Stop this rubbush – Jaiye Kuti blasts Yoruba actors coming online to beg (Video)

Ace Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti has sparked a significant outburst online after a clip of her chastising her colleagues and other movie stars for what she described as the new trend of coming online to beg the public for money. Jaiye blasted her colleagues, noting that their recent behaviour has brought shame and disgrace to the Yoruba faction of the Nigerian movie industry.

The actress also noted that many of her colleagues who have turned Instagram into a beggars app mostly have themselves to blame for their predicaments as she disclosed that they didn’t prepare for their old age. She said some of those begging for money and financial support now were nonchalant and wasteful during their youthful days as actors.

Jaiye compared the movie industry with other professions and noted that some of these people only needed to set up pension funds to survive the pitfalls of old age, but many didn’t.

The video generated mixed reviews online as many supported the actress for speaking the truth while others condemned her for speaking such about her senior colleagues.

Sirfetty wrote, “But most of them are not too healthy do you want them to die in silence… People helping them are not complaining.”

Ire Pictures wrote, “I’m a theatre practitioner and I can tell you for a fact that Aunty Jaye spoke the bitter truth… No association is responsible for your well-being.”

glint beauty wrote, “She actually made a lot of sense! Everyone you are looking up to also has responsibilities, and Everyman should be for himself.”

Some of those old actors lived a reckless life, they were not good to their families even their fans.

Some of them turned themselves to mini gods when they were in their prime while some were actually victims of circumstances.

Well , i hope they all find favour as they make their requests,” Elle banky wrote “In as much as I don’t support the begging but pls let whosever needs help speak up,

Remember these old men and women are not sociable, some of dem don’t even have IG accounts, they started acting when the pay was peanuts,

they are not doing influencing jobs like u people, they are not an ambassador to revolution plus or trophy larger beer, the only thing giving dem money is this theater job.”

@folakeoreofe: “Madam, d work you enjoying now, it’s those baba and mama making. Don’t talk like that. Dupe to e. Any condition or position you are sope ti e.. ojo ale laa to mo champion.”

@ermacofficial: “Not everybody go to school, and you join this industry wen is rousing dats why you’re living fine, imagine for start dey are paying you 3K per scene, increase to 10K 20K nd more, are you telling us that they are paying everyone same amount, especially those that older and pave way for young artist.”

@wumitoriola: “Yoruba ronu.”

@rikkymary: “Please why this stupid comments, people should learn to listen to speech with open mind and no pre existing biasness.”

@kenny_okus: “Madam! You may be right but you can’t compare THEN with NOW!”

@ejiiree: “You have no point at all ma. How did you know they did not prepare for tomorrow.”

@mowunmi_2: “Have watched the live video ma’am… you stated the facts.. I am even scared of my sister entering the industry cos that’s what she said she wants to pursue but anyway it is well ma’am.”