TEACHER CHUKS; Season 5 (Part 9&10) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 9
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except the grain of wheat falling into the ground die, it abides alone; but if it die, it bears much fruit.” Jesus said as I was in between my choices…

“ Are you saying my death will bring much souls to the Kingdom?” I asked ignorantly

“ Do you think that is the meaning of that scripture?” Jesus asked giving me a side smile

“ Yes… I mean that scripture was your way of telling the disciples you were going to die, and that through your death you will gain men unto yourself for God…” I said

“ Well, you are not totally wrong, but that scripture speaks emphatically about living a sacrificial life. Dying daily to gain many unto God… God expects humans to give their lives for the kingdom.” He said as we drew closer to the Light….

“ What are you saying in essence,please Jesus don’t speak to me in Parables…” I said

“ Chukwuemeka!” Jesus called me by my full name…

“ You can walk through the light into your eternal rest and be happy, or you can choose to return and bring more men to God By living a sacrificial life… the choice is yours…” Jesus said

“ Sacrificial life?… What is a sacrificial life…”

“ Do you know the kind of sacrifice that goes up to God as a sweet smelling savour… A lot of believers are making sacrifices, but it goes nowhere…”

“ What Kind?” I asked

“ Numbers 28:1” He said and out of Him popped out the letters that formed the words, I was taken aback, but instant reasoning hit me. Jesus is the WORD made Flesh, so He is the scripture, that explained words popping out of Him. With Speed, I quickly read the Words as they floated in the space in front of me…

“Command the children of Israel, and say to them, ‘My offering, My Sacrifices, My food for My offerings made by fire as a sweet aroma ( Savour) to Me, you shall be careful to offer to Me at their appointed time.’ I Read and The words went back into Him…

I tried to wrap my head around what I just read….

“ Sacrifices, offering, made by fire, sweet aroma, appointed time” I mentioned the keywords in the Scripture…

“Yes, the kind of sacrifice or sacrificial work that goes up to God is the kind that was made or given under FIRE” Jesus said

“Under Fire…What does that mean?”

“ Fire is not an easy thing, but Gold is made by Fire, so whatever sacrifice that must be made must be felt by you… Whatever sacrifice you are giving to God, be it money, energy, talent must pass through FIRE… You must give it with all your heart and strength…”

“ Hmm… meaning I have not done enough…!”

“You haven’t…so the choice is left to you… The choice again …You can walk through the light into your eternal rest and be happy, or you can choose to return and bring more men to God By living a sacrificial life… the choice is yours…”

“ But you said my body is weak….”

“ Even an extra day on earth is enough to win millions of people… I only spent few years on earth” He said smiling once again

“ Ok…!”

“ So what is your choice?”

“ I will Pick eternity… I am scared if I return to earth, I may miss heaven the next time…”

“ Ok, your choice…” He said with a Sad Smile… “But …” He continued but stopped all of a sudden…

“ But What?”

“ Never mind… you have made your choice”

We walked towards the light ready to embrace God… I was so eager to see God and How He looked liked….

I entered into the light and it really felt like Heaven…The feeling indescribable…

As I walked in , a Gold like three dimensional carpet was laid for me…I was literally stepping on Gold. It was so real to me. I saw the smiles the heavenly beings showered me with…, but suddenly the atmosphere changed… the smiles on the faces of the Heavenly Beings became Laughter mixed with excitement…

I started hearing melodious beats and music … It appeared to me like a celebration was about to take place.

“Are they celebrating my return? “ I thought silently in happiness…, but my answer was the opposite. I was not the one being celebrated… Some one else was walking into the Light….

Baba Agba…..


Part 10
Opeyemi Akintunde

Baba Agba…

I was Surprised at his entrance…

“ Is Baba Agba Dead?” I thought Silently

I saw the big smile on Jesus’ face. The Joy unexplainable… it was obvious the host of Heaven was happy at His arrival…

The festivity continued and it felt like He was placed on a fast track, before I knew what was happening he had been transported ahead of me….

I watched in amazement as he stepped on a platform that had the shape of a human feet….

Immediately, I saw Baba Agba’s lifetime play in front of us…. His earliest years were a mess, but later in marriage, he became close to God and impacted a lot of lives, I saw myself as one of those he helped along the way…

“Heaven is happy anytime a new person walks through the light, but Heaven is happier and full with Joy when a man who has won a lot of souls walk into the Light…. He becomes one of the VIP’s “ Jesus said with a playful smile….

“ So Baba Agba is dead?” I asked

“ Yes!, his fragile heart could not take your sudden demise…”

“ Oh my God… he died because of me?”

“ Yes, but ABBA father permitted it…”

“Hmm… please can I go back…. I can see I haven’t done much….”

“ You have passed through the light, Only FATHER can make you go back through the Light…” Jesus said

“ Please, let me return….”

“ I can’t plead on your behalf, unless…”

“ Unless what?” I pleaded

“ Unless I have something tangible to tender as a reason why you should be given another chance…” Jesus said

“ A reason?… Tell God, I will impact a lot of teenagers..,”

“ That’s too vague, besides a lot of people are doing that already…” Jesus replied

“ I will preach everyday, in buses, on the street…”

“ We have devoted sons and daughters who do that consistently, so without you, that is already being taken care of!” Jesus said and turned away from me….

I noticed my body started going deeper into Heaven, I knew I had to find a good reason to stay alive just like Favour had taught me….

It dropped into my heart….

“The SCA” I said in my heart and Jesus must have heard it without me uttering it out. He turned to me and raised His eyebrow…

“What about it?”

“ I can wage war against them…” I said

He didn’t reply me, rather He smiled…

“ Is that good enough reason?” I screamed

“ It may pass” He replied with a grin

Once again, I felt it. It felt like a tornado had hit me and I was falling down from a great height.

I hit a body and my eyes popped open. I was being carried by two men out of the Lighthouse obviously to bury me.

They jumped back in fear and dropped my body….



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