©Opeyemi Akintunde

Dr. Jemimah, Vincent, Ade Damino and the others who had broken into Chuks’ room were standing at the reception waiting for the Doctor to come out with the news.
As a Doctor, Jemimah knew that the body she brought into the hospital was 99.9% dead, but because she felt a little pulse around his neck, she believed he could still have a chance to live.

Ade Damino had been the one who rushed down to meet her at the praying center and had told her “I think we have a problem. Mr Chuks is not waking from his sleep”
Jemimah had run up the stairs like a mad person. She and Mr. Chuks had formed the kind of friendship that existed between a Doctor and a patient.

Recently he had been telling her that he was getting stronger by the day. So to hear that he was asleep and couldn’t be woken up was not a news she wanted to hear on such a day like this; the second day of a program that has been electrifying, to say the least.

She dashed into the room and had tried to do a manual CPR, but he wasn’t responding.
“We need to get him to a hospital very close by. A standard one. I think we should get him to Trinity now” Jemimah had said.

Shola who had seen the way she dashed out of the prayer meeting had followed her. Jemimah was his heart, anything that troubled her, troubled him.

“Babe, What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Shola had said on entering into Mr Chuks’ room
“We need to get him into Trinity now” Jemimah emphasized again
Ade Damino and the others had carried him up and put him cautiously into one of the Lighthouse vehicles.

“Please, we do not want any form of distraction, let us do this cautiously.” Ade Damino had said.
Dr. Jemimah entered into the car as well and they drove out of the compound.

So here they were, expecting a response from the Doctor.
Dr. Jemimah had identified herself as a Doctor and gave out his medical history and every other thing they needed to know.

It was already twenty minutes since they took him in and yet they had not heard anything from the Doctors.
Jemimah saw a Doctor approaching them and as he closed up on them, Jemimah couldn’t help the rate at which her heart was racing. She prayed in her heart that she wouldn’t hear any bad news.

“The patient you brought in here is now stable” The Doctor said.
“Oh, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus”
Each of them gave their own versions of “Thank you Jesus!”

Jemimah knelt on the floor, giving thanks to God.
“But we might need to keep him here because he suffered a cardiac arrest. But how he was able to survive it without having a stroke or paralysis still beats my imagination, but he still needs a lot of rest and not moving up and down. He needs to be on the bed and have a long rest” The Doctor said

“That’s fine.” Dr. Jemimah said
“Can I see him? Is he okay? I’d just like to see him”
“That’s part of it, we won’t be entertaining lots of guest but since you’re a medical doctor I’ll only permit you”
“Thank you. Thank you”

Jemimah faced others and said “Please let me go in, I’ll be back”
Jemimah walked into the ward and saw Uncle Chuks. As she entered, his eyes opened and he managed to speak…
“Dr. J, what happened to me?”

“I can’t tell” Jemimah replied. “It was Vincent and Ade Damino that called my attention to your room. They said you passed out and you weren’t waking up. So from what the Doctor just told me, it seems you had a cardiac arrest in your sleep. We thank God that all that is gone”

“So is that how I would have died?” Chuks said faintly
“Chuks, can you see that truly only God owns our lives.” Chuks said to Himself.
“I know what God is trying to tell me. He’s simply telling me that if I will not let Favour and Akanbi get married in my presence, He will do it in my absence” Chuks added

Dr. Jemimah was lost.
She didn’t know where that was coming from. She was totally lost.
“What was he saying? Was he beginning to hallucinate?” Jemimah said to herself

“Uncle Chuks, I think you need to take a nap. When you’re much better, we will have whatever conversation you want us to have” Jemimah said

“Dr. J, I’m not hallucinating. You think I don’t know what I’m saying” Chuks said to Jemimah when he heard her response to him
“No, I’m not saying you are hallucinating. What I am saying is you don’t need to overthink anything right now; You just need to rest. That’s what I’m trying to say Uncle Chuks.”

“Dr. J, one thing I want you to know is that what has happened to me has shown me that nobody can stand in the way of God. I was trying to stand in the way of God, I was saying NO to what God was saying YES to. Listen, the message from Aunty Favour yesterday, about following God’s will specifically about if God wanted you to marry somebody else and all of that is about us. It’s about myself, herself and Mr. Akanbi Damino.”

Jemimah’s eyes popped wide open.
“I didn’t sleep all throughout the night because I couldn’t wrap my head around it all. Around Five’o clock, I decided to sleep when I saw that she had come back from her overnight stay with Mercy.

As I lay down to sleep, I remember, just before sleep took me over I remember saying..
“God I can’t be alive to see Favour marry Akanbi…. Please God, not when I’m alive please.”

“Dr. J, I just said it casually. I know the power of words and to think that I know that my strength lies in my words. God has given me the gift of authority and I just used it carelessly. I can see it’s mercy that brought me back. God told me He wants Akanbi to be with Favour and I carelessly used my tongue of authority to say not when I’m alive.”

Jemimah was blown away to say the least.
“My being alive right now feels to me like it is temporary, it seems like I’m going to die again. Maybe God just wants me to pass this message to you”

” Don’t say a thing like that” Dr Jemimah said with tears in her eyes. FavourChuks was definitely something everyone had been looking forward to.

