TEACHER CHUKS; Season 1 (Part 13&14) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 13
Opeyemi Akintunde

She was very beautiful, yet so tender and innocent. For a 14 year old girl, her beauty was way too much. To make matters complicated in her Favour, she was a brainy. She had the whole school singing her praise. She was the Head Girl.

The first day I saw her at the assembly ground, I knew she was going to be one of my targets,but the day I wore my special specs glasses Chinaza had given me and saw the volume of virtue she carried in her, I knew I didn’t need to chase after all the rats In the school.

“If I could get this one rat, She will get all the other rats…” I had said to myself

What was the Special Specs glasses for?

Before I left Chinaza’s Prison, she had called me in for a private chat with her…

“ Chuks, I am happy you took this whole situation in good fate,that shows you are a strong person. The truth is I don’t like being this Chinaza that you see, but the day I realized I was in soup already, I told myself to find a way to survive in it…So you are just like me. That is why I have decided to help you with your assignment…I will be giving you some special Spiritual gadgets…First, this is the Spiritual All seeing eyes”

She handed me a beautiful specs glasses..

“ You don’t have to wear it everytime, because it might run you mad as you will be seeing a lot of invisible things. You only wear it when you need to size a person up, it helps you to see the person’s value, Spiritual strength, Weaknesses and a lot of other personal things you need to know about that person….” Chinaza said

The Special Specs was what I used in evaluating Rejoice the Head girl..

We were having Fine Art class one sunny Afternoon and I had told them to draw the state of their minds, this gave me ample time to scan her thoroughly…To anyone who looked at me ordinarily, You would think I was just looking at the students, but I was deep in my scan.

These were the things I discovered about her:

* 14 year old
* Only daughter of her parents
*Exceptionally creative
* Carries a billion star glory

All around her, I could see stars…

You could also swipe with the specs to see what her future could look like, the specs was just going to give a premonition of what she could become based on the greatness she carried, When I swiped I saw

* She could be the First Female Governor of her State
* She could be a renowned Novelist
*She could be a renowned Public Speaker changing women globally
* She would give birth and raise great minds, who would inturn be great influencers….

Her Proposed achievements were limitless…

I decided to check her weakness and found my access point…

*Parents don’t show her love, in fact her mother tells her she is ugly as a way of not letting her beauty get into her brain…so she will easily fall for anyone who could make her feel beautiful.

That was my Access key….

After the Fine Art class, as every one was stepping out of my Art studio, I asked her to stay behind…

“ Head girl, I love when I see beauty and brains….Keep it up and don’t let any of these small boys get into that great brain of yours” I gave her a smile and she blushed.

“ Thank you, Mr Chuks”
“ You are welcome, dear…Stay beautiful “

Another Gadget Chinaza had given me was the “Hearing Ear”. It was like a small Bluetooth earpiece. It made you hear the thoughts of the person you are targeting and also the person’s conversation about you.

It also had its side effect, like you know the devil doesn’t have anything that is perfectly good.

I couldn’t use the Earpiece for a long time as I would be hearing all sorts of strange and demonic voices…

It was with the Earpiece I monitored Rejoices thoughts…

As I was complimenting her, I heard her thoughts loud and clear…

“ Oh my goodness, out of the girls in this class, Mr Chuks called me to tell me I am beautiful… Maybe he likes me.. Aww… and he is so handsome, see his pink lips, I wish I could just k!ss his lips…”

And she went on and on as she left my presence.

That was how, I got Rejoice… I started telling her sweet nothings, giving her empty promises..I was on her case for two months..

“ Rejoice, I really love you, maybe it’s because god knows I will meet you that was why, he directed me to this school to teach, If I don’t marry you, I think I will die.. Honestly, I don’t think I can wait till you finish university for us to get married, Maybe we should get married in the next two years, when you are 16 and you will continue your education in my house…”

Rejoice was head over heels lost in love with me, so getting her on my bed was the easiest thing to do…

It happened on the 15th February, the day after Valentine’s Day…I saw the stars disappearing ….


