TEACHER CHUKS; Season 3 (Part 19&20) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 19
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Stop it Chuks! She doesn’t have my daughter!” Favour said

“This is just a bait, we will follow the old plan… No changing of our plans because of her threat… She doesn’t have Mercy and even if she does, I cannot trade getting her back

with losing all these souls God has just given you…

“Really? I thought the shepherd left the 99 and chased after one that was lost…” Tina said

in a very manipulative voice

“I mean, I thought every mother would sacrifice anything to have her child, maybe her voice would make you change your mind…”

Tina pressed a recorder and we heard Mercy’s voice…

“Mummy, I am sorry for running from home, please save me from here, this place is worse than hell” She stopped the recorder and I saw tears drop from Favour’s eyes…

I was the cause of this and I had to fix this…I was about to say something, but Favour stopped me again…

“That was not my daughter, Chuks. Don’t try to fight God battle. Let her do her worst”

Favour said looking at Tina squarely.

“So you don’t plan to hear what I am offering Chuks?” Tina asked

“No, I don’t discuss with the devil, take your offer elsewhere and if truly Mercy is with you, the same God that brought me out will bring her out. “

“Not everyone is as fortunate as you were, I got in there before you, and I am still there…” “You made the choice to stay. If you decide to leave that camp today, no one will stop you, but you are afraid of ….”

Tina cut in…

“Yes! I am afraid of becoming a pauper like you overnight, Afraid of becoming miserable…

Yes… so why don’t you let me enjoy this miserable life while I am still alive and Rot in Hell forever…”

“And you think you know what hell looks or feels like… “I gave a sarcastic laugh “You sure don’t know, because if you did, you won’t want even your enemy to go there…” I said

There was that brief moment of silence with fear written on Tina’s face, but she quickly recovered “Let me be the judge of that…” Tina said “I see that your girlfriend here has indoctrinated

you, and there is no going back, well, just so you know, I have a spy among you teenagers and youth. The spy will help me bring down this empire you are trying to build…

Favour and I looked at each other…

“Which of the children was the spy?” I tried using my human logic…

“Could it be Ajaara, Kenneth, Tunde, Prince, or Dabira?”

“I also have my eyes on you!” She said and walked out of the compound

I dropped on the chair rubbing my forehead…

“She is lying, my Spirit tells me Mercy is not with her. And about the snitch, there is no snitch, she is trying to make you live in fear and possibly discourage you from the teenagers. Besides, even if we have snitch here, it is the snitch’s problem. It is him/her that will suffer the consequences of being a snitch like Judas.”

“What do we do” I was as blank as a new sheet of paper. I didn’t know what to do…

“We will do everything! Everything the devil doesn’t want us to do. Hold on!, she mentioned something about a facility, what was she talking about?”

I took my time to explain in details what had happened, Favour was shocked to her core, and she had tears of Joy…

“This is what they saw in their satanic crystal ball. They have seen what God was going to do with you and they wanted to strike a deal with you… Satan knew that Jesus was coming to heal people and deliver them from his slavery, that was why he went to tempt

him at the beginning of His ministry..,” Favour had said.

When the young ones assembled much later, I shared the good news with all of them.

First I told them Favour had done the video, they were all excited. Kenneth inserted his memory card into Favour’s phone and downloaded a video Editor. He edited the videos and posted it in less than 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I told them the second news about the facility that had been given to us. The compound was filled with screams, cries and celebrations that attracted crowd.

When people heard what had happened, they said of a truth,God was with us.

We all took a stroll to the place and the children were amazed…

“You mean she gave us, as in free?” Abigeal asked

“Uncle Chuks, is this how God works?” Tunde said

“No wonder, some of those pastors have a lot of cars, houses and even private jet… It is true that God can make people give one big gifts.” Prince said

“Once God knows you are in need of certain resources and He trust you enough to use it well, He will bring you resources that will blow your mind!” Baba Agba said as we all stood in the compound looking up at the structure…

I wept once again… Chuks who had nothing to feed the children, now had a house to keep them under…

The celebration mood we were in was one that lifted our spirit as we had all forgotten about the post we sent online…

All of a sudden at around 8pm, while the teens were still cleaning the compound after two hours of worship and praise, Favour walked up to me in tears. She showed me her phone.

It was a video from Mercy. She had sent it through chat…..And below the video, she had written…

“I am so sorry mum, I am in Saudi Arabia!”


Part 20
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Saudi Arabia!” My heart pounded… “What was she doing there? Prostitution?” My heart raced as I dreaded opening the video. I knew whatever it was, it must have been heart wrenching as Favour was sobbing profusely at a corner….

Did this happen to Mercy because of me? Did Tina send Mercy to Saudi Arabia in other to hurt Favour for delivering from the SCA?

I went far away from the noise in other to hear the sound of the video…I clicked the play button.

Mercy had lost serious weight, her eyes were swollen. She obviously had been crying…She was sobbing as she spoke…

“Hello mummy… I just saw the video while cooking for my bosses, and I couldn’t help but break down in tears, I had to rush in here to send this video to you… Mum, I am in Saudi Arabia, I was tricked down here. A friend of mine told me that I could live an independent life by going to Saudi Arabia to work in factories.

She introduced me to an Aunty, by the name Aunty Tina, who showed me testimonies of people who had made a lot of money in a year. I wanted to tell you about it, but I knew you would shout at me.

This my friend had told me about it when I resumed school but I told them I wasn’t interested, but when we had our fight I saw that as an opportunity to try it out. An agent took care of all my Travelling processes, they even volunteered to pay my registration fee for me, but mum, the night before leaving Nigeria, when I couldn’t turn back, I was told I was going to work as a housekeeper.. I mean a maid… Mummy… You don’t want to know what I am going through here… I cook and care for a family of 12, including their grandmother who poops on her body.

I cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and each meal is like a buffet.

I have to make appetizers, main dishes and desserts at every meal… I clean

the whole house that looks like a mansion. I mean mummy, I clean 9 rooms every day. I also wash cloths….Mum, I shouldn’t have left home… I know I am wasting away…” She breaks down crying

“They treat me like an animal, The only person that treats me like a human being is one of their grandchildren who is a teenager like me…” She is still in tears

“And mummy, I have disappointed you, I have disappointed people like Ajaara and Kenneth. My v!rg!nity has been taken away from me, I am no longer 100%. My boss’s son

comes back home every afternoon to rape me and I dare not talk, because we have been warned by the agent that we dare not make noise about such things when it happens…

Mum, I wish I could come home right away…, but I am on a two years contract, which I have only spent 3 weeks…I shouldn’t have left home… I shouldn’t have…

“Mercy, “Someone called her name and spoke in Arabic…

“Mummy, bye, please pray for me… Another thing is I can’t speak Arabic, and they mostly speak that… it is the teenage girl that mostly interprets to me in English… Bye “

The video stopped and I also felt my legs were too weak to carry my body… Mercy was gone!, One wrong move of rebellion had taken her far away into physical and s€xual slavery. Favour’s tears could not be controlled…

That day had a bitter sweet feeling!



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