‘Take it down now’ – Moses Bliss slams man for posting his private wedding invitation online

Despite the gospel artist Moses Bliss’s plea, a Nigerian man named David Oyase has provoked uproar on Facebook for standing his ground and refusing to remove the wedding invitation from his profile.

David, a well-known influencer, created a lot of attention when he shared the wedding invitation card, which got a lot of interaction.

The musician requested that the post be taken down after being made aware of it, citing his desire to maintain a low profile and the private nature of the event.

Moses responded in the comment area, writing:

“Mr David please take down my private invitation card please.”

Responding to the singer, the man stated he wouldn’t be deleting the post as he wrote:

“Moses Bliss, We no fit the publicise your songs and when wedding reach, e becomes Private We no go gree.

“What do you understand here???

Sir Moses Blisss, you’re loved and that’s all  … The reaction on your comment shows that very few people are in Support of me pulling it down… (Although I respect you). This one alone, the whole world gats celebrate you MOG. 

The invitation card details indicate that the wedding is scheduled to take place in the bride’s homeland, Ghana, on the 29th of February, 2024, followed by the white wedding on March 2, 2024.