TEACHER CHUKS; Season 3 (Part 9&10) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 9
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Answer me….!” You could hear the way Favour was breathing really hard….

Mercy didn’t say anything, I turned from them because this was not how I wanted Favour to find out about her daughter’s addiction to P0rnography and Mast¥rbation.

“ I said, what did you just say about p0rn and Mast¥rbation?” Favour asked like she had been struck by lightning

Mercy realized she had said too much…

“ Chuks.. What is She saying?” Favour was visibly shaking… “Chuks, is Mercy saying she is into Mast¥rbation..?”

By this time Favour was crying and Mercy was in tears as well.

I could feel Favour’s pain, she had tried to shield Mercy from all the evils of s€xual immorality but apparently she went too far with it. I tried to console Favour but she was heartbroken…

“ I thought I was raising a daughter fit for the king’s palace, but I didn’t know she wasn’t even close to it, where did I miss it with you?, I sacrificed a lot for you Mercy…” She said with a raised voice as she was crying out loud. This attracted the attention of neighbors including Baba Agba, Ajaara, Gloria and a few others..

“ Yes… That is it, you always feel I will repeat your mistake, but no, I am not you in anyway..” Mercy said…

Both of them were heartbroken and released a lot of pent up emotions.

I tried to calm things down but there was no headway with both of them. I decided to pull Mercy aside , while Baba Agba pulled Favour back

“ Mercy stop this, the more you talk the more you hurt her, and despite all that you have been saying, you can’t deny the fact that she has been a good single mother to you…. By talking this way, you are hurting her” I said

“ I have been hurting since I was a child…”Mercy said

“ All she did is out of love for you…” I said

“ I don’t want that kind of love, I want a love that lets me express myself.”

“ Ok, do me a Favour by going home with Ajaara, while I speak to her”

“ Fine, but make sure you speak to her very well, before she pushes me to do what I don’t want to do…” She said with all seriousness in her voice.

She left me and was going to her place, but Favour spoke up instead…

“ I hope you are not going to my house, You this ingrate. Don’t let me find your two legs in my house..”

“ Fine!, all the better!” Mercy retorted

“ Favour!” I shouted at Favour.

“ Ajaara, Go with her. Make sure she goes home.” Ajaara and Gloria ran after Mercy.

“Favour, What is wrong with you?, Was this how your mother treated you?” I asked her based on her explanation of how her mother had helped her through her teenage pr€gnancy

“ My case was different, my mother was not available for me, but I have always been available for Mercy, even to the point that she was the one who made me lose Eugene. Having her has robbed me of a lot of good things, So is she supposed to pay me back with immorality. Now it is Mast¥rbation, very soon it will be full blown S€x and before we know, she will get pr€gnant…”

“ I am sorry to say this, but for the first time I will say you have not acted wisely. You are not to be prim and proper when training a teen. You should be her friend.” I said

Favour broke down in tears…

“ Is she condemning her for masturbating?” Baba Agba asked

I nodded in the affirmative

“ You don’t do that…, When a child is going through a form of s€xual problem or challenge , you are meant to be sympathetic first and then together find the solution…You better go after your daughter before you lose her.” Baba Agba said

“I masturbated for 30 years and yet I got out of it…” Baba Agba added surprisingly. “ Even as a married man and father of kids.. I was deep in it and I didn’t like it one bit, but I was trapped and wrapped up in the terrible habit, until….”


Part 10
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Mast¥rbation is a terrible addiction that needs the right knowledge to get over it. When I was younger, I use to masturbate everyday. It weakened me, it made me depressed to the point I took anti depressants Pills everyday, because I knew the Mast¥rbation was tearing me apart.”

“ Know this Favour, there is no one trapped in the act of Mast¥rbation that is proud of it and that is why most people tend to be secretive about it, which is the greatest power the devil or the Masturbating power has over them. Favour, You should be grateful that your daughter has come out to tell someone about it, she is half way out of the battle.”

Favour had her head bowed in pain…

“Over the years I have counseled people on the issue and my first advise has always been for them to open up to someone close, because it makes them accountable….In my case , I confided in my beloved wife of blessed memory about my struggles with Mast¥rbation which turned out to be the best decision I ever made as my wife showed me unconditional love and Sympathy.

She didn’t judge me, rather she would pray with me. Do you know how that must have felt for her as a married woman. I was so deep in Mast¥rbation that I would deny my wife interc0urse, instead I will leave her on the bed to go watch p0rnography DVD. She caught me red handed Masturbating on several occasions. That was how bad, the demon of Mast¥rbation was controlling my life.

In my case, it was my uncle who I lived with in my early days that made me start Masturbating. He was a matured bachelor, who brought different ladies home. I would sleep in the same room where he would be having interc0urse with different ladies. At 14, I couldn’t approach any lady to make love to so instead I helped myself out.

I continued this for 30 years , but it got to a point when I told myself, no more. It made me a loner, My marriage was suffering. I was worse than someone addicted to hard drugs, but I eventually got out of it, when I got the inspiration of the full meaning of Mast¥rbation. I coined a sentence out of it..MASs TURBulence to destroy a nATION. I constantly told my self that MAST¥RBATION was a Mass turbulence the devil had sent into the world to destroy nations, and since I was a “ Holy nation” like the Bible referred to me, I was not going to let the devil destroy me….”

“ MASS TURBULENCE to destroy a Nation… Wow” I said silently as I knew that definition must have been inspired by the HolySpirit. Baba Agba continued…

“ Favour, you need to rise up and help your child to be free spiritually and physically, because Mast¥rbation tries hard to hold on to people..” Baba Agba said as I was amazed with the knowledge that married people could also masturbate.

“ How else can I help her? I pray for her every day..and I have taught her s€x education” Favour asked in frustration

“ Simple, just four steps” Baba Agba said. “If anyone can follow these four steps they can be free from Mast¥rbation, so you will have to help Mercy with these four steps”

“Ok?” Favour said with high expectations as I also wanted to learn this great insight, but before Baba Agba could say anything, Ajaara came running back

“ Mercy is gone!” She said as she came running…

“ Gone to where?” We asked and I saw the mother in Favour rise up…

“ Gone?.. Gone to where?” Favour asked

“ I don’t know, but as she got home she picked few of her clothes and called someone she called “Bae,” she told the person she was leaving you for good…”Ajaara said.

“ Why didn’t you stop her…? I asked, by this time Favour was already calling Mercy’s number..

“ Gloria and I tried talking her out of it, but her mind was made up” Ajaara said

“ Her phone is switched off..” Favour said with a shaky voice

“ Calm down … she will be fine…” I said trying to calm Favour.

Baba Agba stepped back to have his seat, he shook his head in the negative which spoke volumes to me.

“ I hope we haven’t lost Mercy?” I hoped silently in my heart..



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