Our Sister’s Wedding is in One day’s time.

Sis. Rebecca will walk down the aisle with her heartthrob tomorrow.

The day we have all been waiting for.

The Choir of the Church has prepared.

They have rehearsed about two or Three soul-lifting special Songs.

They are adorning themselves with

NEW choir uniform Mummy Pastor had bought for special occassions.

Family has arrived from Akure,

The home town of Sis. Eniola Rebecca.

The two cows bought by Mummy’s cousin had been killed.

Caterers are busy at the backyard

Of Deacon Badejo, her Mummy’s half- brother.

The Five-Step White, Sky blue and golden ribbon cake is sitting gracefully on a large table in the office of the popular Grace Arts Cakes.

The Cake had cost N230,000 only, heavily subsidized.

It will arrive the Reception Hall tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a very busy day.

Introduction and Engagement very early in the morning.

Solemnization follows at 11am.

And the pre-planned 2 hour service

Would be followed by the

Elaborate Reception in the King’s Events Emporium ,

Ten minutes drive to the Church.

All things are made ready for tomorrow.

The Bridal Shower is ongoing in

Esther’s large sitting room.

Well decorated and spacious.

It is her brother’s house, where she lives.

All the bride’s friends had appeared in white silky gowns and golden belts.

The Bride-to-be is gorgeous.

A small silver coronet sits on her head.

She holds a small bouquet of colorful life flowers in her hand.

She was being treated like a queen this evening.

A solemn sweet foreign gospel music plays

From a deck in the background.

Noises joyful,

Shoutings of gladness.

Exciting jisting with laughters.

Then, each of the ladies began prayers.

Each of them,

Prophesying upon her life.

Declaring good things upon her future.

Pronouncing goodness upon the Couples-to-be.

Then, they began another session of colorful praises and worship.

They sand two hymns:

“In Christ Alone…” And

“Oh, Jesus I’ve Promised…”

Then all of them began a session of

Tongueing in the Spirit.

Speaking in the language

Only the Holy Spirit understands.

It was a wonderful session of glory time.

Then, they began to eat Pizza.

Then they began to eat barbecues

And chocolate bars and creams.

Then they began to share Ice-Cream.

Rebecca is seated in a royal settees,

Flanked by left and right by two ladies

Who jokingly serve her with fruit wine,

And Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream.

Far away in the city

Nicholas has gathered his friends and grooms men

In a blazing night of Bachelor’s Eve.

The groom men are mainly from the church

But about three of the seven are from outside the church.




Then, Bro Paul, the Best Man

Had been uncomfortable a bit.

“Hello, Brethren,

For the past two hours,

Here has been joyous noises and jisting,

But we have not gone into he most important

Aspect of this Barchelor’s Eve.

We have not Prayed for Bro Nicholas.

Apart from all joyful noises,

Apart from all eating and drinking

In the joyful celebration ahead of tomorrow,

We have not prayed.


I suggest we stop all activities and pray.”

“Says who?

Oh, Boy.

This is Bachelor’s Eve, and not Prayer Meeting.

We have told Nicho,

This Groom Night ought to hold in The Majesty Club,

But he said his Pastor would not want things like that.

Nicho, what do you say to this?

Your church man , says

We should go into deliverance session

On your Bachelor’s Eve. ”

“He never said, Deliverance Session,

He said we need to pray.

Even you, Erico,

You that have been patronizing women’s market

For close to six years now,

And you have not found a lady to marry,

Don’t you thing you need serious prayers?”

“The God that did your own,

That gave you a wife in the midst of Godly people,

Will give me too.

After this wedding,

I am joining the church too.

And I shall succeed the way ou succeed.”

“Bro Paul, Please, lead in the prayers.”

“Nicho, please, tell him.

It is just about ten minutes of prayers.

I just got a call now,

That Edgar and the rest guys are on their way.

It is going t be a groovy night.”

“Bro Paul, please pray.”

“Shall we first sing a worship song,

Then, we shall have some sessions

Of praying in the Spirit.”

“For where?

Which spirit?

Reserve that for your church.

Nicho, what is this al about?

Tell your Best Man,

We are not in the same spirit.

Forget that thing!

Just pray for us and bless the Groovy of this night.

Tomorrow is a better day.

We want to have our full night.

We now you are going to Honey moon in Dubai,

And we shal not see you for a whole week.

But after the Dubai trip,

We shall reconvene again!

Best Man, give us Prayers””

Back in Esther’s place

Where the Bridal Shower is taking place.

Esther walks away from the cluster of ladies

To go and receive a phone call in the kitchen area.

She walks back into the Living room,

Looking dazed, astonished and ruffled.

One of them asked aloud.


What happened?

You look ruffled.

Who called?”

“Bro Paul. The Best Man,

He just called from the Bachelor’s Eve.

He gave me an information now”


I don’t want to listen to any thing that wold spoil my joy.

No negative information

No bad news from relatives and family.

All news contrary to my joy and happiness should wait till after this ceremony.

Or they can wait for my hearing after my Honeymoon.

I want everybody to focus with me.

Tomorrow is my Wedding Day.”