TEACHER CHUKS; Season 2 (Part 21&22) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 21
Opeyemi Akintunde

For days, Gloria avoided me like a plague.

Why? I didn’t know. I was expecting her to come over to ask for money, but she never showed up. I had the feeling she was avoiding me. Fortunately I had worked for those four days selling water, so I had saved enough to give her. Favour had also given me some money to support myself. I had told her about the water business. She told me it was ridiculous, but I jokingly told her it was possible God was training me for the water factory I was going to build soon. With that she smiled and gave me some money to buy my own Wheelbarrow and Gallons.

On the fourth day, I went to Gloria’s door after she returned from school as I wanted to put an end to the hide and seek game

“ Gloria..” I said knocking
“ Yes” She replied from within…
“ Can I have a word with you” I said

“ I am listening… See Uncle Chuks, if it is about what we spoke about the other time, don’t bother. I am no longer interested.”

“ No longer interested?” I spoke out without knowing…

“ Yes…” I am sorry for ever trying to make you do it with me…

Something was definitely wrong!

“ Gloria, What is wrong?” I asked

“Nothing!” She answered too quickly

“ Gloria!” I said

“ I said Nothing, I only had a dream about what will happen to me if you ever sleep with me” she said

“ Really, ?”

“ Yes!”

“ Ok please I want to know…”

“ Don’t worry, I guess God is just giving me a warning”

I decided to open the door and step in, on stepping in, I pulled her by the hand and told her to come out holding her hand firmly.

“ Exactly how you were holding my hand in the dream” She said in fear

I released my grip on her hand..

“ Sorry about that… So please tell me the dream, so I will be careful around you “

“ I had a dream about you raping me… You turned into a wild animal like a beast and you raped me in my dream, and that was not the end, you cut my wrist and started sucking my blood. After which you now brought girls to have s€x with me, like lesbians. I tried to run from you and the lesbians but you kept chasing me around….” She said

“And you think I am the one you saw in your dream?”

“ Yes, I saw your face”

“ Ok…” I told her to sit beside me and I told her my past life. I could see fear in her eyes.

“ That person you saw in the dream, shows that though I am born again, if you sleep with me, you might be acquiring a lot of demon. A lot of the demons that were living in me are just lurking around, waiting for me to make a mistake and make a comeback into my life . Thereafter, based on your having s€x with me, the demons will rush into your life“ I said trying to explain to her

“ Is that how S€x works?” She asked soberly

“ Yes, s€x is beyond the enjoyment, it is a transaction. If for instance I have 5 demons in me and you have 2 demons, by virtue of S€x, I will acquire 2 from you and you will acquire 5 from me, and unfortunately the circle goes on, if the next person you sleep with has 10 demons or personal foundational issues, you will acquire it. It is just like when you sleep with someone who has a s€xually transmitted disease, what happens when you sleep with them?” I asked

“ You will get the disease..” she said

“ Exactly… now do you know why I said I don’t know if sleeping with you is worth it… I don’t know how many demons you may have acquired through all the boys and uncles you have slept with…”

“ I don’t know… but will I be the only one acquiring the demons or will the men acquire it too?” She asked innocently

“ Yes, the men will acquire it too, and it will be affecting their lives…”

“ How? Is it affecting my life?”

“ Yes, part of it are the s€xual dreams you have started having, a lot of girls who had s€x while growing up do have a lot of s€xual partners in their dreams who are only draining their virtues… Most times it will happen to them when they are about to do something major in their life. Those wicked demons will be destroying the good things they plan to do… For instance some girls will find it hard to get married, those that get married may hate their husbands and some don’t eventually have children, so for the ladies they suffer a lot… S€x before marriage is like eating unripe fruit. It is sour, causes stomach upset and so on…” I said without knowing where all these information I poured out of my mouth came out from

“ What about the boys, how does premarital s€x affect them?”

“ Same as I stated with the women and a lot worse, because God expects more from men. They also suffer marital challenges, the demons will make them marry the wrong women, the demons will push them towards poverty and lack, they may be smart and have good ideas but will not be able to make money from it…”

“ Ha!, maybe that is what is wrong with Uncle Ben the barber, I have seen that people don’t go to his salon anymore.. He does not have money again… Ha! even me I misplace money a lot these days.. Uncle Chuks does that mean I have acquired the Spirit of poverty by sleeping around…?”

