Ronke…Ronke, Rebecca!

Are you hearing me?”

“Mum, speak on,

I am hearing you,

You are shouting.”

“Ehn, when I called and you did not say if you are hearing me or not hearing me.”

“I am hearing you, Mum.”

“Very good.

Testimony time ooo!

Professor Lanke, my Cousin in Maryland said I should tell you not to worry about your honeymoon ooo!

He said he has bought your flight tickets to Dubai.

He has also booked for the hotel for one week.

Your flight is next day after Wedding to be back on following Sunday!

Seven days of Honeymoon in Dubai!

Ah-a-a! Halleluyah ooo!

Engineer Bamgbola,

Your father’s school mate who helped you redeployed during your Youth Service,

Has also bought two cows.

Lasebikan, your sister’s husband,

Said you should

Send your account number to him.

He said, he want to send N250,000

To cater for the Cake!

And my church group,

Good Women Association,

Of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church

Is sending the Boy’s Brigade Band

To do drums parade for the people.

I don’t know what I have done to God,

To deserve this wonder!

Ronke….are you hearing me?”

“Yes, Mum.

I am hearing you.”

“You are not even excited.

What is wrong with you this girl?

Anyways sha, call them all

And thank them all ooo.

Tell them you appreciate their wonderful supports.

And tell Nicholas to call them too.

He must thank them.

Ronke…! Are you hearing me?”

“Mum, I have heard you, Ah!”

“And you are shouting on me like that!

That spirit that is making you not to be happy when your wedding is in four days time,

I rebuke the spirit in Jesus Name.”

“Mum, I was hearing everything,

And I am surprised too.

I will call them to appreciate.

I am happy about it, Mum.

I will call you back,…

Mum, Please,…I will call you back…

Yes, who is Knocking,

Hold it, I am coming, please….

Ah, Esther.

I have been waiting.

So, how far?

The Cake, the Bridal clothes,

What’s the conclusion

On the colours of the Cake?

Gold and royal blue will be too dull.

I said we should settle for

White and Gold with

A trace of Sky blue ribbon.”


I have more critical issue at hand.

It’s about Bro. Nicholas.”

“What about him?”

“Bro. Paul, the Best Man,

Went to his house,

To discuss about the change of

The Ring Bearer,

Since the Parents of the little boy

Had said their child would

No longer be available

For the role of the Ring Bearer.

He got to his door, it was locked.

But he knew Bro Nicholas was inside.

He knocked severally,

And the door was not opened.”

“And so?

Maybe he was praying,

Or he simply refused to open the door.

I too coils decide to refuse to open

My door.”

“But not to the Best Man of his wedding,

The closest to him at this time.”

“So, Esther, why did the parents of the boy withdrawn their child?'”

“They said they are not comfortable

With some things they heard

About Bro. Nicholas.

I personally called them on phone

And asked them to tell me,

What was it they heard.

They said it is personal to them.

They said they would not

Be the one that would spark

The fire in a Wedding that is

Holding in four days time.

What bothered me

Was that they kept the matter to


Shouldn’t they, at least,

Open up to us?

After all,

A stitch in time, saves nine.

And if we…”

“Look here, Esther,

There is no looking back or

Looking sideways in this matter any longer.

The Lord has not given me

The Spirit of Fear,

But of power and of sound mind.

The Lord spoke to Joshua

In Joshua 1:7,

Joshua 1:7 NKJV

“…Do not turn from it to the right hand

Or to the left, that you may prosper

Wherever you go.”

On that Word of God I stand.

No turning to the left

Or to the right any longer.

I am focused.

Please, Sis Esther,

Are you for me or against me?

I don’t want anyone who would

Confuse me any further.

I need people who would stand

With me in prayers.

Who would stand with me by faith.

Who would believe with me

That this marriage will work.

Not people who would not see

What I am seeing

With the eyes of faith.

I don’t want any negative comment


If the parents of the boy has

Withdrawn their boy for whatever reason,

God will give us another parent

Who would joyfully release their boy.


Let no one trouble me,

For I bear upon my body

The mark of Lord Christ Jesus.


What do you have to say

To all what I said?”

“You said,

You don’t want to hear any negative

comment again.

You said you don’t want people

Who don’t see what you see.

You said there’s no looking back

Or Looking sideways any longer.

You said, henceforth,

Let no one trouble you

Because you carry the mark of Jesus.”

“My Sister,

That is the spirit.

Join your hand with me

For the success of this Wedding.”

“Since that is your choice.

I am with you.”

“Thank you, Dear Sister.

I need someone like you

By my side at this time,

Not people raised by the devil

To dampen the spirit

And extinguish the fire of passion.”

“So, what’s next?”

“My Mum just called.

God is beginning to move

On our side to the sha.e of the devil.

An Uncle of mine just took up the

Expenses of our Honeymoon in Dubai.

All flight and hotel expenses paid.

7 days of Honeymoon in Dubai!

Another uncle of mine

Had bought two cows for the wedding.

Is this not wonderful?”

“It is.

Are these the reasons

Why you never wanted to hear

Anything negative about the wedding

Any more?”


I don’t want to hear anything about

Whatever anyone is saying any more.

I have Had enough.

I know God is on the throne.

And He is in Charge of everything.

Have you heard from Laura’s Chopstick?

She is supplying the snacks and chops….

Hello! Hello!

Who is this…?


Good evening, sir.

Ah, about the boy.

Yes sir, I have been told that you have Withdrawn him.

Ah, no Sir, we are not offended.

We have decided to get another parent Who would release their boy, sir.

The reasons?

You want to tell me the reasons?

Yes, sir, I heard you said

You are not comfortable about

Some things you heard about my fiance.

Yes, sir….No…No…

I don’t need a hear

What your heard about him, sir.

The Lord is in charge of everything, sir.

I need to be focused now, Sir.

Just be praying for us, Sir.

Good night, Sir.”


Shouldn’t you have listened to

Whatever he wanted to say?”

“No! Esther!.

Please, you are the closest to me,

I need you to be focused with me,