TEACHER CHUKS; Season 5 (Part 7&8) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 7
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Well, I don’t know how to answer that, because I really don’t know anything about being a Muslim, All I am interested in, is you knowing Jesus” I said flashing my white teeth at her…

“ But I have one question for you… We Muslims don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, How can God Who is divinity have a Mortal man as a Child?” Gambo asked

“ Well, I have no wisdom to answer that, but I can give you this answer…”
I picked up my Bible again and flipped to Heb 2:14

“Since the children, as he calls them, are people of flesh and blood, Jesus himself became like them and shared their human nature. He did this so that through his death he might destroy the Devil, who has the power over death” I paused and moved down to verse 17

“For this reason he had to be made like them,fully human in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people. Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”

“ What does that mean?”

“ It simply means Jesus, the Son Of God, Who is immortal had to become one of us in flesh and blood so that firstly, through his death he could destroy the works of Satan and secondly be the best intercessor for us… “

“Hmm…., that means he who was divinity needed to experience humanity So that he can be the best person to speak for humanity before God?” Gambo asked …

“ Exactly!” I said as I watched Gambo lost in thought. I sat silently praying to God in my heart to please give me this one soul, before I died…..but Favour walked in and cut short that prayer…

“ She needs to get out of here…!” Favour said with all seriousness

“ Why?”

“ She is a Muslim!” Favour said looking at me. I became muted because I didn’t see a point in what she had just said…

“ Ok?” I finally garnered inward strength to speak

“ I did a quick research on her online to be sure of who she really is…!” Favour said , but I kept quiet giving her the raised eyebrow meaning “ So?”

“ Ok, she is the only daughter of the Ex minister of information Lai Abubakar, you know how violent he is in his strong opposition against the Christians… We don’t want any trouble from his quarters… I have gotten the number of his P.A. I will put a call through to him, hopefully they will bring her private jet soon…” Favour said and I looked at her dumbfoundedly, as I couldn’t believe she wasn’t seeing what I was seeing… I pulled Favour out of the office….

“ Favour, What is wrong with you?” I asked her

“ I don’t understand your question…” Favour asked looking at me squarely

“ Favour, God brought us a stray sheep and you want us to lose her because of religious differences”

“ You want to convert the daughter of Lai Abubakar?” Favour asked very bewildered

“ Is that a crime?” I asked

“ No, it’s a suicide mission for you and a mass destruction for everyone in this house…”

“ Well, if it’s about dying, my life doesn’t really count much, so I will be willing to die if I can draw a child to Jesus, but about the other kids I know no trouble can befall them. God is watching over them… “

Favour obviously wasn’t fascinated by my talk as she made a turn to leave…

“Listen Favour I am not planning to convert her or do something drastic with her, I just want her to meet Jesus, and when she does , I leave her to God…If God wants her to publicly become a Christian, that’s not my work, God will do that… Favour listen I read something amazing in the Bible this morning… Do you know Ahab In The Bible…?”

“ What about Him?” Favour asked

“Jezebel , his wife made him and his household to be against the Lord, but do you know in the midst of those very close to Ahab, we still had a man who was devoted to God, His name was Obadiah ….” I said and Favour was quiet

“ Obadiah was the Administrator of Ahab’s palace but yet he had a very close relationship with God… don’t you think Gambo can know Jesus even while living with her….” I was saying when Favour cut in…

“ I hope you don’t get your hands burnt…” She turned in a bid to walk away, but I held her back and she turned to face me…

“ I hate Muslims…” Favour said

“ Hate?, Wow Why?”

“ For their fanaticism and killing of fellow humans. They are murderers”

“ Well, That makes the two of you!” I said , and she looked me in the eye…

“ What did you say?” She asked

“ Anyone who hates his fellow human being is a murderer, says the Bible, so if you hate the Muslims because of what you supposedly say they do, then you are also a murderer “like them “ and besides I don’t want you judging Muslims by a sect of people who are blood thirsty hiding under the guise of their religion… Favour, not all Muslims are wicked, violent, brutal … I have lived with them while growing up in the north, so I have seen them..moreover, some people also hide under Christianity to do evil, we have false pastors killing people, Wicked elders sleeping with teenagers in church…What do you say about that?”

