Teaching your personal consecration is very risky – Femi Adebile writes open letter to church leaders

The Director of Fejosbaba TV, Evang. Femi Adebile has written a letter of caution to the church leaders who have derailed from their primary calling especially those who have been called to teach.

In a post made via his Facebook and Instagram pages, Femi Adebile called the attentions of the church leaders who now focus on teaching the congregation their personal opinions, dealings, feelings and consecrations to give it a check.

He maintains that because God deals with each person differently and has distinct requirements for consecration, a leader who imposes his will on the congregation or his followers may cause others’ particular assignments to fail completely.

Writing further, the actor pleaded that their teachings should be as intended by the one who sent them.

He added that the church leaders should teach more of the agenda of God and His kingdom come, and only guide their followers through their own personal consecrations and dealings.

In his words;

Dear MOG, Pastors and Leaders, Please may I speak to you for a while?

It’s risky to teach opinions, it’s risky to teach your personal dealings, It’s risky to teach your feelings, It’s risky to teach your personal consecration

It’s risky to present your personal template into doctrine, It could cause many to fail on their assignment, This thing called INFLUENCE is powerful, Please let’s use it well to reveal the Christ alone

Teach the Agenda of KINGDOM COME, Teach the Agenda of God, Lead them to the school of the spirit, Let them follow their own dealings, Let them follow their own templates, What works for me may not work for you!

So far the whole Agenda is Kingdom Come, Jesus Revealed! Jesus Glorified!, We are still all fulfilling thesame Agenda. Good evening