Thank you Daddy KUMUYI for the privilege – Gospel actress, Fashikun-Aderemi Adenike expresses gratitude as she features in a Deeper Life movie project.

Popular gospel film actress, Fashikun-Aderemi Adenike has taken to social media to appreciate the founder and General Superintended of Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor WF Kumuyi following her appearance in one of the short movie recently premiered.

Recall that GFNG had earlier reported that the ‘Deeper Life Christian Ministry’ well known to have avoided engaging in movie production since it was founded in 1973 as a tool of winning souls released their first production under the full headship a member who had, Femi Adebile.

Surprisingly, the production awareness was also shared via the social platforms of Pastor WF Kumuyi to affirm their involvement in the newly launched mission of the denomination. Even since then, Evang. Femi Adebile had been releasing short movies under the umbrella of the denomination.

Few days ago, popular gospel actress, Fashikun-Aderemi Adenike took to Facebook to express her gratitude following her first feature in Deeper Life Christian Ministry movie project titled ‘Firm Anchor’ which was premiered on the 2nd of January.

The movie features Dr Adeoye Omoniyi, Femi Adebile, Doyin Hassan and Fashikun-Aderemi Adenike. Sharing the post made by Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the gospel actress captioned; Anticipate!!!Thank you Daddy WF KUMUYI for the privilege

The post made by Pastor WF Kumuyi was also captioned; Others may, I cannot! We must be light to the world, with no compromise. “Firm Anchor,” the latest episode of our Lumiere series premieres on 2nd January 2023. Tell a friend!