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Last Updated: 7th April, 2018

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  6. We do not host any file on this website except for fliers but you can have your download links submitted. Meanwhile we only upload video less than 10 minutes on our Youtube channel.
  7. Submitted production(s) on this website is liable to go through thorough screening before being posted on this website.
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  1. FILM PRODUCTIONS: (Full name of the ministry, Acronym of the ministry, Title of the film, Nature of the film, Run time, Full name of the producer, Email address and phone number of the producer, Names of 5 CREW members, Names of CASTS, Synopsis of the film, its download link or marketing contact, quotes from the films, film poster and probably 2 screenshots of the film)
  2. EPISODIC STORIES: (Full name of the writer, phone number and address of the writer, number of episodes, flier/poster, a brief/summary of the story and category of the story)
  3. MOVIE SONGS (AUDIO & VIDEO): (Title of the film, producer’s email address and phone number, year of production of the film and song, run time, genre of the song, lyrics of the song, flier of the song and its download link).