“ It is possible and it can even be worse, you could acquire the demon of forgetfulness as a student and that will affect your academics…” I said

With that, she stood up pacing up and down…

“ Uncle Chuks, how can I cleanse myself from these demons?” She asked innocently

“ Very simple…”


Part 22
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Hold on.. Uncle Chuks, I shouldn’t be the only one to hear this thing.. I have a friend of mine who needs help on how to free from these demons. Her name is Ajaara. She tells me a force comes to press her down at night and forcefully touches her body till he sleeps with her. I am sure you can help us” Before I could tell her to wait for her own deliverance before involving someone else, she jetted off.

I sat there praying in the HolyGhost for His help.

After about 10 minutes, Gloria came back with a girl who was slightly older than her, but My goodness, the girl looked like a human idol. She had piercings all over her face. She had a nose ring, 5 ear piercings, 3 jaw rings. She had a ring on each fing€r, making it 10 rings on her hands. She had a rock band that had a thorn like design on it. Her sight was scary and irritating. She had a rainbow weavon on her head. A weave that had red, blue, purple and green.

“ Hello” I said cautiously

“ Good Afternoon sir… “ She said to me and almost immediately, she turned to Gloria and asked

“Where is the pastor?” She asked

“ That’s Him!” Gloria said pointing at me.

“Pastor? When did I become a pastor?” I asked myself

“ Ok sir” She rushed towards me…

“ Sir, I have a serious problem, I know it… I feel it… I actually feel them moving in my body and I hear the voices. I hear them…, they tell me to do strange things, the voices can tell me to open up my shirt in public so as to arouse boys looking at me and right there in public, without anyone touching me or the other person. We will masturbate. But, I don’t like it, because after it, I always feel tired and weak, and the worst part is when I am asleep, when I lie down, I feel the strong presence of a bat-like person hovering over me to sleep with me. I wake up always tired. This thing is affecting me a lot, I had to stop going to school, because I always sleep in class and anytime I sleep, the creature will always come. This made me avoid sleeping. I try to be hyper all day, that’s why I started taking hard drugs with the guys on the street. They were the ones who told me piercings make you stronger; that the more you can overcome the pain of piercings, you won’t be able to feel your personal pains…” she said ready to bare it all before me

“ But is that true, are these piercings burying your pains…?” I asked

“ No, rather it increases my pain as people don’t want to befriend me anymore.., they see me as an irresponsible girl?” Ajaara said

“ How old are you?” I was moved to ask

“ 15” She said

“ How is your S€x life?” I asked knowing obviously this was the cause of her issues

“ It is horrible but, it’s my way of escaping from my pains…”

I shook my head in pity as I looked at the two young girls in front of me…

“ I am not a Pastor, I am just a child of God… Ajaara, Just like I was explaining to Gloria before she brought you. You can be cleansed from these demonic invasion. All you need is Spiritual Purging”

“ Spiritual Purging? What is that?” Ajaara asked

“ Just like when our body is full of toxins, we need to detoxify and purge our bodies, so also when your body has demons, you can purge your spirit man”

“ How?” They both asked

“ By Fasting and Praying” I said as I had been taught by Favour and Baba Agba.

“ Do you know if you want to detoxify, you will have do a fast so as to release toxins from your body, same way these demons also feed in your body, When you fast, you starve them as well and they also want to get out. Prayer is like using a spiritual broom to sweep out unwanted things. Just like Jesus swept out people who were buying and selling from the temple, your body is the temple of God, therefore through prayer by using the name of Jesus Christ, you can sweep out the evil spirits buying and selling from your life” I said like a pastor who had been preaching for years…

“ I am ready… “ Ajaara said like a prisoner who was looking for a way out

“ We are ready” Gloria said as she knelt before me…

“ No..Stand up… there is something that must happen before we can sweep out these demons”

“ What?”

“ I need to Introduce Jesus to you, You have to meet with JESUS, you have to be His friend, because it is with His name that we will be chasing the demons out.”

“ I know Jesus… I go to church sometimes” Gloria said

“ Me too”

“ You don’t know Him enough, because if you do, you won’t be doing some of the things you are doing”

“ Hmm…” They said simultaneously

“ How can we meet Jesus truly?” Ajaara asked

“Say this After me… Heavenly Father, I come before you, I know you created me for a purpose and I am sorry for how I have lived my life so far. I believe in your son Jesus Christ. I accept your son, Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Saviour. Give me your Holy Spirit to help me in this new life in Christ, in Jesus name I pray”

They said this prayer after me and I told them to pray this prayer …

“ Oh Lord with your broom of fire, sweep out all strangers buying And selling in my life”

They prayed this prayer for about five minutes before the unexpected happened….



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