The end of an error – Lady celebrates as she finalizes her divorce, burns marriage photo (Video)

A lady has gone on social media page to celebrate the completion of her divorce process.

Just like birthday & other ceremonial photoshoot, the lady dressed like a queen as she hit a studio to have a couple of snaps to celebrate her freedom.

In a video making the rounds online, she could be seen with a photo, which appeared to be her marriage portrait, as she used a gas lighter to burn it.

A placard was spotted behind the woman and it reads, “The end of an error”.

The video sparked massive reactions as social media users shared their opinions. Some reactions are shown below:

a__cindy__ said, “Our parents really tried. They tried. Marriage is not for the faint hearted 😂😂😂”.

mitchng1 said, “You dressed half naked and post on social as celebration of divorce. Enjoy, no be by force.”

poshest_hope said, “Omo!! The dissolution of some marriages are worth celebrating, especially when you saw shege banza in it”.

mdpeoplesdoctor said, “I swear e reach to celebrate. Some marriages will make one question their sanity”.

amber1alex said, “Some men can turn you to a bitter woman, from being a sweet caring loving wife to a ha.teful and full of bitter person. U will not even recognise urself anymore. So its worth celebrating”.

tastyfoodie7 said, “I don’t suppose most divorce but “The end of an Error” is pretty creative lol”.

Watch the video below:


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