‘The best of all MEN is still a MAN’ – Femi Adebile reacts to Theophilus Sunday’s photos with Jamaican lover

Popular Nigerian gospel singer Theophilus Sunday’s engagement to his Jamaican partner, Ashlee White, has drawn a reaction from the popular gospel filmmaker, Femi Adebile a.k.a Fejosbaba.

On his Facebook pages, Femi Adebile shared the photo of the couple with short captions whose intents remain unclear to his followers who also took to the comment section of his posts to seek for more clarity.

Shortly after he shared some pictures with his wife/fiancée with the caption ‘As it pleases the Lord….’, many have taken their time to congratulate him while many social media users are of the opinion that the Ashlee White’s engagement dress should cover her full body.

Sharing the photos, Femi Adebile added;

Oh! Ah! Sorry Hal-le-luyah. Hmmmm….. Congratulations ooo. Hey! We are all MEN

Hmmmmm….. Really??? Well, I have always known the best of all MEN is still a MAN

Reacting to the post, some of his followers reacted relative to the meaning they gave the caption Femi Adebile added to the post. See below;

Priscilla Ibukun; Hmmm As a young girl the only lesson am learning from this men of God is “the ability and grace not to announce glory when it’s not yet time” It’s evident and apparent that these men carry the presence of God,yet they didn’t because of that announcing what is meant to be private till it’s time for revealing

Yes…. they may not marry in their country but the lesson there is that we will only see their photoshoot and not the time they met and how they met, It’s an eye opener for us youth to learn that “there are glory that the steps must not be seen or shown but the results”

Miracle Meshach Mohzo; ARE YOU SURE WE ARE NOT BEEN DECIEVED ? This is the question on the lips of many ladies, How can they preach decency and tell us to cover our body ,and see this ministers wedding shot pictures.

Before I continue any Christian that sees nothing wrong in this wedding shot is a blind Christian ,you are not seeing that, this will bring mockery to the body of Christ (Check online see the mockery already flying online )

This is a big blow to the doctrinal balance in the body of Christ. You reading this now and what is going through your mind is ,am too religious for posting this ,you need help. Let me answer your questions before I speak on this issue that has struck a big blow to the doctrinal balance in the body of Christ.

Young ladies Jesus is our portrait not any man ,the Bible is our compass,what does the Bible says about dressing ,that should be your concern not what theophilus wife to be is wearing ,come off it no body deceived you. You lie to yourself that Jesus is your gaze whereas you are looking up to man.

As a minister of the gospel so many persons are looking up to you, do you know how many ladies will stop dressing decently and showing off their body, just because of this post . Some believers will tell your their are for Jesus but on their wedding day, they will compromise .

Note this is an attack on the body of Christ ,be sensitive ,let’s pray for the body of Christ, Doctrinal erosion trying to wash away our top layer righteousness the work . May God give you understanding

Young lady continue with your decent dressing don’t be moved by what the world says ,cover your body ,it’s God’s temple ,your own God ordained husband will find you and value you . Happy married life sir ,God bless your home. This is not personal ,we expected more than this ,we expected more according to Bible standard ,according to God’s standard .

Grace Adeyemi; I’m seeing different comments here and all I can say is wow, did Minister Theophilus ever preached against marriage?

If you don’t get the joke in this post, just waka pass, your seriousness no count! And to the assistant Holy Spirit, ndi “it’s a wrong union” una well done óò.


Adebowale Amos; I was thinking brother Theo will be like apostle Paul in the bible ni not knowing my brother has not only been offered to a deity but has also been offered to a beauty, congratulations sir T. Your new home is blessed in Jesus name

Samuel Adegboyega; Sir Femi Prem Adebile If your caption is about the posture of the picture, I think it’s a Post-wedding picture.

I think they already married, because a picture on the Wife’s Instagram dated February 25th suggests that.

Femi Olaitan; Someone saying this is a wrong union in d comment section u may be thinking about there spiritual compatability which is if u hv a spiritual eyes something will tell u dat in d spirit realm which is true but note dis b4 theophilus would hv gone ahead to dis stage alot of prayers would hv been made and sometimes is better u accept what God said than to be looking for dat which may eventually destroy u and sometimes in the natural realm never judge a book by his cover forget all dis pretence in d body of christ some sisters are dangerous but u won’t know in there look.