If you run as much as you run your mouth, you would’ve been in better shap€ – Tacha knocks Monalisa Stephen

Reality TV star, Natacha Akide, better known as Tacha, has knocked actress Monalisa Stephen for stating that BBNaija made her.

Tacha wouldn’t have become well-known without the BBNaija platform, according to Monalisa Stephen, who recently spoke with Pulse’s ‘Hot Takes’.

The plus-sized actress claims that if it weren’t for the BBN platform, she would still be twerking to get media attention on social media.

In response, Tacha asserted that the actress would have been in better shape if she had treated her jogging regimen with the same level of seriousness as she treats her public speaking.

The reality star claimed that in addition to the exposure BBN has provided her, she has already shown her gratitude to the platform numerous times and that she has worked arduously to become who she is.

She wrote;

“If you run as much as you run you mouth you would have been in better shape!! Why didn’t they make Ella?? If you don’t stfu

How many times do I have to say HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR THE PLATFORM!! Oh no, I’m suppose to resume at their office and clean desks and tables daily!! You’ll forever be dum*b!! iPUT IN WORK.”

Why I was angry with Teni for celebrating her weight loss — Plus-size model, Monalisa Stephen

Recall that the Plus-sized model and actress, Monalisa Stephen stated that she was offended when sensational singer, Teniola “Teni” Apata, celebrated her weight loss journey on social media.

It would be recalled that Teni recently took Nigerians by surprise after she lost 75 pounds without surgery and shared pictures of her trimmed figure. At the time, she said she decided to lose weight to save her life because her former size was affecting her health.

Reacting to this in a recent episode of the Honest Bunch podcast, Monalisa, a body positivity model, said Teni indirectly set her up for drags with her statement because people started tagging her to the post, and advised her to also drop some weight.

Monalisa said eventhough she does not mind being called “fat,” she detests it when people say being fat is unhealthy.

She further claimed that Teni put a target on her back just like when actress Eniola Badmus underwent a gastric bypass surgery to lose weight quickly, and she (Monalisa) was also dragged and bodyshamed by trolls.