‘Teaching people how to make healthy food is my passion’ – Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye reveals, set to begin teachings on Nutrition

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye’s wife, Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye has taken to her official Instagram page to reveal one of the few things she is passionate about.

According to her, teaching how to make the right food and also how to eat the right way are few of the things she loves to do.

She further announced that she will be starting a new teaching about Nutrition on her Instagram page where she will be dishing out some tips on Nutrition with the hash tag, #ToluSpeaksNutrition.

In her words; One of the things I am passionate about, is empowering people with the knowledge needed to make healthy food choices and to practice healthy eating habits. So starting now, I’ll be sharing more about nutrition from time to time here. Let’s start with the basics… Why is nutrition important?

To assert that she’s all set to take her Instagram followers on the free ride of Nutrition, she shared the first tip by defining what Nutrition is.

In her words; The human body needs energy to perform all of its basic functions such as; breathing, helping repair body, growth and maintaining a healthy immune system etc.

This energy that the body needs is found in food as nutrients. Food and water are essential to life, they are God’s given fuel for out body.