TEACHER CHUKS; Season 3 (Part 15&16) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 15
Opeyemi Akintunde

Secondly the victim will have to burn the bridges….Meaning, no shuttling between old friends and new friends. The person must leave old friends who encourage such acts, leave the environment that encourages all the negative acts, for those deep in Mast¥rbation and p0rnography, they need to burn the materials that encourage such. They need to stop watching movies that even show the slightest form of romance that can spark up the feeling of S€x.

The truth they do not know about S€x, p0rnography and Mast¥rbation is that the devil has commissioned some of his agents to make erotic videos, movies that have s€x scenes so that as they watch they want to practice what they see…

It is normal to want to copy what you see and besides you are what you watch. Remember, when the Israelites were plagued, Moses told them God asked those who wanted to be healed to look up to a bronze snake and as they looked up they got their healing.

That is to say, what you look up to is who you become. The more they watch p0rnography, they become that….

If it means some of them completely getting off the internet for a while, they can do that. Sending messages to check up on old l0vers or friends is also a No No…
Thirdly, the victim should be encouraged to be physically and socially active. Most people who Mastvrbate tend to love their privacy; always staying alone.

This is Satan’s time of speaking to their hearts, so at this point the victim must occupy his mind with other things that will benefit his or her life.

That is, learning a craft, improving their talents, going for Godly shows. When a person is preoccupied with the right things, there won’t be room for trash thinking.
At this point, give them targets that will keep them extremely busy and at the same time help him/her grow.

And Lastly, Continuous reorientation in letting them know who they are. They need materials to keep them burning for God. You must organize programs to keep them going. You build and boost their confidence.

At this point you let them know the “Cause and Effect theory”. They need to know God More and understand that God is all they need to become the best they can be. Chuks, I tell you, when they follow this steps judiciously, you will be surprised how they will emerge.” Baba Agba said

He concluded by praying for me for Grace.
The next day was a great day for me as I poured out all that Baba Agba taught me. I poured the knowledge into them and they obviously got it…

“ So how many people are willing to go on with me on this journey of cleansing and total abstinence from all form of s€xual sins…?” I said expecting few hands to be raised, but instead I saw all hands raised.

“ Wow, this is good news…” I said very excitedly
“ Fortunately Over 60 Of you are here and that shows that the first step has been covered, but we all need to burn our bridges..” I said

“ If you know you have a problem with p0rnography addiction on your phone, can you raise your hands, remember we don’t judge each other here.” I said
I counted and over 20 hands were raised, though some were a bit relunctant…

“ Ok , so we need to burn the bridge, I am thinking we in this category need to give up our androids and get some phones that are not internet compatible, and whatever proceeds we have left over, we use it in doing something great that will help the community. Remember, it is just temporary till we have overcome our addictions.”

“ Yes… it is fine …. I like the part of using it for something great, because a lot of us have expensive phones that can pay someone’s rent, for instance check out Kenneth’s phone….it can pay someone’s school fees for a term…,

There are projects we can carry out in this environment that is better than wasting our time on social media all day… I am giving up my phone first…..and if others are willing I suggest we do a public borehole, for people to fetch free water” Abigeal suggested

“ Or a solar powered light on the street so as to avoid the gang rapes..” a girl said from behind
Surprisingly they started giving different suggestions and I was so glad !
“ Ok…based on all these suggestions, that means everyone is in support of my suggestion..” I asked
“ The phone I use in surfing the net is actually my mom’s own, so I can’t sell that!” A young boy said

“ Hmm… don’t go near the phone again, because one, it is highly disrespectful of you to take your mum’s phone to watch p0nrn, two; you are destroying yourself like you know.” I replied

“ So can we start..” I said with high hopes

We collected 18 phones, some of which were very expensive. Obinna, one of the young adults had a brother who sold used phones.

Kenneth, Tunde went with Obinna to sell the phones, and on their way back , they bought small cheap phones that had no internet facility.

Kenneth sold his own too, but removed the memory card that had the video we made for Mercy. They also got me a phone.

The money left was more than enough to make the borehole.
We decided to do the free Water borehole for the society and one Solar powered street light.

I was elated at how God was set to use the children to do great works for God in less than a month of assembling them together.

The environmental project became a big deal that drew attention of the landlords of the environment to What was happening in Baba Agba’s compound.

A news station also came to interview me and I was happy to share the vision with them. At this point the teenagers had started using their talents. I grouped them by their abilities. Kenneth was the leaders of those who could draw and paint.

Abigael was the leader of those who wanted to sing. Dabira was the leader of the Drama group, while Helen was the head of the Dance group. Austin was the head of the Footballers and all those interested in sports. Chizoba was the leader of those who loved cooking.

I told them I had a project for them which would be in the next three months.
“Light up Lagos!” It was going to be a program that will bring Teens and Young adults from everywhere to have fun in the presence of God.

They were excited about it and we started planning the program in full force.
Favour only dropped by occasionally, but Ajaara told me she hardly ate as she was always checking her phone to see if Mercy would call.

A month had passed and no one knew where Mercy was, but we knew she was alive as she constantly logs in to chat.
One day I had two strange visitors. I knew one and the other I didn’t know..,

Who do you think they were?


Part 16
Opeyemi Akintunde

Early that Tuesday morning, Baba Agba had woken me from sleep.

“ Chuks, I think we have an issue!” He said as I rose up from bed…

“Good Morning sir!” I said greeting Baba Agba

“I hope it will be a good morning, one of the landladies on the street is here to see you, she is a very controversial person. I believe she is here to complain about the youths and teens, because she is the one that stopped all churches that made attempt to establish a branch on the street.

