his wealth.

Tina knew If Akanbi Damino could be won over to their side, the SCA was in for big trouble….

Akanbi Damino could swear some people were speaking about him and deliberating over his matter…. The rate at which they were calling his name was distracting him. He was trying to tie up a multibillion partnership with a foreign company in the ongoing meeting, but he kept hearing his name…

“Please Can I use the restroom?” Akanbi stood up sharply from the meeting.

He needed a minute to himself….

He walked to the gents and looked into the gents mirror….

“Who are you? And where are you? You who keeps calling my name…” Akanbi said wearing his SCA specs.

Favour froze! Tina noticed…

“Favour what is wrong?” Tina and Chuks asked…. Instead of replying, Favour looked sharply to her Left.

Favour saw it coming, she could see an intruder running by the Speed of Light into their midst….

“Someone is coming to spy in on us…” Favour said as she jumped up…

“That must be Akanbi, he must have sensed us mentioning his name….” Tina said. Her years in the SCA made her familiar with the ways of its members…

“What do we do?, He is coming really fast! He will be here in few seconds” Favour said

“I build a wall of Fire around us right now in Jesus name” Chuks said

Favour immediately saw a wall of Fire around them, but Akanbi on seeing the fire built a metal frame around himself as he kept charging towards them….

“He has built a frame of metal around himself… He will penetrate the fire soon and discover us” Favour said panting….

Tina knew that would destroy their plans. Akanbi was a brutal man who had gone deep into high levels of occultism…

“There has to be a way out!” Tina tried to reason fast…then she saw a flash of what she could do.

She saw an Angel encompassing a group….

“Let’s begin to pray, I read in the scriptures, that when we pray, God’s Angels are there to guard us. “ Tina said “I believe when the Angel surrounds us, Akanbi won’t see us “

The trio immediately burst into tongues…. Praying in the Holy Ghost….

Akanbi passed through the fire, but on getting to the spot of his destination, He couldn’t see anything … He saw big wings hovering over a set of people… He moved around to see who they were but the wings had covered them up…

Never had his SCA Specs failed him…..

He immediately ran back to where he was coming from….

Back in the toilet, Akanbi could tell he was in for big trouble….

“Whoever these people are, I will get you and finish you!” Akanbi muttered to himself…

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Whew! That was close!” Favour said collapsing into the chair after seeing that the intruder had left.

“ I told you Akanbi is no small man Spiritually, just merely discussing him, He almost discovered us. So from henceforth, we won’t mention his name. There was something we used to do back at the SCA which I think we can adopt. I remember when the SCA got Pastor Austin of The LifeChanger’s Assembly. We started out by mentioning his names whenever we were discussing about him but surprising we would see him in our midst with a mighty Angel….”

“ Hold on… Was it the SCA that brought down Pastor Austin..?” Favour asked as that caught her attention.

“ Yes!” Tina replied “After 10 crazy months of chasing him. After we got him, he became the highest SCA donor for one year…”

“ Wait slow down!” Favour said “Are you saying, Spirit filled Pastor Austin was a member of the SCA?” Favour asked not wanting to believe that

“ He was a blind member or blind donor, whichever one will make sense to you! You know the story about him sleeping with most of his church members… Through him, his church became a citadel of fornication. After we got him through his Choir Mistress, his Choir Mistress got the Head Usher and the chain continued!” Tina said

“ Tina, Pastor Austin was one of the men of God that helped my Spiritual growth, and though few years ago we heard he impregnated 15 girls in his church at the same time. He never confessed to it, though there were evidences against him but For me I have been living in denial that he didn’t do any of those things! Did he?” Favour said…

“ Unfortunately, He did it and even worse!” Tina said

Favour sat down hurt and pained that Pastor Austin actually did all he was accused of…

“ Tina, you were trying to tell us What you used on him that relates with Akanbi, what is that?” Chuks cut in interrupting their girl chat.

“ Yes, Like I Said when we were deliberating about the moves to make on him, We realized he was always appearing in our midst eavesdropping on us and truncating our plans…” Tina was saying

“ How is that possible?” Favour asked

“ I believe just the way Akanbi was able to appear here because of his diabolic powers, any time a genuine child of God is being discussed likewise, especially the one as Spiritually strong as Pastor Austin was, the Spirit man is able to catch the signals and they will be able to spy on whatever is happening… To them it would appear to them as short trances, revelations, visions…You know!” Tina said

“ Oh, I get that!” Favour said nodding her head

“When the SCA discovered Pastor Austin was always spying in on their plans and he always knew the girls we sent to him, we decided to stop mentioning his name, instead we gave him a code.”

“ A code!”

“ Yes, after carrying out an investigation on him, we realized part of his daily prayers was that God should open his spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear the plans of the enemies whereever his name was being mentioned, We called him Target 104!” Tina said

“ Oh! Instead of mentioning his name, you started using a code for him.” Favour said

“ Hmm… that means you are saying we should use a code for Akanbi?” Chuks asked

“ My thoughts!” Tina said

A brief moment of silence followed as Favour and Chuks tried to soak in that information.

“ Well as for me, as nice as it sounds, I don’t think we should use the tactics of the SCA, we should be a step ahead of them….If you use a code in talking about a person, if the person is hyper Spiritually sensitive, his Spirit man will still catch the signals…” Favour said

“ What do you suggest we do then?” Tina asked

“ We should pray!” Favour said

“ Ok?” Tina and Chuks said simultaneously.

“ We have to pray that God Should make Akanbi Damino blind and deaf to our plans. God is the creator of everyone, whether diabolical or not, so he still has authority over everyone including the devil… So what we need to do is to ask God to hide our plans from him. “

“ Hmmm… I never thought about that!” Tina said

“ That’s true!” Chuks agreed

“ Then it is high time we started praying that prayer! because knowing Akanbi for who he is, he would not relent until he finds us out” Tina said “ And if I may suggest, we should make it a general prayer point… because the SCA might get a hint of our plans and disrupt us…”

“ Oh great! That’s thoughtful of you!” Favour said

“ So who leads the prayer?” Chuks asked

“ Favour caught the revelation, she will know how best to lead the prayer!” Tina said

Favour held out her hands to her friends, and forming a circle , Favour said…

“ Let’s us begin to thank God for shielding us from Akanbi Damino, Let’s thank God His Angel was on call to protect us…. Next we pray for Mercy of God in areas we have erred… And now with a voice of war, we pray that the Lord hides our plans and thoughts from the enemies of God in Jesus name…”

Tina, Favour and Chuks prayed aggressively with sweat dropping like blood from their body.

Akanbi Damino rushed into his secret room at his Billion dollar mansion. His secret room housed his Secret Mirror. A mirror he purchased with billions of dollars from the DARK MARKET; a yearly gathering of witches, sorcerers, herbalist, e.t.c far away in an undisclosed place in China.

The Mirror never failed… He used it for his businesses to spy on rivals or potential investors… It was a well trusted gadget…

“ Mirror Mirror, the eyes of the seven witches of this world, It is I, Akanbi Damino, your owner at this time…I desire to know what is being discussed about me all around the world at exactly 30 minutes ago,show me the places, the people and let me hear their discussions…”

Like a CCTV Screen, over 500 clips appeared on the mirror….Akanbi gave a wicked smile as he began to swipe through the clips…

“ If my glasses failed me, my mirror can never fail me… So where the hell are you in particular?” Akanbi said to himself with a satisfied smile.

Then he saw it… He knew that was the clip he was looking for, but there was a problem….


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