TEACHER CHUKS; Season 3 (Part 3&4) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 3
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Favour!” Was what dropped in my heart, when Baba Agba pulled me aside to ask for my plan…

“I like the fact that you want to help Ajaara, and you have taken her as a responsibility, but we both are men, and though I am 74 years of age, I won’t want to be thinking of the buttocks of a 15 year old age, I want to spend my last years having pure thoughts” He said Jokingly

I understood the point he was trying to make, Ajaara will be a temptation for me, Should she start living with us. I racked my brain thinking of a solution, but a name dropped in my heart instead…


“What did Favour have to do Ajaara?” I questioned myself.

“ She can stay with Favour, that way she will grow spiritually and Favour will be a good mentor to her” I heard in my Spirit.

“ Oh my Goodness, God was really a divine organizer, He knew Favour was going to be a great hand in my ministry… but shame to the devil who wanted to destroy that plan. If Favour and I had slept together, spiritually we both would be in regrets and the revival that had just happened would have not surfaced.” I reasoned.

“ Sir, I will talk to Favour to accommodate her, I believe it will be a way of ministering to Ajaara. Favour will be a better person to learn from.” I said to Baba Agba.


“ Accomodate her?” Favour asked in surprise

“ Yes!, you know she can’t stay with me” I said

“ I know, but she will be bad company to Mercy.” She said surprisingly

“ Mercy is back from your parents place?” I asked

“ Yes, She will be returning to campus in two weeks so I wanted her to spend a little time with me, I am sorry for not telling you, I didn’t want you both to have anything to do with each other. She doesn’t even know you are here.” She said avoiding my eyes

“ I understand… Protecting your child from the bad guy” I said jokingly but I felt pained in my heart knowing Favour did not trust me with her child.

“ I am sorry…” Favour said and I could understand her, no one would see Ajaara and would want her child to have anything to do with her. I saw the way Favour occasionally looked towards where Ajaara was sitting, Favour shook her head in disdain at Ajaara.

“Favour, what if Mercy was Ajaara, would you want People who could help her, cast her away because of her appearance..?” I asked her

Silence permeated the air.

“ Let’s see how it goes for a week, if I can’t cope, I will return her, but first things first, she needs to take off all the extra earrings,nose ring, jaw ring and leg chain. There are certain things that can not enter my house.” Favour said.

“ Thank you so much, thank you…” I said happily “Ajaara , Ajaara come over here” I said to Ajaara who sat down curled up in a corner. She stood up and walked towards us.

“Ajaara, God has sent us an angel, this is Aunty Favour, she is my friend… She has agreed to have you in her house”

The look on Ajaara’s face was epic as she rushed to hug Favour. Favour was surprised.

“ I promise to be a good girl, thank you…, thank you ma’am, I have always wanted to be Mercy’s friend but she never answers my Greetings.” Ajaara said in excitement

“ Mercy?, You know my daughter?” Favour asked

“ Yes.. I know you very well , you live down the street beside the Tailor’s shop” Ajaara said

“ Wow… so Mercy knows you” Ajaara nodded in the affirmative “ Well I guess the reason why Mercy doesn’t want to be your friend is because of all these you have on you. People will have wrong impressions about you when they see you.. So before we leave here, you have to take them off. If you know you can’t do without wearing earrings, just one pair is enough” Favour said

“ Ok ma’am “ Ajaara said as she started pulling all her accessories off in a rush. There were some rings, that were hard to pull off, so Favour offered to help her. Tears filled my eyes as the picture I saw ahead was beautiful. I saw Favour helping a lot of young girls get off the evil addiction in their lives and hopefully raise them to be beautiful women.

They both shared a smile, I was lost in my thoughts to know what they spoke about. All I heard Ajaara saying was she was going to get her clothes from her uncle’s house.

She dashed off to her house.

“ I told her to change into something more decent” Favour said to me

“ You really did a good Job training Mercy” I said

“ She is all I have and can ever have, so I have to put my all into her. I don’t have a womb anymore, remember” Favour said smiling

“ But you could have more kids if you choose to” I said to Favour…

She raised her eyebrow at me giving me a questioning look like she was asking me “ How can a woman without a womb have children” but rather than give her an answer, I just smiled.

“ Chuks, What do you mean?” She said poking me by the side, but I still maintained my mute mood. Ajaara came back into what she thought was a more decent wear.

She wore a crop top that was showing her belly accompanied with a long skirt.

“ Is this the most decent wear you have?” Favour asked with a sarcastic smile, Ajaara shook her head in the positive.

“ Alright, let’s be on our way, you won’t be needing your other clothes, Mercy has more than enough to share.”