She is an ex pr0stitute who has connections with the high and mighty in the society, so I hope she doesn’t tell you to leave here..” Baba Agba said with sadness very obvious in his voice. The woman sounded like a Jezebel to be feared..

I had previously heard about the said woman but never set my eyes on her. She was the owner of a vast unoccupied land that housed a hostel- like structure.

“ Why does she want to see me?!” I asked a seemingly stupid question

“ I don’t know, she only requested to see the pastor who has been helping the teens and constructed the free borehole” Baba Agba said

I stepped into my flat slippers and walked out to the balcony. I felt I had seen worse things than to be afraid of a mere human.

“ Good morning ma’am!” I said as I saw her standing and facing the entrance. She looked back at my greeting and for a minute she looked like Chinaza, but a older version.

“ Oh! Wow, so good to see you in person! My name is Mrs Coldwealth also known as Madame Money.”

“ Good Day! I am Chuks ma!” I was always very careful about giving my full name, because of the business I had owned in the past with the money I made through the SP€RM COLLECTION Agency.

“ Really nice meeting you, I am sorry I am bothering you. Can we please take a walk?” She said

“ Take a walk?” I asked in disbelief as I didn’t know her from anywhere. I looked back at Baba Agba for any cue on what to do but instead she spoke, probably reading my unsaid hesitation.

“ Baba Agba can go with us!” She said

I nodded as Baba Agba agreed to go with us.

I walked with this woman who was probably in her late 60’s. Her skin had the many shades of rainbow, like someone who had bleached her skin in her young days.

“ I believe Baba Agba or any other person in this environment would have told you half of what I am about to tell you….but I will start from the part nobody knows.” She said

“ I lived in Cross River, with my parents, I remember I was very sharp and witty. I was the delight of everyone who saw me. My mother had a local cafeteria, where I supported her in attending to the customers. My uncle had paid us a visit and due to my charming attitude, he begged my mum to let him bring me down to Lagos, to help his business.

He promised he was going to help me get an admission into the University of Lagos, which was my dream and that of my mother’s.

We fell for his lie and I followed him down to Lagos.

He had told my mother, he had a restaurant likewise, but on getting here, I discovered it was a Night club that had a small brothel behind it, where he housed young girls. He was a pimp.

In those days, there was no phone to reach out to my mother and I had no wisdom at that time to run away. The first night I got there as a v!rg!n, I was raped by a man who had paid my uncle. I remembered my uncle telling him I was intact and a new product.

I wept till daybreak.

“ Uyai, you shouldn’t be crying, you are beautiful and you should use your beauty to enrich yourself.” My uncle said, while trying to console me.

I can never forget those words, the meaning of my name Uyai Abasi is the beauty of God and I was indeed beautiful.

I unfortunately quickly adjusted to the new life as I was a playful girl. Every man wanted to have me, I soon forgot about going to school, as I was making a lot of money, but my uncle insisted I go to school as it was going to be of help to the “business”. He told me it was going to make me have elite clients as well. I went to the university and graduated with a second class lower in political science. The course was deliberate as my uncle wanted me to mix with the politicians…

His plans worked out and in no time, I had become the official S€x partner of most politicians, thereby making millions very early in life.

As time went on, I started having demands from politicians to give them young girls. That was how I also started the popular pimp business I am known for….” Mrs Coldwealth.

At that point, we had reached her place. In front of us was the beautifully painted twin three story building that looked like a hostel.

“ This was where I camped over 100 girls on a yearly basis for over 35 years, but you know bad things do not last. I had a terrible nightmare one night, where I saw a man who accused me of kicking against the Rock of Ages.

He told me I was only hurting myself in the process. From that day everything went downhill for me. The girls started contacting different diseases especially EBOLA that spread in no time.

In months, I witnessed the death of over 10 girls in the hostel. Girls started running away and just like smoke, the Word spread round to all my politician clients that I had girls who were infected.

That ended my business.

This upheaval gave me time to reflect and I realized I had been kicking against God, destroying the life of innocent young girls just like mine was destroyed by my Uncle. I have stopped that business for over five Years and through the process of letting go, I got to meet God.

It therefore gladden my heart recently when I got to hear about you and what you have done to these youths in less than 1 month, I felt it impressed in my heart to give you this structure.

Don’t worry I have no kids that will trouble you over it… Having a lot of girls around me did not give me reason to get married or have kids of mine own….” She said casually

“ Jesus!” Baba Agba exclaimed

I couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying anymore, what was the woman saying? She wanted to give the me a facility that could House 100 teenagers and youths at no cost…! God what is this? This is too much! I can’t handle this kind of next level “ All these were flying in my head…

“ Hello sir… Hello!” Mrs Coldwealth was saying

“ Chuks…Chuks “ Baba Agba also said but I couldn’t answer him as my body was in shock mode..

“ I can understand if you don’t want it as it has housed pr0stitutes before, but I believe you can have it spiritually cleansed with the help of deliverance ministers…” Mrs Coldwealth was saying,

“ Of course he wants it…please excuse us!” Baba Agba said to Mrs Uyai Coldwealth as he pulled me aside

“ Snap out of it, this is the LORD’s doing, this is what the Bible means when it states that the “ Sinners will lay up treasure for the righteous”.

We are to eat the riches of the gentiles. God has given you a house for the homeless children like Ajaara and the others. Here, you can train these children to become great tools in the hands of God…

I stood there transfixed to the spot as I wondered what I was to do…

“Should I accept this big miracle?”



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