The engagement ceremony was great.

The couple came out in their best.

Family and relatives who were present were happy.

Everything went on well.

The church service has started since 10am as programmed.

It is now 11am.

Rebecca and Esther, her Chief Brides Maid and the Little Bride are in the Silver Mercedes Benz jeep.

Beautifully ribboned in gold and sky blue.

Rebecca and Esther are seriously agitated.

Anxious and Nervous.

Nicholas and Bro. Paul are yet to arrive in their own car.

The Grooms Men also have not come.

The Pastor has engaged the congregation in Praises and Worship.

The Officiating ministers are glancing at their watches.

The Groom and his men are taking too long to arrive.


At last!

The cars have come.

They drove into the church compound in convoy.

Bro. Paul came out of the car first.

He dashes to the car of the Bride.

“Bro. Paul.

What kept you so.long?

We are behind schedule.

The ministers and the church have been waiting. ”

“Esther, this is no time to give explanations.

We have now come.

We are set.”

“Bro. Paul.

I have the right to know,

What has kept Nicho and all of you so long?

You all kept us anxious and nervous. ”

“Sis. Rebecca.

We will talk later, not now.

We are here and set.

We shall inform the head ushers to

Tell the Pastor we are set.

Nicho is in the car.

We will go inside now.”

Soon, the Groom and his men

Walk inside and take their seats

Nicho is looking so excited,

Smiling and waving at people.

Rebecca, still wonders at the

Reason for their late coming.

And Bro. Paul has not given the reasons.

The solemnization procedure has began.

Processional hymn has started.

And Rebecca and her father leads as all other Bride’s trailers follow along the aisle.

They all take their seats.

The service moved on before

The gorgeously dressed friends, relatives and families and church members.

Bro. Paul has left his seat

and has gone other of the church now,

About three times within an hour.

Each time, he would go out

Of the Church with phone in his ears.

This is making Rebecca a bit restless.

Esther whispered in her ears,

That Paul is arranging some things

About the Reception.

She wants her to concentrate.

The Pastor began the Declaration

of Marriage Oath:

” Dearly Beloved,

As we gather here today,

In this Holy Solemnization,…”

Then, there are noises outside.

The noises began to be loud and


The Officiating Ministers are trying

to continue the Service,

But the noises are becoming very distracting.

Someone is being obstructed

From entering the church.

She is making too much noises outside.

Nicholas begins to sweat.

Rebecca begins to be confused.

Bro Paul is not on seat.

He has gone outside the church

The fifth time.

An Usher hastened into the church

And passed a note to the Pastor.

He is looking at the note.

“If you like.

Make you all Arrest me

and Send me to jail,

I no worry.

But this Wedding will not hold.”

The whole congregation look

In the direction of a lady who bursts

Into the church pulling a six year old girl along.


You thought I would not come to church, Ehn?

You left me in Portharcourt

With your daughter,

You want to marry another lady

In Lagos?.

So, what about me?”

Nicholas looks stunned.

Rebecca sits glued on the spot.

Then, she begins to go down

In slow motion.

Esther rushes at her to hold her

Before she hits the ground.

Her mother bursts Into tears.

The Ministers remain perplexed.

Outside the church

Are about six Policemen

They had come with an open jeep.

The most senior walked into the church,

And approached the Pastor.

“Sir, This man is needed in our station for some questioning.

We are sorry.

The Wedding may not proceed.”

The Ministers are speechless.

The police officer leads him out

Of the Church.

And straight into the jeep.

The lady and her daughter enter another car and are driven out

Following the Police keep.

What an embarrassment.

It is like a Nollywood movie.

People were looking around

To see some Cameras and crewmen

If this is a Nollywood feature film.

Then, it dawn on everybody that

This is real and not a movie.

Nicholas has Impregnated

A lady in Portharcourt when he went

For the Youth Service.

He had travelled to Portharcourt when the baby was born

He was in touch in the first two years after.

And after he had cut all communication with Ada ever since.

But Ada had been trailing him since then.

She had hired a private monitor

To keep him tracked up till this morning.

She had arrived from

Portharcourt since three days.

To spring a surprise on Wedding day.

Rebecca was immediately rushed to the hospital in her Wedding Gown.

She did not open her eyes till the third day.

She was given an injection that made her sleep.

Family and relatives had returned to their various Places in shame and embarrassment.

The Church will not get over this for some time.

It is a huge embarrassment.