TEACHER CHUKS; Season 5 (Part 17&18) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 17
Opeyemi Akintunde

Gambo came back to the Lighthouse with a large entourage.

Favour was the one who woke me from sleep…

“ Chuks, Lai Abubakar is here with Gambo, I guess there is trouble, he is asking to see you…” Favour said over the intercom. My heart skipped a beat, but I braced Up assuring myself I couldn’t die yet as God had given me too many chances to live…

I stepped into the Lighthouse common room that served as a living room. Madam Uyai was there, Favour, Tina and some of the older youths. Lai Abubakar has his head bowed and the security personnel that stood around him didn’t have friendly looks on their faces.

Gambo gave me a smile as I walked in. At that same instance, Abubakar looked up. Fear gripped my heart as I didn’t know what to expect, he had a blank look on his face.

With his tiny frame, he stood up and walked towards me…

“ You must be Mr Chuks that preached Jesus to my daughter…?” He said and if not for the love of God in my heart, I would have denied knowing Jesus that very moment…

“ Yes sir” I said

“ Walk with me …”

Favour shook her head in the negative and I knew that probably was the best…

“ I am sorry sir, I am not enjoying the best of health now, so I have been advised to stay indoors” I said

“ Ok, then can we be left alone for a while?” He said directing his question to everyone in the room. Everyone looked at Favour and with her nod of approval, they all left the room. The security personnel left as well.

“ I was born and raised a Muslim and I intend dying as one, however I have been a secret disciple of Jesus. I read the Bible and apply some of it to my life. Although In public for political reasons, I have to pretend I hate the Christians. Gambo is my only child and I desire that she be happy all the days of her life. Gambo has been a stubborn self willed child of mine for years but after she met you and returned home, I saw someone else who wasn’t my daughter. Gambo has become well behaved, she stays indoors these days. I was forced to have a sit down with her few months back…


“ Daddy, the old Gambo didn’t have peace on the inside, I was a troubled teenager and that’s why I always came across as a troublesome child, but ever since I met the Prince of Peace, he has calmed me on the inside. He told me peace be still…”

“ Prince of Peace?”

“ Father, I know you may kill me for this, but I cannot deny what I have now..”

“ What do you have now?”

“ Jesus Christ!”


“ I was quiet for 15 minutes as I knew what she felt was real, but I was scared of what my family, friends, politician friends would say if the news that the only daughter of Lai Abubakar had become a Christian…, but what kept tugging at my heart for months was that if the prince of peace could make my daughter happy, what kind of father was I to want to deny her that happiness….” He said and had a long pause…

“ I am a satisfied Muslim, with no intention of converting, but if my daughter wants to be a Christian so be it, besides I have peace knowing it is the same God she wants to get closer to, the difference is she is going through the path of Jesus Christ….”

I was tongued-tied and I silently wished Favour was present to hear what Lai Abubakar was saying to me…

“ That is why I have brought her to you… I want you to adopt her as your daughter and protect her with your life. This will be our little secret. To everyone, I will tell them I disowned her for changing her religion, but between us, you know I didn’t do that. I have explained to Gambo as well, her mother is also in agreement… Please will you accept her as your daughter?

I stood looking blankly at him, wondering what on earth was happening….


Part 18
Opeyemi Akintunde

Lai Abubakar came in prepared, he brought out the adoption papers from his trouser pocket, which he had signed. I also signed the part specified for me, with Shaky hands I signed.

There was a part for two witnesses to sign. His wife had signed one and I was to provide the other witness. No other person came to mind than Favour.

I invited Favour in and Lai Abubakar recounted all he had said to me. Favour had her mouth wide agape as she took the pen and appended her signature.

Lai Abubakar also wrote me a multi million naira Cheque. He told me it would be yearly. Officially, Lai Abubakar handed over Gambo to me. Gambo hugged me so tight it drew tears out of my eyes. I wondered why God was so Merciful to me. He knew I couldn’t father a child anymore, He decided to give me a grown up one…

I Officially led Gambo to Christ and she did her water baptism. She changed her name to Grace. My joy knew no bounds…

After about two weeks, Tina walked up to me in the office….

“ I have an idea…” Tina had said

“ Ok?”

“ The SCA groomed boys and girls to corrupt, destroy and steal destinies, why don’t we groom boys and girls who will correct, heal and deliver destinies…”

“ That is great and that is exactly what the Lighthouse is doing, that is what Favour, Mrs Uyai and I have been doing with the teenagers here…”

“ But it’s not enough, we don’t have enough time with them… We hardly spend 5 hours in a day with them, they go to school from 8am-4pm, when they get back they are really exhausted and afterwards, it is night devotion and off they go to bed….”

“ Ok…?”

“ But That is not how you input in young ones what you want them to become… At the SCA, we were indoctrinated within the four walls, morning, day and night…”

“ Yes… I understand your point, but I still don’t know what you are driving at…” I said to Tina

“ For us to trample the SCA and other devilish agencies we may not even know about, we must be ready to raise our own agents and soldiers, and we must train them right from cradle…”

“ Ok?”

“ I suggest we look into getting into the academic industry by establishing our own School, where we can build our own agents of change..”

I paused as I looked straight into Tina’s eyes… I got it, I understood what she was saying…


“ Yes, the TLA, That will bring down the SCA….”

“ A regular school?”

“ Yes, of all ages, from nursery, primary, through secondary and even university… It will be a regular school, but we have an agenda to raise soldiers and agents of change that will bring down the works of the devil…” Tina said with full determination…

I stood up as I couldn’t contain the joy in my heart, maybe this was the original plan of becoming a teacher. The school was indeed the best place to influence young ones…

But Favour….

Would she buy this new idea, especially coming from Tina????



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