Opeyemi Akintunde

On Valentine’s Day, I sent her a cake, a brand new Expensive phone, a box of Expensive chocolates and a pack of expensive perfumes.. It was well packaged and delivered to her in school.

I didn’t want my identity to be revealed, so I wrote on the card with a disguised handwriting…

“ To she who has the beauty and brains, my goddess …I love you forever” From your secret Admirer

You should trust girls in the school, everywhere was on fire, I could hear the students whispering amongst themselves…

“ You need to see the Valentine gift senior Rejoice got from her secret admirer”

It was the talk of the school…Even unmarried singles who were teachers were talking about it…

I sent for her…


“Thanks ” she said shyly as she entered my Art studio

“ For What?” I said smiling at her seductively…

“ The gifts of course”

“ And who said I was the one who sent it?” I said smiling

“ I know it was from you, no other person calls me beauty with brains”

“ Ok, so what if I did?, do I get a return gift?”

“ I don’t have money to buy gifts” she said shyly

“ I don’t want gift, I want love…I want you to show me that you love me just the way I do and that you won’t betray me”

“ Betray you?”

“ Yes, very soon you will get into the university and you will fall in love with a boy your age. That’s when you begin to say I am way too older than you”

“ That’s not true” she said blushing

“ Then show me you will stay true to your words”

“ I promise” she said

“ I don’t want words, I want you and I to become one, that way we will be bound together, that way you will love me more and I will be sure you will never leave me”

“ S€x?” She asked shyly

“ Huh Huh” I answered

“ I am a v!rgin and Mum says it’s only my husband that must disv!rgin me”

“ I am your husband, I want to be your Husband, I am on the same page with your Mum, I don’t want anyone taking advantage of you… Rejoice…the love I have for you, I don’t understand myself…”

“ I don’t know…” she said looking confused

“ You know what? just forget it, I guess I am just the one crazy about you” I said trying to feign annoyance as I turned from her to arrange some books on my table…

“ You are angry sir…?” She asked with a sense of guilt…

“ Not angry, just hurt… As a teacher, you know I don’t have much , but I had to borrow to buy all those things to make you happy, thinking you loved me too”

“ I…Love you too sir”

“ No you don’t…If you do, you will allow me to be the first and only man in your life…I feel like holding and cuddling you”

“ Sir, give me some time at least let me get into the university…”

“ Someone else will take you from me” I allowed a fake tear drop…

“ Sir, you are crying?”

“ Me? Cry?…I just have something in my eye” I said wiping my tears

“Sir, if it will make you happy, I will do it, but hope I won’t get pr€gnant”

“ I will use a protective condom, you know what that is , right?”

She nodded, Yes, I was going to use a physical protective condom to prevent her from getting pr€gnant and having any s€xually transmitted disease(STD), but if only she knew it couldn’t prevent her from the Spiritual STD which is the S€xually transmitted Demons.(STD).

We agreed instead of coming to school next day, she would come over to my house…

The next day when she got to my place around 8am, I didn’t want to rush things so I took her out for Pizza and Ice cream and we went for a swim. I spoiled her silly.

At about 12 noon, we returned to my house. I started playing some erotic blues, I told her some fake stories about how I had been dumped by ladies because I showed ladies too much love. I told her I was a fool for love…

I crowded her with so much emotional talk that she was the one who rushed to k!ss me….

As we got deep in the r0mance, I remembered Chinaza told me I could put on my specs when having s€xual interc0urse with a lady, that way I get to see the spiritual transaction taking place , my progress and to know if it was the lady who was having the upper hand spiritually…

“ I need to put on my glasses!” I said as I pushed her away from me

“ Why?” She asked

“ I want to see your eyes clearly, so I register this special moment in my brain”

She smiled shyly…

When I wore my specs, what I saw dazed me…. I saw the spiritual transaction that happens during s€x…



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