TEACHER CHUKS; Season 3 (Part 17&18) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 17
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Should I accept this big miracle?” I asked myself as it was too big to be true.

“If you accept, I will go to my room and bring the documents”

“Yes! He has accepted, he is just shocked because this is a miracle. Do you mind if I call my lawyer so that it is official?” Baba Agba

“Very Good, I never thought of that, let me put a call through to my lawyer as well. You can come in and look around.” She said as she opened the gate…

I kept walking though I knew my legs felt numb. Baba Agba called his lawyer, while Mrs. Coldwealth went to her office to bring the papers.

I looked around and saw a well prepared place, everything was intact. Rooms with bunks, Common rooms that had Televisions, Dining room, Empty rooms which I imagined could be converted to Art studios, Dance studios, Drama studios for the teens…

Jesus! And I wept… I broke down and cried. I never knew this was the promise land and destiny God had for me, but I let the devil almost take it away. What if I had not been given a second chance? What if I had died and Satan and his agents had taken me to the red hot place, all these teens would have continued in their destructive ways…

“Do you know, you are an answer to my prayers, about 3 years ago, I gave my life to Christ and ever since then I had begged God to give me a chance to help young girls as much as I had destroyed some. I didn’t have the opportunity, but here you are. If you

won’t mind, I would love if you employ me under you to help with the girls…” Mrs.

Coldwealth said from behind me, as she stood beside Baba Agba and within a split second, I felt like I saw Baba Agba and Mrs. Coldwealth as a couple.

I quickly dismissed the thought and tried to concentrate on her request, fortunately for me, Baba Agba saved the day…

“Sure, we all are partners in this work, I am sure he has nothing against that, because as we speak, though you have given us the big facility, we don’t have what it takes to feed the kids and cloth them, so we will still need you to help him raise funds from the Government. This is a home for housing homeless children. You can use your connections to get foundations, government and international bodies to finance this project…”

“That won’t be a problem, I will pray about it and God will lead us on how to go about it!”

Mrs. Coldwealth said.

I still had not uttered a word since and I knew that could be misinterpreted as unappreciative.

“Ma’am, I am really short of words though my heart is full of it, but all I can say is thank you and you are welcomed to the family. Let’s together Light Up the world with these little ones God has given us the opportunity to nurture to brightness. They will be the light of the World that the dark powers of this world will not be able to comprehend. I hope to

share my story with you some day!” I said.

The lawyers came around and the ownership of the facility was transferred to me. As

Baba Agba and I returned home I gazed into the heavens and I just wished I could see God’s face and blow Him a k!ss….

“Just like that!’ I kept saying. At that point I understood that it was true that some men of God got big gifts like cars, jet, houses, and huge amount of money from people whose ministry had blessed and touched. That meant if we truly serve God, there is nothing he cannot touch the hearts of men to give us to make the ministry in our hands easy and achievable.

Favour was waiting at Baba Agba’s place. I was excited to see her, I wanted to share the good news with her but I could see she wasn’t herself…I decided to keep my peace

“I am ready to do the video….” Favour said

Two Miracles in one day! But if only I knew I still had an uninvited visitor on her way to see me.

Part 18
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Finally! After almost 4 weeks!” I said

“I am sorry, I was hurt!”

“Hurt? But I hope the time you took to heal has not caused your daughter more harm.”

Silence happened next as the depth of that questioned hovered for the next few seconds.

“Well, we will have to wait for Kenneth to return from work. We have been using his memory card and besides we don’t have a sophisticated phone anymore. Kenneth sold his phone…” I said

“It’s okay, I will wait, but I have a memory card on my phone and besides my phone even has a higher resolution than Kenneth’s phone!” She said as she took one of the chairs at the balcony.

“Ok…, you are not going to work?” I asked

“I quit!” She said sharply

“You did what?” I asked very shocked

“I just felt I should quit and I followed my instincts!”

“Ok, I guess so that you can focus more on Mercy when she returns?”

She didn’t say anything…but instead she started weeping and I couldn’t stand her tears.

