TEACHER CHUKS; Season 4 (Part 11&12) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 11
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Why did you make me fall? Why did you make me sleep with you?… Why did you make me have s€x again?… I should have known that your salvation was not genuine… I should have known all these talk about you being born again were all lies. Yes! Lies! “ Rejoice said the moment she came in few minutes later

I sat in amazement at how Rejoice had turned the whole situation against me… I had suddenly become the evil one. I couldn’t utter a word,as Rejoice kept lamenting…

“ I had just surrendered my life to God again last night and the devil came to tempt me with S€x… instead of helping me overcome the temptation, you slept with me…” Rejoice said crying bitterly…

“ Rejoice, I was trying to help you… I am regretting the act myself” I said

“ Help me?… Mr Chuks…You are a devil, you are the devil sent into my life… You lured me into S€x at an early age, made me a useless entity… A shadow of who God wanted for me… The S€x I had with you opened the door for the devil in to my life… From S€x, I went into drugs, from drugs into Astra projecting, from Astra projecting to becoming a human idol … Now , to think I thought God had decided to give me another chance just last night… You stole that chance from me again!”

“ Rejoice you were the one begging me for s€x?” I said weeping

“ Why didn’t you say no?, you should have stood your ground as a Christian, you should have helped me… Didn’t you know that was not me begging for the S€x, it was the devil in me… I hate you Mr Chuks, I hate you…” Rejoice said screaming at me…

At this point, I knew her voice was getting louder, and she was about to put us into trouble…

“ Rejoice, I am sorry for not controlling myself and I know how you feel, but if only you can understand that what you feel doesn’t come close to how I feel right now, you will forgive me… please keep your voice down… don’t get us killed…” I said

“ Killed?…. I am already dead Uncle Chuks… I died the first time you had s€xual immorality with me as a teenager, my creativity died, my intellectuality died, my conscience died, my sense of morality died…everything about me died…. I have just been a living corpse walking around… God, I am sorry… I know when I was a little child, a prophet told my mum I was going to be a great woman in politics…., but I am not even close to that, Please forgive me and give me a new chance….”

I broke down ashamed of myself, simultaneously Rejoice ran out of the room… I stood up , and followed her, but she was running out of the camp…

“ Stop ! I said stop!” One of the watchmen said loudly as Rejoice kept running. I saw the Watchman aiming his gun at Rejoice….

“ Rejoice! Stop… please … he has a guuunnnnnn” I screamed out loudly in desperation

“ BANG!”

The gun shot and the air shattered with the echo renting in the air. The bullet tore through space and hit Rejoice at her spine….Grave silence fell upon the camp.

“ Reeejoiceeeeeeeee” I screamed out loudly as I ran towards her….

She fell to the ground like a park of cards…. I picked her up from the ground, she was gushing out blood from her mouth already…

“ Looord J….esusssss, For…give me…..” Rejoice said and with tears in my eyes, Rejoice breathe her last in my hands….

I wept knowing I had failed God… I sat there crying uncontrollably….

The new chief had ordered the watchman to be killed. Rejoice’s Body was collected from me and buried.

I kept looking like a moron, I wished I could just die…. The new chief summoned me to his room…

“ I am sorry for what happened, I feel really bad… I wish I had left you yesterday…, because the true God appeared to me in my dream. I saw a man in White on a white horse asking me why was I kicking against the pricks. He told me I knew the religion we were practicing was man made and yet because of power I was not willing to let go….

He told me I was rebelling against Him. I asked Him to forgive me, and he told me only on the condition that I let you and others go. He told me to dissolve the whole sect…
So, I woke up with the intention of asking you to tell me more about the Christian Religion but the unfortunate has happened….” The Chief was saying as I was still in my dumbfounded state….

“ God had planned our release for today, and just last night I messed up” This realization made me weep like a man who was crazy

“ I know you are not in the right frame of mind to preach to me, but have me in your prayers… You are free to go, but if you will like to wait so we all can go in a group, it’s fine.”

The next 3 hours looked to me like images were flashing ahead of me… 5 pickups had come into the camp and together with all the villagers, we went out of the camp.

They dropped me off at the main road, but I asked myself…

“ Can I still return to the Lighthouse?”

And I knew the answer in my heart…

“ No!, I had disappointed God and not in the position to lead the teenagers anymore…”

I took the other turn and went on to nowhere …


Part 12
Opeyemi Akintunde

I knew within myself that though I was walking, I had no definite destination in mind…

I felt too ashamed to return to the Lighthouse. I had disappointed myself… I didn’t feel worthy to preach s€xual purity or godliness to the teenagers. I made myself feel better by telling myself that Favour and Baba Agba could meet their spiritual needs in my absence.

By then, I was feeling a certain level of hatred for the female gender. I remembered it was Laraba that started the evil fire in me… I concluded with tears flowing down from my eyes, that women were the greatest tools in the hands of devil and I didn’t want to have anything to do with them. I remembered how Favour almost lured me into sleeping with her as well, but I escaped.

I kept walking till I saw a sign post in front of a house…


My heart immediately warmed up to the idea of working as a house keeper temporarily. There were two advantages to that… I felt I would have a house over my head and two, I would be too busy to think about the Lighthouse…

I was about knocking at the gate,when I realized how dirty I was looking…I walked around looking for a public toilet to freshen up.

On getting to the public toilet, I met an Hausa man and since I could speak the language I made friends with him. I told him my predicament. However, my story was in bits and pieces.

I told him, my family lived in the north and I was in Lagos for a better life. I told him I had been kidnapped and was just released.

He offered me his little kiosk , if I needed a place to stay for a while. I gladly accepted the offer. I stayed with Usman for a week, still not getting myself.

During the week, I kept thinking about the job vacancy of the house keeper I had seen a week earlier. I told Usman about it, and he was elated as he was familiar with the owner of the house.
During my one week stay, I noticed an elderly man who made it a daily routine to blast his horn at Usman on his way home as a way of saying hi to Usman….

“ My Oga friend… I will take you there as my brother….” Usman had said excitedly

Usman took me to the man’s house. Fortunately, the gateman was also a northerner. He and Usman exchanged pleasantries. He explained all about me and how my family was living in the north.

I spoke Hausa to the Gateman as well, telling him of my interest in the job of the housekeeper…

With excitement, the Gateman went in to inform the boss about me.

I was told the elderly man asked to see me.

I walked into the big house with anxiety tugging at my heart. I was hoping I wouldn’t get a No… The first image that caught my attention was…

“ The best way to be a God, is to read wide… I don’t need a God to solve my problems, because I believe through books I can have the solution to all life issues…”

And indeed…. the living room I stepped into was more of a library than a living room….

“ Welcome … Young man!”



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