“ I don’t share clothes with people, my clothes are fine” Ajaara said with a little rebellion in her voice, it seem she wasn’t happy with the way Favour was treating her like an outcast….


Part 4
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Wicked Forces that want me to be a waste to my generation, release me and Let me go in Jesus name”.

That was the prayer point I told the young boys and girls to pray when they resumed at my place by 3pm. I didn’t know what to preach to them, so I decided to tell them to pray instead, as I briefly told them the devil’s plan is to waste destinies. I told them a bit of my story.

Tunde; the boy who had been sent to different vocational centers, but was always running away from there without learning anything, sat down looking very uninterested at whatever I was asking them to do. He had his trousers sagged. The teacher in me was getting really irritated, I wanted to get a good cane to whip some senses into his brain but I knew that would be a wrong approach.

Ajaara was seated amongst them. I had told Favour to let her return for the class. Surprisingly, she came with Mercy. I guessed Favour had to explain how Ajaara came about and my name and story couldn’t be hidden any more. I was happy to see her. I was happy I didn’t tamper with her life back then in her school. She greeted me respectfully and told me she was happy I had found Christ. She looked more matured as she was in the university already.

Ajaara was putting on one of the tops I was sure Mercy had given her, but Ajaara had turned it to a crop top by tying it behind. She wanted her flat fair belly to show.

I had 4 other teenagers present, plus Gloria and her siblings. As they were supposedly praying, we heard someone running towards us in tears. A woman was flogging her daughter towards the compound.

“ Useless girl, so you don’t want to attend the class, Witch, Mermaid” She said as I tried to stop the woman from b€ating her.

“ Oga Pastor, I have dashed(given) her to you and Jesus. I don’t want to see her anywhere near my house”. She said and left us.

This was getting more complicated than I thought. I didn’t know much of the word of God to feed this hungry teens and just like the story of the young boy who gave out his lunch to Jesus to feed the multitude, I heard Mercy’s voice from behind me, singing a beautiful popular song…

“ If you can use anything Lord,

You can use me”

Then She started changing the Lyrics

“ If you can change anyone Lord,

Please Lord Change me…

If you can Change anyone Lord

Please Lord Change me


I give myself away

So you can use me…”

Music definitely has a way of bringing people together. The teenagers joined Mercy in singing the song. She stretched her hands to the left and the right for hands and the teenagers willingly joined hands with each other as they sang.

“ I know what it feels like when we do things we don’t want to do, but I know God can change us if we give him our all” Mercy said as the song continued.

I joined the circle as well, and I heard Myself say

“ Few weeks earlier, From my own view of life, I had nothing to offer, I was a waste, but God in His mercy felt He could still bring out a treasure from my trash. You all are my treasure in the making. I never knew God had this much for me..” I said with pain in my heart. “ So please, give me the opportunity to be used by God for your lives… I know some of you have been written off by friends, family but I want you to know, God doesn’t write anyone off…”

Some of the teens could not hold back their tears. I told them to have their seats.

“ I know some of you are wondering who I am and why you have to be here, Well the answer is simple; God sent me here for you, I don’t know how long I will be here, but see me as a messenger of God.

I am willing to be your friend, your teacher, your adviser, your uncle and the listening ear your parents don’t give you.” I said and I watched as some of them listened intently to what I was saying, while Tunde pretended not to listen.

The first thing I want us to have within this family is TRUST. I want you all to trust me and know your secrets are safe with me. So for the next one hour, I will be having a listening session, 10 minutes for each person.

You will be free to tell me anything you have always wanted to tell someone but you have been afraid to share with anyone. Ok?, So are we all okay with that…?”

“ Me First..” Gloria shouted as they all gave positive responses except Tunde.

“ So if you are in this journey with me, stretch your hand over mine” I stretched my hand forward and one after the other, they laid their hands on mine. The only one who did not stretch his hand over mine was Tunde as he stood afar off.

I sat down for 1 hour and I was amazed at the deep struggles the teenagers had with their s€xuality. I sometimes had to look at their faces to be sure they were the ones talking.

“Lord, Teenagers are not meant to be experiencing this” My heart screamed to the Lord.

After the 1 hour session of listening to various issues, I concluded in my heart that the devil had gone so far in tampering with the lives of these young ones. Amazingly there were some of the teenagers who had S€x on a daily basis as it had become a daily addiction to them.

The one that shocked me most was Mercy, Favour’s daughter. I knew Favour was going to be heartbroken if she knew her saint daughter was into Mastvrbation.

At that point, I knew I had received the mandate, but I felt I was not fully armed with the physical and Spiritual knowledge to help the children.

“ God, what do I do?” I asked myself as I wasn’t a pastor, an apostle, or a deliverance minister.



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