I pulled her close as a sister…

“Chuks, I have failed as her mother, I have failed…” She said repeatedly…

“You haven’t, you are one of the best mothers I know…We all make mistakes, even geniuses make mistakes, just bounce back and get back your child.” I said encouraging her.

“Will, she be the same when I find her? I have a feeling she is not the same. I had a frightening dream overnight..” “Really?”

“Yes, I saw Mercy in the midst of people were dressed as Muslims and she felt really lost…she was reaching out to me for help, but as I stretched my hands towards her, our hands couldn’t meet. As I moved closer, she was been drawn away from me. I am scared Chuks. I hope Mercy is not dead…

“NO…don’t say that again. I reject that in Jesus name, she is not dead, she is only lost and by the grace of God, in no time we will find her… Let’s do the video right away.

I immediately saw that point as the best time to record her video, as Favour would express more emotions.

“Let me use your phone to record like you said…” I said to her, which she immediately passed to me.

“Mercy, I remember the first time I carried you in my hands even as a teenager, you looked so beautiful, I said, “so beautiful like a princess”. I knew instantly I was going to

train you to be a princess, but dear I didn’t know I was training a prisoner instead who had been looking for the slightest opportunity to break free. I am sorry for trying to correct my errors through you…

You are special, you are unique, and I know you can never make my mistakes because you are wise… Please come back home… I miss you!” She stepped away from the video and kept on crying, I made sure I captured that moment also…

After about 15 minutes of chatting about irrelevant things I decided to share my news with her but before I could do that…A familiar face walked into the gate. He was one of the security men from the Sp€rm collection Agency. I rose gently with my heart pounding.

Favour knew something was wrong.

“Do you know him?” Favour asked as the man didn’t so much as say anything. He only stood like a body guard.

“I am not going with you!” I said to him but he didn’t so much as look towards my direction.

He kept looking towards the gate, and just like the way your heart will almost jump out of your body, my heart did a flip flop when Tina stepped into the gate.

“Tina! Tina in the flesh” My heart screamed in fear. She had found me out. As she walked towards me, I saw someone worse than Chinaza. I felt really sad for her, remembering she was a Christian initially.

She wore the usual SCA cloth code, An Ash and red themed dress.

Favour wanted to know who she was, so I whispered to her “Tina”…

“You are good” Favour whispered to me…

Surprisingly Tina spoke loudly in a sarcastic tone

“Yes He is good, thanks to you, but are you good and more importantly, Is Mercy good?”

Tina said as she obviously had heard Favour’s whisper through her spiritual earpiece…

“How did you know about my daughter? Is she with you..?” Mercy said as she walked towards Tina. I tried pulling her back but she yanked my hands off her…

“Where is my daughter? Oh I get this, you want to take the daughter of the person who took your prey away, thereby hurting me? That’s your plan right?”

“I don’t answer to anyone, I am the one who ask questions” Tina said

“I am not afraid of you!” Favour said, but Tina walked part her like she was


“You better be, because we are talking about your only daughter, May I remind you, that you are wombless, so should you lose Mercy, then your very existence is a waste.” Tina said with the deliberate sarcastic undertone in her voice and as Favour tried to reach at

her in anger, the body guard stopped her.

“What do you want Tina?” I said as I swallowed hard in fear, I didn’t like the way she was taunting Favour. “I am no longer interested in the SCA.“ I said

“Hello, brother in law, so good to see you in person after so long… Yes! In person… You know I have been keeping tabs on you every day right?, you know how things work?… I see you have been doing a ‘good’ work on the little ones and a big congrats on the new facility that has just been handed over to you. Shows you still have the potential to be

useful, so I have a deal.”

“I don’t deal with the devil anymore, I did not take anything that belongs to the SCA, that

should tell you I want to have nothing to do with you “

“Well, what if what you have to do will bring back Mercy, is it not a good bargain…” Tina looked at Favour and I Favour wanted to say something but she restrained herself. I am sure there was a Fight of Faith going on in her mind.

“What is the deal?” I asked wanting to know if it was worth compromising to save Mercy from them.



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