THE DILEMMA OF BRO. PARIOLA (11) – Written By Mike Bamiloye


We can make this marriage work.
But don’t let us build lies and deceits upon the faulty foundations we have already laid.
Let us dig this foundation out of its rotten grave.
And let us rebuild it now.

My heart is broken already.
Now I know I am married to a lady older than me.
Now I know you were out of five relationships before we hooked up.
And you stuck to me because you never wanted to lose the sixth guy.

And your mother is up to fight me if she hears any more noise from here.
She has family lawyers ready to mess up any erring husbands of her daughters in Courts.
And I am not ready for any police case or court or jail.

Where do we go from here?”

I am deeply sorry for all I have taken you through.
I am sincerely sorry for all those lies I told.
I did it, because I never wanted to Lose you.
I might have gone through five former relationships,
Yet, The relationship with you have been the best of them all.

Where do I think we go from here?
Of course,
We go forward.
The woman by the well of Samaria.
She had five previous husbands.
And yet, Jesus had a place for her in His agenda.
Thankfully, mine was five previous relationships, and not husbands.
Won’t you have a place for me in your life?”

I know it, that our coming together is never an accident.
That is why I said we should make this marriage work.
Shall we pray together, then?…

Can we pray together then?”
“No, not yet.”
What else again?”

“Sweetheart, let’s…dig out all the rotten foundations. ”

Any other things to know that I have not known?”
“Do you promise me,
I will still have you standing with me?
“When I hear what you want to say….
Mopelola, speak.
What else is it?

Break the remaining pieces of my heart now, so that the Lord could mould it back once and for all.
Now, wipe your teary eyes and talk to me.”
“Don’t pick Daniel’s calls again.”

“Your cousin who came from the UK?”
“No,….that’s not true,
He was my last relationship before I met you.”

“He was at our wedding.
He has been threatening me.”
“Oh God!”

“I know this is risky.
But I would say it.
I put my hope in God.
I am so sorry I am saying this at this time.
I accept the consequences.”

“Tell me all you have been hiding from me.
Remove all covers.
Bare it all out and let God show me His mercy.
I have taken you through to the altar and sealed an Oath.
Please, let me into your heart.
Hide nothing away from a again.”

“Daniel has been threatening me,
Since the day he knew about the date of our Wedding.
He threatened the Wedding, I begged him.

He collected N350,000
From me to stay calm through out the Wedding.
Since we married,
I have paid him an addition of N150,000.”

Oh my God!
Why the blackmail
Now, wipe your tears, and
Talk to me, Mope?”

“I aborted a pregnancy
For him.”


“And when he heard I was getting married to you,
He began to threaten me.
He said he would make you dump me.
He said he would call you and expose all my escapades with him.
He said…Oh God!”

“You aborted a pregnancy and you lost your womb,
Isn’t it?
You now have no womb,
Isn’t it?
He knew.
And you were paying him not to tell me,
Isn’t it?”

“No ooo!
Noo! Sweetheart!
My womb it still there!
Nothing is wrong with my womb!
You promise me you would stand with me!
You said we should rebuild the rotten foundation!
And this is the last hidden secret I have kept from you!”

“Oh! My God!
What have I gotten myself into!
I am caged!
Oh God!….”

I have exposed all!
Nothing more is hidden!
Let God do whatever seems right to me!
Now, you know me!”