This is the third time you would call me

On phone this week.

And when I asked you what you wanted to tell me,

You would tell me:

It has been settled, or

It has been resolved, or

I should not worry again.

You flashed me few moments ago,

You left an urgent message that

You needed to speak with me urgently.

Now I called you back and asked what the matter is:

You are saying,

You never knew you sent the message.

Now, Rebecca,

I have noticed you have not been feeling well .

You have not been peaceful.

You called me three times without knowing what to say.

Now, talk to me.

I am your Pastor.

I have been your Pastor for close to eight years now.

What is eating you up?

Your wedding is about a week’s time,

But things have not been OK with you.

Whenever, your fiancé come to me,

He always bubble with joy.

But you have not been feeling the same.

What is eating you up?

Have both of you done something bad?

Have you defiled the marriage bed?

Have you fallen into sin and

Your spirit has been ruffled?

Confess now, Rebecca.

Confess now, before we go to the Altar,

So that you don’t bring curse upon your marriage.

Confess now, Rebecca.”


Not at all, Daddy.

We have not done such things, Daddy.

But I am sometimes scared about everything, Daddy.

I don’t even know what is wrong with me.

Daddy, can we postpone this wedding?”

“What…! Rebecca, What did you say?

You want to postpone the wedding?”


I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I get scared on each passing day

As the wedding gets closer,

It is as if I am getting closer to my grave.

Can we postpone this wedding?

Daddy, I know it is in a week’s time.

I know both family and friends are prepared.

I know my Mum will run mad.

I know my Dad will curse me.

I know my friends will castigate me.

They will conclude I have been charmed.

I know Nicholas will freeze in shock.

I know the press will have a field day

With a scoop hat would sell their papers.

And I know the entire church will cast me aside

As a lady who brings shame to the church.

I know I will carry the stigma for a long time.

But I don’t have peace going to the altar with this man!

I know I will break his heart

When he hears this.

I don’t know what is wrong with me!!!”


When you came to me to tell me

That Bro. Nicholas came to propose to you,

And you gave me several signals that convinced you

It was the Lord who brought him to you.

I spoke to you that day, and said:

‘Never allow the gift of this boy enter your head.’

Never be carried away by his popularity and accolades

Take your time to pray very well before responding.’

Those were some of the counsels I gave to you.

I sent you out of my office to go and pray more

About him and then come back to me.

To my astonishment,

You were back in there days

Saying you have prayed and all

You got from the Holy Spirit was:

‘This is where the Bone had been missing,

This is where the Missing Bone has been found.’

I asked from you if you knew that this boy

Has once been suspended from the choir

For three months.

You said the boy explained to you that

He was framed in a sin he never committed.

I told you to go and pray once more.

But you came back the following week

That you have prayed and convinced

By the Holy Spirit that he is

The will of God for your life.

Since you said it was the Holy Spirit

That gave you the conviction,

I had no choice but to endorse the relationship.

What is it you want us to do now?

When the wedding is just one week?

There is no problem.

But I don’t want your parents and family

To start blackmailing the church.

You must tell them yourself

That you want the wedding suspended.

I will call the Elders’ meeting

On this matter tomorrow.

Good night”




Mo ku o-o-o-o-o!

I am finished!

What have I done!…

Yes….Who is at the door?


Hold on,…I am coming…!

Ah! Nicholas!”


What is this text message you sent me?

I just got this message on my phone now,


What is the meaning of his message?

That you are not doing wedding again?

Is this a type of a joke or what?

Is it because of my little little lapses?

Is it because of all those moment of display of anger?

Is it because of my noticeable flaws and human mistakes?

Have you ever seen any man on earth without a flaw?

Are you not suppose to be my helpmeet?


Are you not made from heaven to

Help me out of my multiple flaws?


Why at this time have you decided

To cast me away like a trash?

When all m y life and heart have been opened up for you.


You my trusted friend have betrayed me.

You have stabbed me at the back.

You have plucked out my eyes

And turned me blind.

Can I ever loved any other woman again in life?

You have striped me naked in the market square.

You have laid bare, my naked back for horsewhips.

You have removed the roof off my head in the rainstorms.

You have cut down the trees that shadowed me from

The hot baking sun.

You have exposed me in the market place,

Before my friends and relatives.


You have killed me-e-e-e!

Oh God…!

I am finished…!

What is left for me….

But to die…and end it all.

I will hide myself forever from this shame!!

I am finished Oh-o-o-o-oh God!”


I am sorry…! You pushed me to say it!

Oh God…!”

“And I said I was sorry!

Can I make you a solemn promise, Baby…!

I will be the best husband…

You could ever dream of….

I will be a true friend…

You could ever have..

Without you in my life…..

I will die…!

I am going to die!”

“It’s Alright, Nicho,

Don’t die….

We shall live together

And fulfill His purpose together…

Wipe your eyes, and let me wipe my eyes.

Let start afresh.”

“Hello,….Hello Daddy….

This is Rebecca,

Please don’t call the Elders’ meeting on the matter, sir.

We have resolved the issues….!

Satan is a liar and father of all lies.

Daddy, thank you for all your efforts over us, sir.

Let the Wedding hold, sir.”