She had no answer for me as she squared her shoulders , so I decided to push on…

“ Favour please forget the religious difference, I am not interested in that, Let’s reach the soul of this girl and give her Jesus…. Let’s show her LOVE” I said

“ A fanatic killed my Uncle!” Favour burst out

I had to keep quiet for few minutes as I understood where the hate was coming from…

“ I am sorry…” I said

“ And that is why I don’t want their trouble…Chuks, get the girl out of here” Favour walked away

“ Favour, would Jesus want us to send this girl away, What would Jesus do if he was here?”

“ I am not Jesus!” Favour said and entered her room for the night…

Favour did not get my point…

I didn’t want us to see Gambo as a Muslim or Christian… I just wanted us to see her as a human being who needed to meet Christ… Christ, being the best gift God had given humanity…

I walked into the office and the first question Gambo asked me proved to me I was doing the right thing…

“ How I can know more about Jesus?” Gambo asked


Part 8
Opeyemi Akintunde

I expounded the scriptures to her that night, before we both slept off in Favour’s office.

I told her the Scripture was the best material one needed to read in other to know more about Jesus…

I promised to share the scripture with her very well before she went back home.

“ I really don’t want to go home…!”

“ Why?”

“ Sometimes despite all the money we have, I always feel lonely.. Uncle can you be my friend?” Gambo asked

“ Sure, we are friends already!”

After listening to me for a while, I told her it was time to formerly declare her friendship to Jesus…I told her to repeat after me…

“ Lord Jesus, thank you for coming to this earth in bodily form to die for me, forgive me for my unbelief. Today I believe you are the son of God and you died and rose up… therefore I accept your hands of friendship stretched to me. Make me become who God wants me to be, In Jesus name I pray.” I said and Gambo repeated after me…

“ Whew! I feel different, like kinda happy” she said smiling….

We spoke about other things and we slept off….


When I woke up, my Spirit was no longer in my body, I saw Favour, Ajaara , Baba Agba hitting my body that laid on the chair… They were crying….Gambo was crying more… I saw the way Favour was looking at her…

“ You killed him? Why?” Favour barked at Gambo

“ No….” Gambo replied in tears….

“ I am happy you didn’t miss her before your time was up, She will reach out to more souls on your behalf” I heard someone say from behind me. I tried looking back to see the person’s face, but I couldn’t. It felt like a force was stopping me from looking backwards…

“ Who are you?”

“ Still Don’t recognize my voice?” the voice asked and instant recognition hit me. It was the voice of Jesus who pleaded for me to have a second chance…

“ Jesus! Oh my Goodness, thank you for everything…”

“ All Glory to Father, Are you ready to go home with me?” The voice asked

“ Sure!” I said smiling

“ Or do you still have somethings to tidy up….?” Jesus asked

“ Well, you know Lord…, honestly I wish I could get more teenagers closer to God, I wish I had more time to deliver people from the hand of sexual immorality “

“ That’s a good vision…, but your body is weak and can not carry you for that journey”

“ I know, but can’t I be given a new body?”

“ To do what?” He asked as we were gradually walking towards a bright light. I wanted so much to stop walking , but it felt like I had no power over my body…

Right from the center of that Light, I felt a current charging towards me, it is a feeling I can’t explain on paper… It felt better than any kind of enjoyment one could feel on earth, not even the the fulfillment derived from Sex could equal it….

“ What’s that feeling?” I asked Jesus

“ The Awesome Presence Of God… His Presence is Joy for evermore..” Jesus said as I burst into laughter mixed with tears. My Joy knew no bounds… I wanted to wrap my hand around that Joy, it was so tangible…

“ So?, you were saying?” Jesus asked

At that point, I was confused at what to do. I was on my way to heaven and Heaven felt so good, yet I looked sideways and I saw the Lighthouse and how broken Gambo was. I thought of all the teenagers in the world who needed guidance and love.

“ Should I turn away from this certainty of Heaven and plead with Jesus to allow me return to earth to do more for God? What if along the line I lose my salvation?” I asked inwardly

“ So What do you really want, we are drawing closer to HIS presence?” Jesus asked with Urgency in His voice…



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