TEACHER CHUKS; Season 5 (Part 19&20) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 19
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Knock! Knock!” That was me knocking at Favour’s door very early around 4:45am. I couldn’t sleep through out the night after Tina had suggested the TLA. The joy bubbling in my heart knew no bounds, so the moment it was 4:30am, I took my bath and went to her door to share Tina’s Idea with her….

“ Yes, Who is there?” I heard Favour’s croaky voice…

“ Chuks..” I said though a bit concerned at her voice. It sounded like someone who was crying…

“ Can you come back?, I am a bit busy!” Favour replied

“ Busy? Favour what is wrong?”

“ Nothing… I just want to be alone” Favour replied between sobs…

Favour was not a weakling, so whatever that was making her cry was definitely a tough thing…

“ Favour please open the door!” I pleaded.

“ I am okay!”

“ No, you are not!, please..”

I waited few minutes and I guess Favour knew I was not going to leave, so she opened the door…

Her eyes were bloodshot red and very swollen… I took her by the hands and led her to her 2 Seater sofa.

“Favour, what’s wrong?, is something wrong with you, or is something wrong with Mercy?”

She shook her head in the negative…

“ Mercy is fine… It’s just that….”

“ That what?” I persuaded

“ I am fed up with my life, I am lonely, I have no one to share my innermost feelings with… I am sure everyone thinks I am strong and all that.. but I also want to be happy, laugh, play around, have someone to pounce on, have someone to go on a picnic with, someone I can pour some love on….”
Favour went on and on and I knew what she wanted….

“ You will find that special someone Soon, Favour!” I said assuring her with a warm embrace…

“ When? everyone I have met run away the moment they realize I cannot have children again… Can’t a man love a woman if she can’t have children..”

“ Well, it will take a man of understanding , a man who has met with Christ or a man who knows eternity is more important than this physical life we are living…”

“ Like you?” Favour asked and I knew the weak side of Favour was coming to the forefront…

“ Yes! Favour, you are a beautiful woman, strong, wise, spiritual and a treasure for any man who is lucky to marry you eventually, but you have to be patient, if you want God to give you the best…. I might have jumped at the opportunity if not that I made the wrong choice of marrying my wife on impulse…”

“ But you are single now!” Favour said, very unlike her “We could be a perfect couple doing better things for the Lighthouse “ She said

“ I am still married to my wife, she only walked out of the marriage, What if she comes back tomorrow, that will make me a polygamist if I get married to you…”

Favour kept quiet and kept staring into my eyes, electric current ran through my spine. I also had missed Feminine touch, I knew I was moving really close to her, just like she was moving towards me.

I could hear the warning bells very loudly in my brain….

“ Don’t do it, Favour is weak right now, be strong for her, you will regret this in the next few minutes…” I heard the little sensible voice in my heart

Her breath was warm against mine, her lips were just few breaths away from mine….

“ Chuks, do you want to lose months of staying clean?, Chuks do you want to disappoint God again? Do you want the SCA to have a reason to rejoice again, Do you want to disappoint TINA ?, Do you want to fall from the height God has taken you on that Spiritual ladder to hit the ground again?”

“ But God, can’t I be with Favour?, She is a good daughter of yours, besides I don’t know where my wife is, what if she is married to someone else?” I was pleading my case with God when I felt Favour’s warm lips….

“ Should I do this?” I asked myself for the last time….


Part 20
Opeyemi Akintunde

It clicked!

“If you do this, you are just a big disappointment!”

As Favour’s lips touched mine and I was about to reciprocate the gesture, those words hit me like an arrow in the chest. I moved back and held Favour by her arms…

“ Please!” Favour said

“ No! Favour we will regret this later!” I said

“ I am not asking you to have sex with me, just kiss me and hold me tight… please!”

“ We won’t stop there if we start…” I said firmly…

“ I promise I will stop us!God knows I love Him and I won’t want to commit fornication, but God knows I need this too!”

“ Favour, I need this as much as you need it, but I can’t, No matter how hungry I am, I can’t eat Feces… Fornication is Feces…”

“ Fine!” She said looking very angry. I had two options… It was either I stayed there trying to make her happy and in the bid, Fall or I stood up and walked out when I still had the time…

I took the second option and walked out…

“ Chuks!, Chuks!” Favour called but I started speaking in tongues, so the HolySpirit could help me walk totally out of that room…

I stepped out and guess who I met outside the room?

Favour and Tina… They were stepping out of Tina’s room…

What! My eyes popped and my heart stopped for a second!

“ Favour! what are you doing there” I looked back looking into her room… The Favour I left there was still seated right there…

“I slept off in Tina’s room last night while we were drawing out the plan for the new school Idea… She told me she has discussed it with you!” Favour said with excitement

I looked very confused…

Favour and Tina followed my gaze, Tina apparently suspected something foul and walked towards Favour’s room. The Favour seated in the room stood up from the bed to meet Tina and Favour at the entrance…

“ Jesus!” Favour ran back in Fear

“ Who are you?” Tina challenged her

“ Favour, of course…” She said

“ No, you are not me… “ The Favour who was standing behind Tina said

“ I know you are from the SCA, I therefore command you to uncover yourself right now!” Tina said authoritatively

“ By whose authority?….You are no longer my boss and can never boss me around…!” She said with disdain in her voice

“ Linda? 003496?” Tina asked

“ Yes…., Suprised? I am the new boss in town…” The strange Favour said…

“Linda? 003496? “ I tried doing a mental flashback to see if I remembered who she was, but I couldn’t figure it out!

“You asked in whose authority I was commanding you? Well, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to uncover your self….” Tina said walking towards her

Like something from a Sci-Fi movie, the lady transformed from Favour to a petite looking lady….

“ You will regret this!” Linda said in anger

“ No you will regret this, if you don’t give your life to Christ soon enough.” Tina retorted

The Lady walked away and my legs became very weak under me.. I would have fallen if not for God’s strength…

“ I hope you didn’t do it ?” Tina said to me with a questioning look

“ I didnt… but…”



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