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Your Wedding is in two weeks,

And you are still feeling this way.

Yesterday, you were happy.

Today you are down with doubt and depression.

Yet you say the Holy Spirit has given you several convictions,

That he is the Skeleton

From where you have been the Missing Rib.

You said several prophetic utterances had confirmed it

Ahead of his coming to propose to you,

That solemn evening after the Service of Song

Of the Church Convention.

You said as he was called upon to render

The main Solo of the night,

And as he stepped out of the rest of the Mass Choir,

And as he grabbed the microphone and

Pierced the solemnity of the sacred convention hall with

The rare captivating voice of a symphonic nightingale,

You said, once again, your heart skipped

As you saw him rendering a major song of the night.

And you could not hold back your tears as

The whole congregation of the convention stood

Up to give him a standing ovation.

Then, after the service, you were still thinking

Of the song he rendered when someone touched

Your shoulder from behind.

As you turned round to see whoever the person was,

You nearly fainted when you saw,

Standing before you, still in his choir robe, Bro. Nicholas.

Then, you said, for about three minutes

You were staring at him as he stood before you speechless.

Then, he stuttered out his word that he wanted to speak to you.

He led you to the side of the church and broke the news.

He said what you never expected.

You heard it and you still thought you were dreaming.

It was as if lightening had struck you.

You were transfixed on the spot speechless.

He had said to you,

That the Holy Spirit had convinced him severally

That you are his missing rib,

That you are the Lady the Lord God had created for him.

That you are the rest part of his being that has been missing.

And he had asked you to go and pray over it.

You had opened your mouth,

And no word had come out for two minutes.

You tried to speak again and no word had come out.

After many trials within three minutes of staring at him.

God intervened, and you were able to speak at last.

You said you would pray about it and he left you still standing there.

You had not prayed long,

And you needed not pray much,

Because you said, you had been told

About six months before the time.

You had been told by the Holy Spirit and

When you told me to pray with you.

I tried my best and prayed too.

I didn’t see anything contrary.

The only thing that confused me about him was that

I saw him among the contestants of a Reality Show

On Silverbird Television also singing among some people.

I saw him singing with the secular talents who had come

For the Reality Show also.

That day, I was more doubtful,

When I saw him wearing a jean trousers

That has turn in many places.

I felt like asking him if I could see him:

‘Brother, did you fight with a leopard

Or you borrowed this trousers from the

Mad Man of Gadarene?’

That evening when I saw him,

On the television, singing a Reggae music,

I was absolutely confused.

The next Sunday,

He was in the Choir again,

Singing unto the Lord.

When I told the Choir Master what I observed about him,

He said, Jesus Christ did not seclude Himself

From the midst of the Worldly people.

He said you have to be in their midst

To gain them to Christ.

So, I held my peace since then.

And when I told you about it,

You said, Bro. Nicholas carries a very nice spirit.

You said, once a week, you prayed and fast together.

You said, since he lost the contest at the Reality Show,

He never went back there again.

But I told you,

You should go and check his social media,

I asked you if you had seen his Facebook Page,

Instagram and Twitter.

You said you are not a Social Media person.

You said you don t even visit your own Facebook page.

I said: Ah, how can a person be living at this critical moment

And not have understanding and

Knowledge about what is happening around her?

You said, you have a Facebook profile and Instagram page

But you don’t patronize them often.

I told you, I went to his Facebook page and

Saw a picture of him in the midst of some questionable ladies.

You said when you asked him about the ladies,

He said they were his colleagues at his place of work.


Your wedding is in two weeks,

What is making you sad some times,

And making you happy some times?”


My beloved Sister from another mother.

I have not hidden anything from you about this wedding

And my relationship with Bro. Nicholas.

You are the Chief Bride’s Maid.

We have just had the final Counseling Session this afternoon

In the Pastor’s office,

After which we went to our usual garden,

Where we prayed together for one hour,

On various matters about the coming wedding.

We prayed in tongues for about twenty minutes.

Then we parted and I was coming home.

And the Depression and Fear came over me again.”

“But, why? Rebecca, why?”

“Esther, I don’t know.

Whenever it comes like that,

I get frightened.

As the days of the Wedding draw closer,

Instead of being expectant and joyous,

My heart beats fast.

And I am scared.

What do you think I should do?”

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