“Nicho, stop!

What is this you are doing?

Walking away from me just like that?

Have I asked for too much?

Wanting to know why you password your phone

Demanding to know why you sometimes excuse Yourself from me to talk some calls.

Our wedding is in seven days time,

We are here in the Park for the usual prayers session

Ahead of the program,

And in the midst of prayers, your phone vibrated,

You rose up and walk aside to take the call.

I asked from you why you should be so distracted

By an ordinary phone call

And demanded to know who the important person was.

Next thing,

You flared up,

Saying I am asking too many questions.

You got irritated,

Saying I am behaving foolishly by trying to monitor you.


This thing you are doing,

Is it sensible?

The wedding is in seven days time,

And we are in disagreement mood.

Is this normal?

Why do you easily get irritated at small things?

Is this thing you are doing normal?

Now, please,

Come back and sit down,

And let us trash this off.

We can’t keep going on like this, Nicho.

We have not actually finished the prayer sessions

Before you stood up to take the call,

And since then, we have been in argument.

Must we continue this way?”


You are the one laying emphasis on non-essentials.

You complain on non-issues.

You nag on me passwording my phone.

You kick against me contesting in the next Mega-Idol Naija

For the Male Soloist Competition.



You promised me you would never

Go for those Reality Shows again

When you proposed to me and I raised the issues with you.

You said, since you failed in the third round,

It was a sign for you that such place was not meant for you.

How come you suddenly realize

It is the place God wants you to showcase your gift again?

Then, that your friend, MC-Jericho,

Whom you said would anchor the wedding reception,

I am repeating again,

That I don’t want him.

I have seen him last time on television

Putting the name of the Lord to ridicule.

He made jest of every serious spiritual matter.

He lashed out at ministers of God,

And demeaned some scriptural verses.

How could you decide that

That is the type of person you would to bring to

Our honorable wedding day?


Look here,…that is calling a good dog a bad name.

MC-Jericho is a member of the workers

In the Zonal Headquarters.

All those joke you don’t like are what make him famous now.

He is one of those high rated MC around.

A lot of brethren know him and like him very well.”

“But I don’t want him!”

“But I like him!

And that is the MC I want for our Reception!”

His jokes are not glorifying the Lord.

Please, can we call Edgar Raymond?”

“Edgar who?

Raymond? That one that would be

Quoting irrelevant scriptures upon unwarranted scriptures?

The last time I was in a reception he anchored,

He cast some dull jokes from the Bible,

And everything was too dull for my liking.

Then, he spoilt everything and did worst thing,

He preached at the end and made altar call.

Before those important personalities and

Company executives?”

“Did people come out for the Altar Call?”

“About two or three people came out

To be prayed for.

It was a total disgrace to the organizers.

Since then, I have marked him down.

He would not anchor my Wedding”


Because he cast good jokes from the Bible?

Because he preached and made altar calls?

At times, I wonder about you

You leave me confused about your seriousness

To the things of God.

I know you sing in the choir.

I know you are a long standing member of

A Pentecostal church.

But since one year of our courtship,

You have confused me sometimes with your type of faith.

Our church declared 21 days of fasting and prayers,

At the beginning of the year,

You only fasted for seven days

Because of Ulcer which you said you have.

And on each day,

You broke your own fasts at 1pm or 2pm,

Because you had to eat to soften your voice

For the upcoming concert.

Always eager to Come to choir rehearsals,

But always have an excuse to be absent

From weekly Prayer Meetings Or vigils.

At times, the ways you talk….

I am confused at your pattern of faith at times”

“See, Rebby,

You don’t judge the sweetness of an orange,

By the color of the skin.

Some yellow skinned oranges taste sour.

And some green-skinned ones taste wonderfully sweet.

What ever the short comings you see now,

Is because of the various pressures on me now.

I will get more relaxed after wedding.

Then, you will know how deep I am in spiritual matters.

You are meant to be my helpmate,

You are to complement wherever I fall short.

And you are not perfect either.

Are you?

I will need to work on you a lot after the wedding.

There are some attitudes of yours that would need

To be amended a little bit.

You said you don’t like many friends.

You have been complaining about the friends I keep.

You said most of my friends wear dreadlocks and wicked jeans.

You said some of them live dubious lives.

If Jesus Christ complained the way you do,

Mary Magdalene would never move closer to Him at all.

He was friends of sinners”

“But He hates their sins!

He never compromised with them.

He was moving in their midst,

And He was Teaching them and Healing them.

The sinners were not influencing him,

He was the one touching their lives.

But in your own case,

Your friends are having impacts on your lifestyles.

You are confusing me, Nicho.

We are not yet married,

And you are clothing me all over

With these doubts and confusion…”


Here we go again.

The nagging has began again!

This is the third time I would hear this statement

From your mouth today.

‘You are confusing me!….You are confusing me!’


Then what exactly do you mean by:

‘Clothing you with Doubts and Confusion’?

It is too late to wear a garment

Of Doubts and Confusion, Baby.

I am done with this irrelevances.

Sort out your confusions and doubts”

“Nicho! Nicho!

You are walking off from me again?

What is this nonsense you are doing now?

Nicho! Nicho!

Come back! OK, I am sorry!

Let’s conclude on what we were planning!