TEACHER CHUKS; Season 2 (Part 17&18) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 17
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mama was disappointed.

She wept over and over again and all she kept asking me in the car after receiving the test result was…

“ Favour, Where did I miss it with you?, I have been a good mother…” My mother was weeping like a baby. I had never seen my mother weeping before. My parents have always had a good home, my father is a good man who always made my mother smile, so seeing her in tears was really foreign to me.

I had been having stomach ache for days and I thought it was just malaria symptoms. Ignorantly I had approached my mum that I was feeling ill and needed Malaria drugs.

“ Doctor Favour!” Mum had joked “So how are you so sure it is not Typhoid, Self medication is not right, I prefer we go for a test instead.”

We had gone for the test and the Malaria and Typhoid test results came out with little significance. From the look of things, I was fine.

Then, out of the blues, a busybody lady had joked about me being pr€gnant. The shock on my face gave me away, as I quickly tried to reason if my one time S€x with Jeremy could get me pr€gnant.

My blood sample had been taken and the next thirty minutes that followed appeared to be the longest 30 minutes of my life as I kept praying silently not to be pr€gnant.

Finally, the result came out and it was boldly written “ POSITIVE”. My mum’s knees gave way as she dropped into the reception chair.

Fast Forward to us in the car, she looked at me and asked again…

“Favour, Where did I miss it with you?, I have been a good mother…”

“ Mama, I am sorry, it wasn’t your fault, it is my fault, I let the romanc€ novels do this to me!” I confessed

“ Romanc€ Novels? Who gave you?”

I narrated all to my mother and the part that broke her most was when she heard it was Jeremy that was responsible for my pregnancy.

We drove back home in silence as she kept weeping uncontrollably. On getting home, my father was waiting for us. Mum had called him to come home on time as there was a serious issue.

“ What’s wrong?” My Dad had asked

“ Favour is pr€gnant for Jeremy” My mother had blurted out in tears

My father remained silent for close to 10 minutes and the first word that came out of his mouth broke my heart…

“ This is the first time I regret having a girl as the only child I have…” My father said..

I wept and Wept and Wept…..

Five Days later, my parents and I went to see Jeremy’s parents and What we met there was a big shocker…

“ Your daughter seduced our son, we saw the video” they said pointing at a hidden cctv in their living room.

“ It was the day it happened that our son told us about it, how your daughter came here spreading her legs open for him, and on watching the video ourselves we realized he was right”

“ Excuse me, Your son raped our daughter and you are here saying she seduced your son” My mother said with a raised voice

“ I don’t need to argue with you anymore, I think you should watch the video yourself. We had installed this hidden cctv at home without Jeremy’s knowledge to keep tabs on him, and thankfully, this will clear the air” Jeremy’s mother said as she connected her laptop to the T.V

I watched in horror at the person who I saw on screen. I could bet with anyone that wasn’t me. I was behaving like an experienced prostitute seducing Jeremy.

“ My God!My God!” My mother was screaming… “This is not my daughter” she said crying…

My father walked out of the living room with shame written all over him. My father didn’t speak to me after that , but my mother was strong for me…She came to my room that night with a dry smile on her face…

“ I know who I saw on that screen was not my daughter and I know that my daughter was controlled by a force stronger than her, but that is the unfortunate thing about the devil, when he uses a man, he doesn’t add to the man, rather he reduces that man. You allowed the devil to use you to seduce Jeremy, but who is the loser?, Who is pr€gnant?, Whose education is going to suffer?, Who is going to face the shame and ridicule? Who is going to be a single mother at 15 years old?… You… Favour… You, but I am ready to stand by you and help you through this phase.”

My mother lived up to her promise. Together with me, we burnt all the novels and video CDs. We started daily prayers. She gave me daily Bible study assignments and Bible verses to speak into my pregnancy.

The nine months that ought to be the most depressing time became the time for my spiritual growth.