©Opeyemi Akintunde

“Dr J, please don’t cry. This is entirely my fault, what I need from you is for you to pray the Prayer of Mercy for me. I have so much to do Dr. J.”
” Yeah! You have a lot to do. God’s Mercy will speak for you”

“If I want to live, I need to let Favour go, if God believes that Akanbi is the best person for her, I willingly let her go. In fact I need to get out of this hospital. Dr. J, I need to ensure that she gets married and I will facilitate it. She must get married, that is God’s will for her, she must marry Akanbi Damino, that is God’s will for her. I’m sorry, I feel suddenly tired, can I sleep a little?” Chuks said

Dr. Jemimah stood frozen on the spot. All the while he was talking with so much energy and authority that she could not even tell him to stop. He was talking from a deep place, he was talking from knowing that this was what it had to be.

Everything was confusing. Yeah, she knew that a few times she had seen the way Mr. Akanbi looked at Aunty Favour, but it was not something that she gave too much thought to.

Even Shola had jokingly said it a few times that Akanbi definitely was smitten by Aunty Favour but casting her mind back, Jemimah remembered thinking it was mere appreciation of her personality and not some serious love that would translate into them spending their lives together forever.

Therefore, hearing Uncle Chuks talking about Mr Akanbi marrying Aunty Favour meant she had been lost all the while being locked in her sickbay/clinic. She didn’t even know there was a love triangle.

“Okay Uncle Chuks, I’ve heard you and you will be alive to see Akanbi marry Aunty Favour if that is God’s will, but if you want to be alive to see that, which I know that God has had mercy on you, you need to relax, you to rest. You need the energy so you can gladly walk behind her on that day down the altar.” Dr Jemimah said

“Exactly, exactly what I drew. I saw myself standing behide her like a chief bridesmaid…or like her brother. I know that’s what God wants. I’ll rest like you said, but if I do not wake up after my rest, tell Favour all that I have told you, so that she doesn’t bring wrath upon her life. Tell her she has to marry Akanbi Damino. She has to..!” *****

Adekunle knew that something had definitely happened to him. His legs felt brand new. His other leg that he had been carrying all these while felt like it had been removed out of him and this new one had been drilled into him.

“God, what is happening to me? What has gone right? Because I know this is not wrong, what has gone right?” He began to speak in tongues, worshiping God, thanking God for another deliverance session. Every fire session had always brought up something new.

He continued to appreciate God for what God had done.
Simultaneously, Mabel laid on the floor screaming “My legs, my legs”

She couldn’t control what she felt. The burning sensation was so hot on her legs, and without her knowing how she was doing it, she saw herself removing an invisible rope wrapped around her legs.
She kept saying “I cut it off. I remove it. Whatever that is delaying me, that is not allowing me to progress, I cut it off” She kept shouting it

Aunty Favour walked up to her and began ministering to her.
“I cut off that string of delay. That string of slow progress, I cut it off. Begin to walk, you’ll not only walk, begin to run. I put speed in your legs”

As Aunty Favour declared, Mabel began to run round the praying hall. She began to run so fast that some volunteers had to hold her down.
She began to shout “Yes I run, I’m free, I’m no more bound. The string has been cut off. I excel in my academics. I excel in life”

The Holy Ghost came upon Mabel and she began to speak in tongues. She kept wondering why she was speaking in a strange language but she felt too overwhelmed to stop.

Olive could not shut her eyes. She marveled at what was happening to Mabel. She realized Mabel was speaking in tongues and the words were rushing out of Mabel’s mouth like fireworks.
Olive kept wondering what was wrong with her.
‘Was this how I was behaving? Was this what Mabel talked about?’

Olive got more dumbstruck when she heard a voice different from Mabel’s voice speaking through her.
“Leave her alone, she is mine. She is my daughter. Her mother got her from the waters. Yes, I gave her to her mother, so leave her”

Favour got mad in her spirit.
“She cannot be your daughter. She is the daughter of the Most High God. Can the devil create anything? No way. Only God has the copyright in creating humans. He made the first man and the first woman, and He gave the first command that they should go multiply, so any child that comes out as a seed from the loins of men and women belongs to God. You did not give her to her parents.”

Favour got really mad in her spirit and began to tackle the spirit and the spirit spoke again.
“You do not know the agreement we entered into when I gave her the child, I appeared to her mother in her dream and we had an agreement that if she had a child from us, the child will be limited in some ways. We will only let her become great but not too great. The mother signed and she agreed.

As a result, we tied the baby’s leg and thereafter returned her into the mother’s womb, so who are you to say no for her?” The demon in Mabel fumed.

“This thing that you have done, you have destroyed our future plans for her. We were waiting for her in the future. In the future, she won’t be able to get married or have children at the time her mates are doing so. We have tied her legs because if we let her go, she will become too great.” The spirit continued angrily

Favour said “Lighters, I want you to shout this prayer Loud and Clear whatever has been planted in my life, waiting to manifest in the future, whereever you are, rush out by fire and be destroyed in the name of Jesus”



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