Part 11
The Complete Woman !
Excelrhymez A.K.A MUMMY E

Minutes turned into hours and that was how I waited to till 12midnight for my husband to return home to me. I called and called but he kept on cutting the calls until finally I slept off.

It was the sound of someone hitting on the door that woke me up. I grabbed my phone and I checked the time it was some minutes pass 2am. I was scared to the brim as I listened again for the knocking.

Who could be knocking at this time of the night when my husband was not home. I was shivering, not until I heard him.

Isaiah: Daniella open this door. Open it.

It was my husband, and so I jumped quickly to the door and opened it. The relief I felt when I saw him was overwhelming. I tried to hug Jim but he just walked passed me without saying a word. I quickly licked the door and ran to him.

Me: Honey welcome. How was your movement? Why did you come home so late? Why weren’t you picking my calls? Did you get the papers?

I found myself vomiting all of the questions for him at the same time, I didnt realize what I was doing until he screamed at the top of his voice.

Isaiah: Oh oh oh! What kind of question is all of this na? Didnt i tell you were I was going?

Me: you told me but……

Isaiah: but what? But you slept off abi?

I was surprised at the way he was sounding, looking and what he was saying.

Me: Baby are you okay?/(I asked trying to touch him)

Isaiah: Dont touch me, and dont you ask me stupid question. You slept off. Your husband left the house and didnt come back on time and what you could do is sleep off.

Me: Honey no, I was sitting waiting for you and I didnt know the time I slept off.

Isaiah; of course na, how would you know? Why won’t you sleep? Go ahead and sleep.

Me: okay dear, am sorry dont be angry with me please. (I was trying to hold him and apologise again)

Isaiah: I said dont you ever touch me. You not only slept off you even locked me out. So that armed robbers will wait me here and kill me right?

Me: no what? How can u say that?

Isaiah: how can I not say that. u locked me outside but for the grace of God…….., abeg Daniella. I want to go and sleep o. I dont want disturb.

He left me and marched into the bed room. Leaving me staring st him. I was confused! What could be wrong with him?


Part 12
The Complete Woman !
Excelrhymez A.K.A MUMMY E

I went over to our room to try and apologise to my husband for sleeping off before his return and so that we could also make up. When I got there, I discovered that he locked the room door. I knocked and knocked but he wouldn’t open. And so I went into the other room and I laid there wondering what exactly I did wrong.

I didnt even know or remember how to pray. It wasn’t long before I slept off.

The sharp pain on my back woke me up. Isaiah kicked me.

Isaiah: wake up, dont make me believe that I married a lazy woman o.

Me: Jesus! Honey why did you boot me like that?

Isaiah: Are you asking me questions? What is the time?

Me: I dont understand, its 5.30am

Isaiah: what responsible wife will he in bed at 5.30am.

I was shocked at my husbands behaviour. I didnt understand what was happening?

Me: Honey I dont understand what is happening or why you are acting like this. When do we normally wake up? You are the one who even tells me to sleep till 7that in don’t have a baby whom am rushing to school to be waking up early so why this why did you suddenly start saying I should wake up 5:30am.

Isaiah: so if I asked you to jump in a latrine, you will do it. I asked you to wake up by 7 and you really want to wake up by 7. What is your problem sef? Are you even alright?

I was just looking at my husband talk because I was still in doubt if he was the one talking or not.

Me: Honey calm down, I will get up now. Dont be offended.

I stood up and went to the kitchen and I prepared his water to bath. Then I made tea and fried eggs with bread for him. After setting the table I called him. He came to the dining and opened the food. I took my seat opposite him. As soon as he took a bite of bread and egg he spits it out. I was shocked.

Isaiah: What is this? Jesus, what is this?

Me: (shocked) what is it honey?

Isaiah: so you dont know how to fry eggs, common egg you can’t fry.

I looked at him and then the eggs , then I tool a fork and took a bite of the egg and there was nothing wrong with it.

Me: Honey but there is nothing wrong with the eggs.

The next thing i receives was a hot slap on my cheeks. I fell on the ground and hit my stomach. I burst into tears.

Isaiah: you dont talk when I talk, stupid! Eat your nonsense. Rubbish!

He storms out of the house and even though I kept calling him back to come help me he didnt look back. Then I felt it flowing from my legs. I touched it and it was blood. I screamed in pains as I managed to stand up.

I quickly grabbed a wrapper and rushed outside. Isaiah had driven off, and so I begged our neighbour to please take me to the hospital when the doctor saw me he asked that I be taken into the emergency unit immediately.

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