All these flashed through my mind as I sat in the taxi on my way from the Annual party. Now I understood what Mum meant when she told me the reality , that when the devil uses people or lures them into sin, it is always to the detriment of the person being used…

“ My past had just tampered with a great future I ought to have had”. I said silently to myself

I didn’t hear from Eugene after the party and since we had a week break before resumption, seeing him was not an option.

On the day I resumed office, he was the first person I saw at the parking lot. We both stared at each other, but after a brief moment he looked away and walked towards his office….

Two weeks after that, I was at home helping Mercy with her homework, when I saw his call. I picked up cautiously…

“ Hello, Favourite” That was his pet name for me.

“ Hi..” I said not having an idea on what to say next

“ Will you marry me and make me the father of your daughter?” He said and I became…….


Part 18
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Will you marry me and make me the father of your daughter?” He said and I instantly became shocked as I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly…

“I always thought you were a v!rgin by the way you comported yourself, and that really attracted you to me, so it came as the biggest shock of my life when you told me you had a child. I told myself it was over between us, but your image is all I see in my head, in my dream. It is really hard swallowing this big pill, but I know we all have our pasts. I am sorry for how I acted the other day…, Hello, Favour Are you there?” I heard him saying as I maintained utmost silence.

“ Yes .. I … am with you” I replied

“ Can we meet today please?” Eugene asked

We met later that day, we met at an exquisite restaurant where he proposed to me a second time. This time around I accepted his proposal. I cried all night thanking God for the second chance he had given me, but with my hands I messed up the chance .

Eugene and I became the inseparable lovebirds and the intimacy could not be controlled by Eugene. He kept begging me to make love to him since he was my fiance and I stupidly agreed. We made love once and it happened again. I got pr€gnant for Eugene.

Eugene changed towards me almost immediately, he was no longer fascinated by me.

“ How am I so sure I am responsible for the pregnancy?” He asked

“ Eugene!, you are the second man in my life.” I said crying bitterly

“ Well I gave you a test and you failed, I purposely pressurized you to see if you will give in and you gave in cheaply, I wanted to know if I could trust you after marriage and apparently, from what has happened it is obvious you will be a loose wife. My father was the one who asked me to give you the test when he heard you are a single mother, I vouched for you that you were a strong Christian and would never compromise, but unfortunately I was wrong, so I have a feeling the baby in your womb is not mine”

Eugene broke the engagement as he told me that after our s€xual intercourse he had lost interest in me. I begged him, bombarded his phone with countless text messages.

My life was looking bleak, “ A second pregnancy as a single lady”. I knew my parents would never forgive me on this. I prayed to God to abort the pregnancy, but the baby kept growing.

In the moment of confusion, I did the unimaginable. I went for an abortion.which resulted in a complication that made the doctor remove my Womb…” Favour said as tears flowed down her face

I stood in shock as I looked at her stomach, so there was no womb in Favour’s stomach. No wonder she was not interested in Marriage. However, The question that was unanswered in my head was “Then why was she seducing me?”. Favour however supplied the answer…

“After the womb removal, I became sold out to God, getting married to Christ and was never expecting marriage, but on seeing you and knowing your story of how you too could not father a child. I felt we were two damaged beings that could find happiness in ourselves while our secrets will be within us…We could adopt a child or children as we desire…That was why I became emotional and seductive , anytime I was around you…I am sorry for my selfishness.”

I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say to Favour. Was it words of comfort, or encouragement or a vow to stay with her? , rather something else came out of my mouth…

“ Yes you are right, we are two damaged beings who God is presently repairing to become his ambassadors to tell other young girls and boys about how damaging S€x before marriage could be and for the damaged ones how one can be repaired…

This was how my journey with Favour started… We met a lot of battered, shattered lives but through our once damaged lives that was under repair we started repairing lives… Our first contact was Gloria, Gloria was a 12 year old S€x addict….



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